Friday, 31 July 2009

Beautiful / Mossy

Only on Pure People , Just Beautiful ;) !!!!!!

Mossy - Beautiful (Vocal Mix)/320

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Time After Time / Chris Reece Progressive Dub

Pure Progressive !
New Remix Time After Time by Don Chris Reece ;)

Tiff Lacey, Alexander Popov, Feel - Time After Time (Chris Reece Progressive Dub)/320

also we recomended you Incognet Remix ;)
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Enjoy !

Imago / Luigi Lusini

Pure Progressive ! Only On Pure People
New Amazing Track from The Clubbers Recordings !
Luigi Lusini - Imago (Original Mix)/320
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Nellie 026 - Soon !

Heres some samples of the new upcoming release Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte from Svenska Label - Nellie Recordings.

Hers my favorite remix:

Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte (Sunn Jellie Remix)

Rest of the remixes

Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte (Original Mix)
Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte (Solarity Remix)
Jojo Da Silva & Sergio Rincon - Chi Co Monte (Yotto Remix)

Additional Links :

Nellie Recordings on Myspace


Cicada // Green Light

Couple of days ago we post allready one of the choon from the latest Cicada album called Roulette. I would like to promote this album bit more and post one more choon from this release. Like ussual top notch vocal line and interesting climat(but dont expect nothing proggy)...

Cicada - Green Light /320 full album and single track as well are avilible from

Naked Beats - I Know You Love Me !!


Title says it all, i know you love me! ;)

Progressive tunes keeps coming @ Pure People, the place to be!

Naked Beats - I Know You Love Me (Original Mix) / 320

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Subarctica - Storms Of Silence !!

Fresh release from Ora Recordings based in Montreal, Canada. Subarctica sounds great i think!

Subarctica - Storms Of Silence (Original Mix) / 320

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Skytech - Cardboard Box !!

Yet another masterpiece from Coldharbour Recordings, you know what you get from them!

Skytech - Cardboard Box (Original Mix) / 320

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Cid Inc. - Flopcorn !!

Time to bring you a really huge one, heard it on the dancefloor last weekend, it's a monster played loud!!

Cid Inc. - Flopcorn (Original Mix) / 320

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Noah Neiman - Magic Feeling !!

A new track from Noah Neiman, remixed by The Flyers & Mike Sonar!

Follow the link if you want to support or check other mixes, link is HERE !

Noah Neiman Feat. Catherine - Magic Feeling (The Flyers & Mike Sonar Remix) / 320


Pure People upcoming favorite choon!

This is upcoming choon from Adam K and Soha which is allready in the "most wanted" list of PurePeople! Tune full name is Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now And we have hope that u will love it too :)

ps. Video updated by PureSteve - dont forget to subscribe his channel on YouTube.

Additional links:

Soha MySpace

Adam K MySpace

Enjoy !

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Never Fade Away / Andy Duguid

Awesome choon only on Pure People ;)
John O'Callaghan Feat Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away (Andy Duguid Remix)/320
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Welcome !!


Noel Sanger - One More Time (Solarity Vocal Mix)/320

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Mike Mikhjian !

40 degress in Malta - simply too HOT :P

Mike Mikhjian - Again and Again - Original Mix /320 You Can support Mike HERE(

Enjoy !

Fabio XB & Ronnie Play Feat. Gabriel Cage - Inside Of You !!

Sick Sick Sick!!

Fabio XB & Ronnie Play Feat. Gabriel Cage - Inside Of You (Dyor @ Palma Nova Guitar Remix) /320

One more uplifting progressive trance anthem for you to check out. Remixed by the outstanding Dyor, it's simply an amazing dancefloor crusher!!

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DJ Trenix & Adamuna - Cherry Blossom !!

Here comes an uplifting progressive trance tune for you from Perfecto Digital, to me it sounds a bit different but in a good way. Really cool sounds, check it out if you're in to this style of progressive!

DJ Trenix & Adamuna - Cherry Blossom (Avatar Ones Mercury Rising Remix) / 320

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Cicada / Don't Stare At The Sun

Cicada - Don't Stare At The Sun (Original Mix)/320

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I Will Be Here / Wolfgang Gartner

New great remix by Wolfgang Gartner

Tiesto and Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)/320
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Khaz & Boris M.D - Eliana !!

It took me a while but this tune keeps growing and at the moment i can't stop listening to it, great remix by Blake Jarrell!

Khaz & Boris M.D - Eliana (Blake Jarrell Extended Remix) / 320

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Cosmic Gate / Pure Sweet Peoples Mixtape !!

Do like the girl on the picture, relax and give this a listen. One single track from Cosmic Gate, great progressive vocal tune!

Cosmic Gate Feat. Kyler England - Flatline (Kyau & Albert Remix) / 320

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We also want to show up a few great progressive tunes to you in a mixtape! It includes tunes or remixes by the great P8, Atlantis Ocean and a fantastic tune from Jericho to name a few. Be sure to check it out. If you ask kindly, perhaps some of the tracks will feature as full lenght tunes on Pure People also. ;)

Let us know what you think!

Pure Sweet Peoples Mixtape! / 192 / 65.33

01. Front - Atlantic Shelf (Original Mix)
02. Mooka - Cat In A Strange Barn (P8 Vision Mix)
03. Migas - Big Show (Atlantis Ocean Remix)
04. Evave - To The Stars (Adamys Remix)
05. Mario Chris - Golden Glow (Original Mix)
06. Nv & Noy - Ibiza (Original Mix)
07. Jerico - Pianoman (Xplore Remix)
08. Shane - Late Night Flight (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
09. DJ Bia - Lirendo Sound (Original Mix)
10. Deck Jagger - Utopia (Gay Clubs Are Better Mix)


Answer42 feat. Belinda Frank

Fresh release from Anjunadeep
Answer42 feat. Belinda Frank - Pink Houses (Original Mix)/320 If you like it you can support HERE! (


It Only Hurts / Richard Durand

Amazing vocal From Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson - It Only Hurts (Richard Durand remix)/320 You can support this release HERE!(


Captured - Joonas Hahmo !

Great new track from Joonas Hahmo
Mike Shiver vs. Matias Lehtola Feat. Andrea Britton - Captured (Joonas Hahmo Remix)/320
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Stefano Noferini / Foyle & Sparx

Summer tunes on Pure People!

Stefano Noferini - Cool Summer (Noferini & Marini Mix) / 320

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Foyle & Sparx - Chords Of Life (Original Mix) / 320

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike !!

Sweet sounds, sweet vocals = sweet tune!

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Under The Water (Future Tiny Wave Remix) / 320

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Lea-D !!

Lea-D rocks us with a progressive tune, really great track!

Lea-D - My Destiny (Original Mix) / 262

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Eric G. !!

Me like, you like?

Eric G. - Top Floor (Insida Remix) / 320

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Atlantis Ocean !!

Progressive tune with a great remix by no other than Atlantis Ocean!

Newtone - Sad Song (Atlantis Ocean Remix) / 320

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George F. / Ihab Sameh

More progressive tunes on Pure People!

There are loads of different mixes so just follow the links for support!

George F. - Eurovox (Bayyari & Mochizuki Remix) / 320

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Ihab Sameh - Living Static (Santiago Deep Remix) / 320

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Enjoy folks!

Ruben De Ronde !!

New heavy tune from Ruben De Ronde, the EP contains 3 mixes, including one from our big friend from Sweden, Alaa. Be sure to check it out!

Ruben De Ronde - Noir (Jonas Stenberg & Willem Van Hanegem Remix) / 320

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I Love Progressive from Jola Eidos !

Like ussual from Jola - Top Notch !

Enjoy !

Dirty Vegas !!

Dirty Vegas is back on track, this time remixed by the awesome Above & Beyond! We just can't stop showing you some of the best progressive tunes around, sorry! ;)

Dirty Vegas - Tonight (Above & Beyond Remix) / 320

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Ps. No picture is not from Vegas, it's Atlantis in Dubai.


The insane master Dinka is back. Check the picture, freakin' awesome but if i have to choose between the girl and the tune, tune goes first a hundred times out off a hundred!!

I think Milo would do the same! ;)

Brilliant progressive @ Pure People!

George F. Zimmer - Soma (Dinka Remix) / 320

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Makotrax / Cid Inc. !!

Play them LOUD!!

Deep & dark progressive, almost Abri-style, one of our friends as you all know!

Makotrax - Cold White (Astronivo Mix) / 320

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Almost as tasty as the oyster, fuck it's good!

Cid Inc. - Shake Before Use (Original Mix) / 320

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Leon Bolier / Lee Canning

Time for some progressive trance for ya!

Leon Bolier Feat. Floria Ambra - This (Subsphere Remix) / 320

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Lee Canning - The Universe (Phynn Remix) / 320

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Art Price !!

Someone requested it and if we are able to help you out, then we of course do that! Magnificent remix by a huge producer at the moment, Art Patrice!

Lemon Inc - Time Code (Art Patrice Mix) / 320

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