Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tucandeo - Meredian EP [INFRAP014]

Today we have great news for you, because today is the release day of the Meredian EP from Tucandeo. Tucandeo is the artist name of two guys from Northern Ireland, named Daniel Cullen & Kevin Murphy. This is a really great EP including 4 different tunes. massive stuff that is out on the label called Infra Progressive. Hopefully you find this release also interesting and want to support these guys, they deserve it!

Tucandeo - Meredian EP [INFRAP014] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Tucandeo - Meredian EP [INFRAP014] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Reeves - Anjunabeats [ ANJ143D]

Also a new release is out on the magic label of Anjunabeats. This time it’s Reeves that shows his skills and it’s great stuff as always from Anjunabeats. They stand for pure quality as you probably all know. Just hit the Digital Stores from the links below and grab your copy, it is well spent money and you are supporting the music industry.

Reeves - Call Of Loneliness [ANJ143D] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Daniel Wanrooy - Black Hole Recordings [BH2940]

A new great release is out today on the huge Tiesto label, Black Hole Recordings. They always release quality stuff and this time they hit us once again with top notch music. This time it’s Daniel Wanrooy together with Melissa Mathes and their great track called “What You Want”. Follow link below and give your support!

Daniel Wanroy Feat Melissa Mathes - What You Want [ BH2940] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Daniel Wanroy Feat Melissa Mathes - What You Want [ BH2940] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Matan Caspi - Off The Lip [ETR0599]

A huge release is out on Enormous Tunes. The great Matan Caspi has finally released his tune Off The Lip. The release includes 4 different mixes and our recomendations will go on the remix from Incognet, great stuff once again!

Matan Caspi - Off The Lip [ETR0599] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Matan Caspi - Off The Lip [ETR0599] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 9 !

It’s the Saturday that once again has hit us and what is better than some really great progressive to listen to before it’s time to go clubbin’. Another Volume (number 9) of 15 Progressive Eruptions is available for download to all of you. Some great smashing progressive house is there for you that includes both released music and promotional stuff.

Included today is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Opening track is the new track from Luke Porter (included in latest Mango Alley Sampler). After that we go on with a promo, a coming release from a guy with the name Gadel Khaertdinov, some brilliant progressive music (will be released on Bomba Records) and one of my absolute favourites in the latest months, maybe in the last year. Freaking awesome!!

Out as number 3 in this PP Mix is another promo for you. This time JS Project and Daniel Rems shows their skills in a truly massive progressive release, just turn your volume up, close your eyes and then imagine that you are meeting her eyes. Killer tune if you enjoy the progressive sound! We move some more minutes into the mixtape and land on tune number 4, here we find a release from San Diego based Zachary Zamarripa, called Tempting Faith. I already posted about this release on PP and I also had to play it here. Truly great stuff that just been played on and on from me. Huuuge!

As the fifth tune we are proud to play a coming release from Sweet & Sour that soon will be released on a label called Limeroads, yet again top notch progressive music that you get a glimpse off here @ Pure People. Next up as number 6 is a great tune, included on the same release as the opening track of Luke Porter, Mango Alley Sampler. This time we have brought Vadim Zhukov and his tune named Summer Rain. You people that have enjoyed the progressive music scene, knows that Vadim is a man that always drops quality music and there is no doubt this time either.

A new label is out there on the scene called Spirit Soul Music. Their first release was the great one from Solila called Light Step. Here our friend from Argentina B.O.N.G, the man behind Spirit Soul Music (together with Phunktastike) shows a coming release from that label with Lea D called Rising Moon. Great sound again from Lea D & Mr. B.O.N.G.!!

As number 8 in the set, we want to show you a released track from Chimera State called Crimson Rain. It was released 3 days ago on Shah-Music Digital. This is something that we really want to support so here it is. Massive stuff yet again from a massive label. Next up, as number 9, is a huge tune that also is out for sale. Huge stuff from Mac & Monday with a stunning remix from the well-known Arpi, big tune that is growing in my ears and will be played a lot from me in the future.

A few minutes before the hour market number 10 out of 15 is brought to you. This is a tune that have been out for a few months but here is a new and still unreleased remix that will be out soon on Frisky Records. We’re talking about Cid Inc and his great piece of progressive called Tundra White. This time it got in the hands of Nemanja Kostic and we all know with he can do. He’s a very productive guy that’s a rising star on the scene. This is no exception, top class act from Nemanja! When we go over the hour market, it is time to welcome an act from Da Groove Doctors that is a released tune. This one is out on the label of Soltrenz Records. Really driving & energetic tune that we like a lot on PP. Further into the mix, another unreleased tune has landed in our mailbox and of course, if we think this could be something for the progressive scene to watch out for, we show it! This is another banger from a very, very good producer from Hong Kong called AxisONE. What can I say, this is really good stuff that edges in to the head and there it stays. Great chords!

As third from the end we show you a track that we know something about but that is still so far ahead in the planning that it’s not named yet. The sound we think you can recognize and it’s once again the huge progressive elements that are waiting for a sales date. Hopefully it will show up because it’s great and heavy stuff. As number 14 we show up a class act from Germany with the guys called Bale & Voltaire and their share for this 9th volume of tunes. This one called Schnittstelle and is also out on the Mango Alley Sampler that went for sale a couple of days ago. Just go and grab your copy of this great track. Last but not least we round everything up with a total banger from Solarity with their latest out on Beatport, called Laika and on the remix we have Arty that shows his skills.

We at PP hope you have enjoyed about 1 and a half our of some of the freshest tunes around and that this could be used as a warm up for the night!

Keep in touch / PP Crew!

15 Progressive Eruptions – Volume 9!

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 92.52

Tracklist - Links - Labels

01. Luke Porter – Passive Aggressive (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
02. Gadel Khaertdinov – Paradise Island (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Bomba Records]
03. Js Project Feat. Andres Cuartas - Meeting Her Eyes (Daniel Rems Remix)
PROMO - [Conco Recordings]
04. Zachary Zamarripa - Tempting Faith (Santerna Remix)
LINK - [Smü[th] Digital]
05. Sweet & Sour - Thinking Of You (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Limeroads]
06. Vadim Zhukov - Summer Rain (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
07. Lea D - Rising Moon (B.O.N.G. Remix)
PROMO - [Spirit Soul Music]
08. Chimera State - Crimson Rain (Original Mix)
LINK - [Shah Music Digital]
09. Mac & Monday Pres. Senua - Rheia (Arpi Remix)
LINK - [Neuoroscience Deep]
10. Cid Inc - Tundra White (Nemanja Kostic Remix)
PROMO - {Frisky Records]
11. Da Groove Doctors Feat. Duane Harden - Music Is (Instrumental Mix)
LINK - [SolTrenz Records]
12. AxisONE -80's Love (Original Mix)
13. ID – ID
14. Bale & Voltaire - Schnittstelle (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
15. Solarity - Laika (Arty Remix)
LINK - [Enchanced Progressive]

Friday, 27 November 2009

Solarity - Laika (Incl. Ad Brown Remix) [ENPROG027]

Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman aka Solarity have sprung to promenance over the past 12 months. Their trademark productions have caused a sensation worldwide, gaining dancefloor and radio play from some of the world's biggest DJs. Support includes Armin van Buuren, Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Wisternoff and Dubfire.
Laika originally started out as a remix for Enhanced but it was so good we just had to give it an original release.
Having been a staple for the majority of 2009 in the warm up's of Will Holland at Digital Society this has become something of and early doors anthem for "the coolest trance night in the UK" (Mixmag).
Now backed with a bumper remix pack, this is sure to set dance floors alight this autumn with its huge synth-lead breakdown and pounding progressive undercrackers!
Miss it at your peril!
My absolute pick here is Ad Brown remix ... Now whata a massive track is that! Be sure to grab your copy now!

DOWNLOAD Solarity - Laika [ENPROG027]

Exclusive Interview with Dezza !

Today we have for you an interview with one of the best producers in Canada.....DEZZA !! We are proud that we are cooperating with him already for a long time and that only we can give you an exclusive interview !

Hi Derek ! How’s goin’ bro?

I'm good, lots of great stuff happening recently for me including the opportunity to be interviewed by Pure People!!!

For start can u tell us few words about how u have entered music world? Is it something from the childhood? When and how did you start to produce music?

Well, growing up as a child in the 80's my Mom and Dad were always playing music. It’s funny you ask, I just recently stumbled across some old videos of me at 3 years old dancing like a professional to the Thompson Twins!

I started to produce music when I was about 14 years old. I was mainly into hip hop production at that point. My friends and I would always get together and play around with the beats I had made and make attempts to record tracks!

After many years of hip hop, it became a bit boring for me, and there was no exposure in it. Also my hip hop was mostly sample based so I wasn't advancing production wise in any way. Just using a sample and throwing drums over it. It seemed like everyone from my city was making and producing hip hop, I didn't enjoy the people or the way the music was heading so this is when electronic music took me over. I love everything about it, the people, the positive energy, the exposure, the complex production, everything! Ill never look back - but with that said I’ll never be able to forget how I started, nor would I want to.

Are u always have been into progressive house or your or it is result of your musical education & evolution?

As mentioned in the previous question, I started out with hip hop, but electronic music always intrigued me. I think when I was 15 or 16 and all I knew was that I wanted to be a skratch dj. Mom got me a George Acosta mixed cd for Christmas, things like ATB on it and stuff. She didn't know the difference between hip hop and dance - just that it was a dj mixed cd, it was good enuf for me :)

How would u describe the sound that u produce? In which genre would u place your sound?

My sound is mainly progressive, though I love tech house and techno, I always try to add elements here and there.

What do u use in the studio? Software, hardware? And in what percentage?

I'm all software based. FL Studio 9. Heavily used Vst’s include Hypersonic 2, Sylenth, z3ta, Rob Papen predator, fl wasp. I use a few vengeance sample kits, the Deadmau5 Xfer sample cd is cool too. I also use some of my own one shot samples I have collected through all of my years of hip hop production. I have an m-audio midi controller that I use from time to time. Also, KRK Rokit 8 G2 monitors that I'm extremely happy with, though my neighbors may beg to differ! ;)

Can u describe us your process of making one track. Is it first an idea in head and u then go to the studio, or its all at once and about experiments with sounds?

It all depends really, I might hear a track on the old 80's station and say "hmm that pattern is neat" or "I could try to do something like that". And then on the other hand I could sit at the desk and just come up with a chord progression, or even start a track from a simple arpeggio.

Where do u find all the inspiration for your atmospheric melodies?

That's a hard question, I'm not musically trained by any means, so I just mix and match notes until I get chords that have a really strong emotion, its indescribable really.

Working with vocals is really nice, it’s much more of a challenge to build chord progressions around vocals I find, but the outcome is always great.

Derek u are a producer. What do u think about illegal music sharing (via blogs, forums etc.). Is it killing the producers? Can it somehow help them?

Well, I'm not going to hold back in saying that in the time that I've been producing and releasing tracks, I haven't made a penny. But on the other hand, without blogs and sharing, I'm not sure my music would have spread so fast. I've never made any big money from producing - and I've been doing it for 11 years. I do it because it's a passion of mine, and won't stop because someone on the other side of the world is downloading my music for free. I have a day job to pay the bills ;). I enjoy my day job and I'm quite content.

Some producers may disagree with me, but we shouldn't do this for the money - only for the love of the music and support from followers. Nothing makes me any happier than seeing a video on youtube of 10,000 people dancing to a tune that I produced played by Tiesto! Or getting a myspace message from someone saying they love my music.

Are u Djing sometimes beside producing?

I have always been a dj. I love dj'ing. The problem I'm having at the moment is that I'm living in a small city that's full of dj's. I love where I live but my main goal in this game (like most producers) is to be able to dj all over the world. So I'm going to keep producing and hopefully the gigs will come to me :)

Your 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

A top 5 list of tunes is hard for me to list. There are a few artists and labels though that in my opinion that have and will always drop great tunes. Silk Royal with their latest PROFF ep is great. Nellie Recordings always dropping new fresh stuff, they run a great label. Mango, Solarity, Schodt, Shipstad & Warren. Chris Reece's progressive dub of 'time after time' with tiff lacey is dope! It's hard to remember all of the artists that I follow regularly but those are some.

Thank u for your time bro! We from PP wish u all the best! Cheers!

Thanks for this great interview, and the opportunity to share my thoughts on this blog that I check daily! ;)

Now when you know him a little more you can check his skills in a set !

Dezza - Top Pix Mix of Now - November 2009 DOWNLOAD !!

1. Dezza - When I Get That Feelin [CDR]
2. Dezza & Dutch - Take You Home Feat. Michelle [CDR]
3. Dj Feel & Alexander Popov - Time After Time Feat. Tiff Lacey (Chris Reece Progressive Dub) [Unreleased Digital]
4. Christian Smith & Reset Robot - Elixir (Gary Beck Remix) [Excentric]
5. Antix - The Hoard (Dousk Remix) [Iboga]
6. Dezza - Tonight [Solarscape]
7. SQL - Chocolate (Lank's Cream Filling Mix) [Spherax]
8. Martinez - My Anthem [Area Remote]
9. Robert Dietz - Teleparty [Cecile Numbers]
10. Hakan Ludvigson, ALX002 & Cedar M - Nothing Ever Ends [Kant]
11. Moonface - Futurized Fears (Guy J Remix) [Bedrock]
12. PROFF - Starstruck (Solarity Remix) [Silk Royal]
13. Oxia - Whole Life [8bit]
14. Pitto - Feelin' (District One's Feelin' Techno Remix) [Rejected]


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Housequake vs Leventina - Shed My Nightshift (David M Mashup)

This is something we don't do that often but this mashup we got sent a few hours ago on our mail ( and we thought it was to cool not to give to you. Great rework on Housequake & Leventina from David, check it out and give him your thoughts about it!

Housequake vs Leventina - Shed My Nightshift (David M Mashup)


Downpour EP - [CON001] - OUT NOW!

A really huge EP is out today from the Chinese label of Conco Digital, named Downpour EP. Conco Digital is a label that is profiling in releasing quality electronic music and no one can doubt their ambitions and what they achive with this kind of release. Keep your eyes open for more....

This release includes 3 progressive bangers with the names of Colombian man on fire, Khomha, The Jacket and also Sebastian Vasquez on the train. 3 absolute bangin' tunes that is a must have in your progressive collection, otherwize it's not complete!

Follow the link below and listen/get you copy!


Downpour EP [CON001] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Aeron Aether - Sylleptica [SILK020]

The sky seems to be the limit for Hungarian producer Aeron Aether, as he continues to dazzle audiences this year with his artistic versatility and overall creative output. With acclaimed releases on Silk Digital, Silk Sofa, Morphosis, and Particles, it is no wonder that he was just named "breakthrough artist of the year" by industry heavyweight Matt Darey. "Sylleptica," one of the standout tracks on Silk's "Sampler #2," is a collaboration between Aeron and countryman (and frequent production partner) Elfsong, who has also amassed an exceedingly impressive discography over the last few years. The Original Mix continues to resonate with audiences, with its techy sound design, reverberating lead synth chords, and haunting pads. Michael and Levan and Stiven Rivic (Mistiquemusic) share an equally refined ability at creating deep and vivid soundscapes, and their remix (the first of three in the package) is no exception. Their take seizes upon the spatial vibes of the original, as the darker, edgier bassline and more aggressive rhythm conjure images of travel through a lifeless planet. Embliss [Silk Digital / Armada / Proton] provides another celestially-inspired interpretation, yet his vision is much more buoyant and uplifting, as the subtle melodies and pads come into fuller focus here. Rounding out the package, up-and-coming Slovakian producer Styller provides a distinctly "trance-y" remix, with furiously resonant lead synths propelling the track forward.

Aeron Aether - Sylleptica [SILK020] Download HERE!


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

KhoMha - Lliada [OX053]

Colombian master, KhoMha is yet again out with a wonderful release. Top notch progressive as usual from the man himself. We feel a little sorry for him though because he has one hell of a job to do every time to make it better and better! Awesome stuff that is well spent money. Give it a listen on the link below and give your support with a few coins. My pick, the Unreleased Remix.

KhoMha - Lliada [OX053] FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Starchaser - Fate 2009 [CP125]

Really massive rework of a cult track Fate by Starchaser dudes Thomas & Fausto! As usual from these guyz, some disco melodies packed into a great happy progressive drive. The tune played several times by Paul Van Dyk!

DOWNLOAD Starchaser - Fate 2009 [CP125]

Danny Alpha & Back2Bark - Anamnisis [GDB14] - OUT NOW!

Today we have a great progressive tune out from one of Greece finest, Danny Alpha. Together with his friend, Back2Bark, they have created this great tune. The release is out on the label of Global DB. My say, well spent money if you grab this one!

Grab your copy or listen to it on the links below!

Danny Alpha & Back2Bark - Anamnisis [GDB14] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Danny Alpha & Back2Bark - Anamnisis [GDB14] - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Zachary Zamarripa - Tempting Faith (SMUTH013) - OUT NOW!

Today a new great release is out on US based Smü[th] Digital / Zachary Zamarripa (from San Diego) and what a release then. A complete cracker is hitting the scene and of course there is nothing more to do than follow the links and grab your copy from either Beatport or Juno.

Follow the links below and give it a listen including 8 different mixes. Get your copy there, it will be well spent money for sure!

My tip for your buy is to get the Shaun Ansari and Santerna Remixes, you'll need them both!!

Zachary Zamarripa - Tempting Faith (SMUTH013) - FULL DOWNLOAD (Beatport)

Zachary Zamarripa - Tempting Faith (SMUTH013) - FULL DOWNLOAD (Juno)

Monday, 23 November 2009

New promo from Carl Richter (Full 320) !

Here You go! The newest promo from Swedish proggressive/chill/minimal producer Carl Richter !

Carl Richter - Windhoek - Original Mix /320 Download free from

More promos and infos on:

Carl Richter MySpace!

Other free full promo choons from Carl for example HERE...

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Exclussive Interview with Chris Reece

Today we are truly happy to be able to show all of you a world exclusive interview on Pure People with progressive magician Chris Reece, the man behind one of the greatest projects in the history of progressive house music, Dinka / Leventina / Unreleased Digital.

We all want to know how it all started with you and the music. How goes your story?

Well, I began playing in school bands when I was 12 or so, but I started to find out that if you're playing with others there's always guys in a band who don't share the same target as you, I knew since I was a child that I wanted to make music. Couldn't ever imagine working in a small office 9 to 5.

I got more and more into this 90’s dancefloor music (Dr. Alban, Cappella, DJ Bobo, Culture Beat) and so on. But I couldn't get the same sound out of my computer as they had, it sounded fat and rich and my music sounded noisy and poor.

So then, when I was 15 and school time was over, there was no base to pay my rent with music, I was recording some jobs for friends but this was only a tipp, not more.

I was going to work in a small office, just what I didn't want to.
Next to my 9 to 5 job I spent every cent into my small home studio, bought better computers, synths and stuff. Music changed in this time, I began to be interested in club music.

I meet two guys who where having a professional studio already and had some local hits here. But both haven't been much into playing keyboards. So I hung around in their studios and played melodies for their records.

I Guess it was the year of 1999 when one of these guys and me got our equipment together all and made a union studio. His name was Franky Fonell. From there on we produced together. I learned more about mixing and producing, and he learned from me about playing the piano and arrangements, and he was the guy with the connections to the big music industry.

Our music was mostly hard dance, trance and commercial dance music. We had some singles in top 10 of the official Swiss charts and a few international club hits, but nothing more.
In 2006 we split because we were both following new targets, we were heading both to some new kind of music. So we split.

I thought a lot of what I wanted to do after this, because everybody knew him, not me. I was the guy in his studio, so it seemed out with the people. It was a bad start for me, nobody thought that I could make it on my own, even make it successfully.

In this time the new technology of selling records online was coming up, I decided to create my own label, even if I wasn't aware at all in label work. I gave the label the funny name "Unreleased Digital". The first records sold constantly 5 copies (in all stores). The artists I signed were more like average. So I had to change something, I knew that. I rebuilt a studio and began to produce myself again. I made a two track EP called "Tribal Illusion" in mid 2007 as Chris Reece. A month after the release my publisher hit me up and told; "Chris, congrats for your Beatport chart entry!" I was like; "Sorry! Beat... what?"

Well, after that I figured that there was eventually a market for my music and I kept on producing.
I met a guy from my older school days. He told me, that he also started making music, and he asked if he could send me some demos. I was like, "- Ok, why not!" His name was Daniel Portman.

After that I wanted to make a new trance project for "Unreleased Digital" which now started to sell about 80 copies. But I didn't want to create a standard trance project as I did in the past 10 years.
I got into the sounds of Stan Kolev, Jerome Isma-Ae or Deadmau5. But I didn't want to copy one of them, so I tried around a few weeks and after that the project Dinka was born.

You’ve always been kind of a “mystery man”, using different aliases, what’s the story about them?

The story behind is that I have to pay my rent, and I want to be flexible not only making the same music every day. I work 10 hours a day in studio, so I want to be able to switch styles of music.

I'm a mystery man when it comes to gigs. I always said it is poor to book my as a producer for a gig, if you can, have a professional DJ. That's the reason I have some DJ for every project. And these are the best you can get.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well of course I won't stop making music.I will follow the same principal as in the past 3 years, making music, that I personally like, if I will have the people onboard for the long run, well, we'll see. But I hope so.

What are your thoughts about file sharing? Is it helping the scene (getting newcomers being seen) or is it killing the scene (because people don’t make a lot of money on it)?

For me, as a 100% producer it is horrible to see that. I can release an EP and 4 hours laters it's on every fucking blog, youtube or whatever. It's kinda sad to see that, if you're working very hard like me and at the end you sell 200 copies of a good Dinka EP and you see 100'000 illegal downloads. That's sad!

Maybe for small producers it's a good platform. But I'm into the music scene since over 10 years. I've seen it all. And the way for newcomers has been doing constantly good music to be heard from the record companies. Now days every average producer gets a deal on small label. Now days it costs the label anything to release anything. There's too much music on market which has not a top quality, this is also a problem why our kind of music is not where it should be.

People will obviously not pay for music, maybe they don’t see it as something you need to do with the technology we have today. How can we make people more supportive? Any ideas?

What will happen on the long run? Good producers will disappear on the market as they cannot pay their rents with it. I know, the people don't see that, they are like animals, they eat what mama cooks. But I know a few good producers who went back on their jobs, and stopped making music, famous producers back some years ago. My idea, if the market is down at zero, I will search a new job maybe in a publishing company or something like this. But I'm sure market will not go down to zero. There's a few country which you can be a star but sold nothing, this is Russia, some eastern European states... but in other countries it starts to get a new drive to pay legal for a song. They have some good marketing strategies for the big crowd, so I'm sure the people will find back to the legal thinking.

What equipment do you use in studio?

All software based, working with Logic and Ableton. Using a lot of analogue rebuild synths, like the ones from Arturia, Rob Pappen. For drums I work with single hits from various sample CDs like Vengeance or Overkill. All loaded into my EXS sampler.

What producers do you think is the best around at the moment, from your point of view?

Exept my Helvetic Nerds buddies, right? Well, there are a few good guys around. It's not easy to name someone. But hmm, there's D-Nox & Beckers, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Norman Doray, Wippenberg, PROFF, Swanky Tunes. They are all sounding unique in their own way, and I follow their work very often.

We from Pure People are happy to hear about your carrier and sharing thoughts and stuff with us!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 8 !

The weekend has come and that is a period of the week we feel good about here at Pure People. It is again time to hand over a new set of 15 Progressive Eruptions to you. Volume 8 has landed, today is a little of everything and there are some really sick tracks included.

Among others, new tunes from Schodt, Dinka, David Guetta & Arias on the remix, to avenge some of the tunes that’s included. Of course we want to show off a few promos which will be released in the future also, one already mentioned. An awesome is getting a play from us, coming release from Beneath Records, Ben Prestons label, from a Scottish guy named Roy McLaren. Sick tunes in this upcoming release, so we at Pure People, of course, shows up both to you, dancefloor destroyers aka Leventina/Dinka style!!

Also a tune I know many progressive fans are waiting for, from Type were they celebrate the summer as everyone should, what would life have been without it? Really nice vibes in this track that will be released (to my knowledge) on 27 of November. A little before that, new Antonia Lucas together with Walsh & Mcauley will be out on Juno (on the 23rd of November), one of the sweetest voices on earth and this one is no exeption, great once again from Antonia! Give it a listen here in our set.

There is also a lot of other progressive music but check out the tracklist and you'll see what we show you this time. We hope you find something you like and want to support!

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 8 !

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 94.30

Tracklist - Labels - Links

01. Luiz B. – Song Of Life (Soundstorm Remix)
LINK - [Silk Digital Records]
02. Type - Salute To Summer (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Shah Digital Germany]
03. Roy Mclaren – Avalon (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
04. Dinka - Silicone Heart (Original Mix)
LINK - [Unreleased Digital]
05. Fiora May – Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
LINK - [The Clubbers]
06. Schodt – Octagon (Original Mix)
LINK - [Cool Vibes Records]
07. Walsh & Mcauley Feat. Antonia Lucas - Sea Of Lights (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Magic Island Holland]
08. Mad Morello & Marcodream - Sunset (Original Mix)
LINK - [Baccara]
09. Roy Mclaren - Seperation (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
10. Ivan Miranda – The Longest Road (Original Mix)
LINK - [Lectro Chik]
11. Serdar Ayyildiz - Mystified (Original Mix)
LINK - [Silvana Records}
12. Kei Mohebi - Perspolis (Inkfish's I Shot The Polis Mix)
LINK - [Inkfish Recordings]
13. Lacandon - Moma Robinja (Maindave Remix)
PROMO - [Jetlag Digital]
14. Bart Van Wissen - Cosmic Superhero (Original Mix)
LINK - [Why Not]
15. David Guetta Feat. Estelle - One Love (Arias Remix)

Johan Wedel - Joia Records - OUT NOW!

As we told you about a few days ago and with the tunes we played in our mixtapes not that long go, our friend Johan Wedel from Gothenburg, a really creative swedish youngster, has got his 2 tunes Shu & Hehe released.

2 really massive tunes from this rising star on the scene. This release is out on Joia Records. We hope to see more massive stuff from Johan out soon, he's definitly a coming man on the scene so be sure to watch out for him!

For those who didn't know, Johan Wedel is a part of the really massive site of The House Selection were he brings daylight to his weekly podcast show with some really great & heavy progressive music. Be sure to check it out!

Johan Wedel - Shu/Hehe FULL DOWNLOAD!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mango Alley Sampler [ALLEYS001]

Mango Alley is proud to present its first ever "sampler" -- a collection of tunes that represent the many dimensions of the label's sound, as well as its vision for the future. In celebration of the label's one year anniversary, this special package showcases the work of fifteen of the brightest stars in progressive and tech house, including label veterans Luke Porter, Cid Inc., Solarity, Bale and Voltaire, and Lank.

Over the past year, Mango Alley has garnered a similar reputation to the work of its namesake and owner-manager, Alex "Mango" Golovanov: innovative progressive music that challenges standard conventions of the genre. The label has sought out both established and up-and-coming talents who continue to push the boundaries of their own sound, as well as that of progressive music in general. In an era of both over-saturation and fierce competition in the label arena, Mango Alley has quickly emerged as one of the most consistent imprints in creativity, sophistication, and overall quality.

DOWNLOAD Mango Alley Sampler [ALLEYS001]



Danish melodic progressive master Henrik Schodt hits the market today with a real piece of atmospheric awesomeness! His new beauty called Octagon EP (Incl. Octagon, Octagon - Max Demand Remix and Twisty Things) is out now exclusively on Cool Vibes Records. All melodic junkies out there: u dont wanna miss this one 4 sure coz its really BIG!



We are truly happy to announce that the day has come. After almost 6 months of waiting new Dinka EP is finally out on the market. This ending year was more than successful for Dinka: we can freely say in 2009 Dinka turned into a progressive house brand. As it deserves. Hiting the the beginning of the year with strong remix for Daniel Portman track Open Your mind every single track & remix they did actually became a very special story that must be retold. Releasing two EP’s on Unreleased Digital (Canonball in april and Green Leaf in may), one on Anjunadeep (Civilisation – a truly anthemic summer track togehther with Zero Altitude) and a few massive remixes on labels such Enormous Tunes, Cool Vibes Records, Fektive, Joyride - Dinka established well recognizable and respected name, almost a symbol of new wave in nowdays progressive house. Catchy driving melodies which constitute the sound of Dinka are something that can’t be overlooked by any progressive lover who seek for unique progressive sound. Yet, beside those basic astonishing melodic themes, Dinka sound is always DJ friendly oriented and well suitable for underground club culture. It’s stomping house vibe never fails to mobilize club energy and burn global dance floors on friday nights.
This long awaited three-tracker is not an exception at all. Elements, Never Cheat On Strangers & Silicone Heart strictly follows main Dinka line in its some sort of a progressive mission. And more important this EP ain’t the end of 2009 saga of Dinka. Another strong package is already scheduled for late december on At the end, only one can be said for sure. 2010 will belong to them. To Dinka.


Support is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Jo Micali - Shine On - [UNER018 ] - OUT NOW!!

We also want to show you a great piece of progressive trance that hit the digital store of Beatport 3 days ago. A 5 track release fro Jo Micali from Malta, out on Unearthed Records. Try but wont be easy to just sit around, great stomper!

We show you a preview of the original mix because we think that will be enough, even if you like that one (and i think you will if you're in to the more trance part of progressive), follow the link below, listen to other mixes and support if you like it.

Jo Micali - Shine On (Original Mix) (Preview)

Jo Micali - Shine On - [UNER018] - FULL DOWNLOAD

Andy Newland & Osictone - Jetlag Digital [JED088] - OUT NOW!!

Today a new release is out on Jetlag Digital, the very productive progressive label. Label owner Shane is a world wide working producer/DJ and has been so for a long time. Through his long term service in the progressive business he’s made connections with artists and producers all over the world with some top names signed to the label. Also a lot of coming men are signed to Jetlag Digital.

This release from Andy Newland & Osictone, called Clouds Ears includes 2 different mixes, the Original and a Federico Epis Remix.

Down below you can get a little preview of the mixes from the release; this one is the one I find the best out of these 2. A tune that i feel a little monotone but that eats my brain out, can't get enough of it!

Andy Newland & Osictone - Clouds Ears (Federico Epis Remix) (Preview)

Andy Newland & Osictone - Clouds Ears [JED088] - FULL DOWNLOAD!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Atlantis Ocean - Passat/Grove [VIMZ053] OUT NOW!

Yet again the high profile progressive producers of Atlantis Ocean hit us with some wonderful progressive music. This release includes 2 tunes called Passat/Grove and is out on the Ukrainian label Vibra Macz today!

These 2 Russian guys show up some great skills in these 2 tracks, making a beautiful “challenge” for your ears with some epic & melodic progressive house. I can’t imagine that you won’t like these tunes.

Full support from us!

Below you can give both tunes some listening and decide if you want to get them and give your support!

Atlantis Ocean - Passat (Original Mix) (Preview)

Atlantis Ocean - Grove (Original Mix) (Preview)

Atlantis Ocean - Passat/Grove - FULL DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ben Preston - Shot In The Dark EP [BNR007F8] OUT NOW!

HUGE E.P ALERT!!!! Ben Preston is back on Beneath Records with this absolute epic monster of an E.P SHOT IN THE DARK!

In the past year Ben has become one of the most in demand producers on the planet . With support from Armin van Burren, Sander Van Doorn, Tiesto, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz Carl Cox and many more.

Ben Preston - Shot In The Dark EP [BNR007F8] Download

Proff - Starstruck (Incl. Solarity Remix) [SILKRL005] OUT NOW!

Vladimir Ershov, a.k.a. PROFF, has witnessed an unforgettable year as both a producer and DJ, with a series of chart-topping hits on Anjunadeep, as well as a massive tour throughout his native Russian Federation (alongside labelmates Above and Beyond). The Original Mix of "Starstruck" conveys this excitement, firing out of the gate with a jubilant arpeggio. The breakdown is equally euphoric: newly added synth stabs "flash" in wide-stereo glory, as if imitating the unexpected onslaught of paparazzi. Fellow Silk (and Anjunadeep) artists Solarity provide the first of two remixes on the package. In vintage form, they have completely reinvented the central groove of the tune, underscored by a signature electro-prog bassline. Rising Japanese artist Shingo Nakamura (Silk Digital, Mango Alley, Proton Music, Morphosis) also continues to garner attention for his prolific output of high-quality productions. His interpretation is slightly more chilled, as he re-imagines the original as a piano-driven piece. For its fifth release, Silk Royal is thrilled to showcase the talents of three of the leading acts in melodic progressive.

Tritonal - Primosphere (Incl. Proff Remix) [DS29016] OUT NOW!

One of the brightest new lights of the global dance music scene is Austin,Texas-based Tritonal. Comprised of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, the duo has stormed the charts to global notoriety in the less-than 2 years since writing their first track together. They have released tracks on top labels such as Armada, Flashover, Anjunabeats, Intuition, and many more- and now, with "Primosphere" they make their debut on Noel Sanger's Dissident Music imprint! With nearly 100 tracks to their credit, confirmed bookings from Australia to Paris, Support from all the top DJ's, and a fan-base that grows by the day, the Tritonal star has just begun to rise. They even cracked the top 150 in DJ Magazine's annual poll for 2009, proving Ferry Corsten correct when he named them as his pick for breakout talent in the coming year on BBC Radio One last New Years Eve!
Primosphere is Tritonal at their progressive best, eschewing the faster trance tempos they are becoming famous for and creating a masterpiece of uplifting melodies at a cool 128 BPM. Proff turns in an amazing mix which has already seen play two 2 weeks running on Above an Beyond's Trance Around The World Radio show. Fellow Russians Rest Point Follow suit with a chunky remix that elevates the original melodies, while Virginia's Daniel Hairston makes his second appearance on Dissident with a banging, tech-trancer of a remix that is destined to devastate a good many dance-floors around the world.

Tritonal - Primosphere (Incl. Proff Remix) [DS29016] Download

Monday, 16 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 7 !

Yet again it’s time for some music for download for all of you. It’s time for another episode of 15 Progressive Eruptions, today it’s Volume 7 that hits you!

In it for the day, we show you Claes Rosen, Maxi Valvona with Darin Epsilon on the remix. Also Escadia will figure with an amazing tune. Canadian monster producer Dezza is also with us with 2 tracks. Swedish youngster Johan Wedel is showing his coming release that should be out soon. It’s signed to Jonas Sellbergs label: Joia Records. Laidback Luke is also in the mix to mention a few. So there is nothing more to do than downloading it and enjoy a progressive ride that we hope you will enjoy big time!

15 Progressive Eruptions – Volume 7!

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 90.52

Tracklist – Links - Labels

01. Claes Rosen - Funktion (Original Mix)
LINK - [Why Not]
02. Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto - Step By Step (Big Room Mix)
PROMO - [Stealth Records]
03. Cez Are Kane - D.E. (Irvin 54 Remix)
LINK - [Sensetive Square]
04. Fernando Ferreyra - Far Away From This Galaxy (Original Mix)
LINK - [Jetlag Digital]
05. Gran Vitaly - Something Wrong (Original Mix)
LINK - [Musictracx Recordings]
06. Escadia - Paper Clips (Original Mix)
LINK - [System Recordings]
07. Alexsey Beloozerov - October (Original Mix)
LINK - [Pitch Music]
08. Dany – Feelings (Original Mix)
LINK - [Bluetrance Records]
09. Maxi Valvona – Revolve (Darin Epsilon Remix)
PROMO - [Microcastle]
10. Harry Brown & Nathan C. - Soul Children (Instrumental Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
11. Chris Drifter - Andrea (Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
PROMO - [Soundtribe Rekords]
12. Dezza – Clear To Start (Original Mix)
LINK - [1980 Recordings]
13. George Boberg – Chase Me (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Panda Recordings]
14. Johan Wedel - Hehe (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Joia Records]
15. Dezza – Take You Home (Original Mix)

Etienne Overdijk vs Le Cardinale - End Of Time [Black Hole Recordings]

Today, you look straight ahead with a new piece of sophisticated big Black Hole! Great progressive with a cute vocal ! if you like do not hesitate and race flat out on Beatport or Junodownload

Etienne Overdijk vs Le Cardinale - End Of Time [Black Hole] on Beatport ! or Junodownload !

Enjoy !

Darin Epsilon !!

We at Pure People are truly happy to announce that the high profile progressive producer, US bound Darin Epsilon has joined the group of producers in our project on PP.

It means Darin Epsilon will show up his exclusive coming releases in our mixes here at Pure People and that you will know all of what happens around him.

For a start we want to give you all PP visitors around the globe,a hint of were he will perform in the nearest future, maybe it's somewere around you!

Here is the list of were you can see him perform or listen to him in November & December 2009!

Sat, Nov 21 - 1015 Folsom (Main Room) in San Francisco, USA
Tickets HERE !
Wed, Nov 25 - Qoöl SF @ 111 Minna in San Francisco, USA
About event HERE !
Wed, Nov 25 - Perspectives Episode 034 on (with Jody Wisternoff) - Three Year Anniversary
Fri, Dec 04 - Sound Perceptions Tour (Total Sport Hall) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event news HERE !

Sat, Dec 05 - Sound Perceptions Tour (Club Silicon) in Bourgas, Bulgaria

Sat, Dec 12 - Giant @ Vanguard (with Fedde Le Grand) in Los Angeles, USA

Fri, Dec 18 - Hookah in Distrito Federal, Mexico

Sat, Dec 19 - Bogen House in Querétaro, Mexico

If you are interested in booking Darin Epsilon, this is what you need:

T.O.M. & Melvin Spix - In Trance We Trust - OUT NOW!!

Then it was time for another release on the Dutch label of In Trance We Trust, a sublabel to Black Hole Recordings. Really good stuff including a wicked remix from Tempo Giusto. You can listen to previews of both remixes in this release and descide on your own if you like it or what remix you like the most.

T.O.M. & Melvin Spix - Incredible Connection (Original Mix)(Preview)

T.O.M. & Melvin Spix - Incredible Connection (Tempo Giusto Remix)(Preview)

After that you can follow this link HERE to Beatport and give your support if you want.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dany - Bluetrance Records - OUT NOW !!

With an epic and melodic drive, these tunes makes you jump @ the club for sure. If you're at home it can give you the feeling of getting away to "The Dreamland". Just what i expect of a release like this on the young Finnish label of Bluetrance Records.

My pick can't be split just to one tune, i have to go for original mixes on both "Esperanza" & "Feelings" !!

Full PP Support!

You can listen to it here below. If you also like it, go HERE & support @ Beatport!

Dany - Esperanza (Original Mix) (Preview)

Dany - Feelings (Original Mix) (Preview)

If you want to know more about Bluetrance Records you can follow links below for more information.

Bluetrance Records @ myspace!

Bluetrance Records @ youtube!

If you have an interesting project going on and think you have what it takes to get your tunes released, use this: for sending your demos to Bluetrance Records and get their opinion!

Sebastian Davidson, Ferdy, Edwin - The Zound Of Muzik [SRMR037] OUT NOW!

Ready Mix Records announces its latest release, new and fresh for you to enjoy: The Zound of Muzik.
We from PP strongly recommend u Manuel De La Mare remix. Driving and stimulating, this energetic epic progressive house rendition will get you up and dancing from its first beat. Like the summer wind coming off a gorgeous emerald ocean, synths swirl in a joyful dance. If this track doesnt leave you uplifted and smiling...then nothing will.

Be sure to grab your copy NOW & check the other mixes as well!

Sebastian Davidson, Ferdy, Edwin - The Zound Of Muzik [SRMR037] (Manuel De La Mare Remix) Download @ Beatport

Saturday, 14 November 2009

VIF - Dew Drops [ABP518] OUT NOW!

Ok so we have presented u latest VIF album called Surfing In Paradise. That monster project is filled with 10 really huge progressive house & chill out tracks. But if i must pick some sort my fav from it than it would be Dew Drops track. Now thats really insane bastard, massive dreamy progressive choonage. There are some really cool Komytea-like chords all over it! Ultra smooth progressive house underpinned by trance like elements make this a likly chart contender in download stores world wide. An huge mix from VIF which is at least - must check it out!!

This madness is out today @ Beatport as single!

VIF - Dew Drops [ABP518] Download @ Beatport

V I F - Surfing In Paradise - OUT ON BEATPORT NOW!

Today we are truly happy to be able to let you know that the album from V I F is out on Beatport. This is a really great album, out on Acuna Boyz Productions with some really rockin' progressive music from this Ukrainian producer.

If you like what he produced so far, then follow link below, get your preview of the album and support whatever track you like and want your copy of.

Full PP support!!

V I F - Surfing In Paradise - Preview & Support HERE!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Lokovski, Aron Scott, Ethan Wood - I Don't Wanna Be OUT NOW! (Suka Records)

Suka Records present sampler for the Amsterdam Dance Event including 4 tracks selected with different artists. We from PP stronlgy recommend u smashin track from our friend Lokovski (in coop with Aron Scott & Ethan Wood) called I Don't Wanna Be. Really huge clubby progressive house tune with cool vocals this one will be dancefloor banger 4 sure. Check it out at Beatport and grab your copy now. Support is greatly appreciated!

Lokovski, Aron Scott, Ethan Wood - I Don't Wanna Be (on Suka Sampler A.D.E.) @ Beatport

Thursday, 12 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 6 !

It’s been almost a week since my last Volume of 15 Progressive Eruptions was out on Pure People. Today another Volume hits right at your progressive scene, on our scene of progressive music. ;)

Volume 6 is here and we hope you all will get a moment at your own and give it a listen. A lot of great stuff is included, both released and unreleased material from all over the world!

Feel free to download, make comments and ask us questions, if we can give you a good answer, then we will do it!

Enjoy progressive fellows across the globe!

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 6 !

Tracklist – Labels – Links

Quality:192 Kbps

Time: 96.07

01. Lentos – Forget About Us (Original Mix)
LINK - [Coldharbour Recordings]
02. 3Artes – No Place (Instrumental Edit)
03. Eddie Sender – Teddie Bear (Asbjorn Hegdahl Remix)
LINK - [Camouflage Belgium]
04. Timo Juuti – Little Bits Of Now (Original Mix)
LINK - [Captured Music]
05. Ultimate – Evening Coast (Solex Remix)
LINK - [Well Mixed Records]
06. Shaun Greggan – Sunset Walk (Alex Robert Remix)
LINK - [Red Force Recordings]
07. Jonny Hart - Blue Steel (Andreadis Remix)
LINK - [House Of Beatz Records]
08. Monolythe - Siberia (Luigi Lusini Remix)
LINK - [Big Alliance Records]
09. Evren Ulusoy - Lovefields (Ana Herrero & Sezer Uysal Vocal Remix)
LINK - [Balkan Connection]
10. The Synergy - Winter Atmosphere (CJ Peeton Remix)
LINK - [Andromeda Recordings]
11. Shipstad & Warren - We Are Singularity (Original Mix)
LINK - [Neuroscience]
12. Alex Kenji & Manuel De La Mare - Here Comes The Sun (Original Mix)
LINK - {Hotfingers]
13. B.O.N.G. - Shogun (Original Mix)
14. Dansor - Another Life (Mars Needs Lovers Disco On Mars Remix)
LINK - [Carica Records]
15. Electribe - Space Tour (CJ Peeton Remix)
LINK - [Actuate Recordings]

Wellenrausch - Redux Recordings - OUT NOW!!

Sometimes there is those releases that is just something that eats your brain out and today there is one out. TOP NOTCH progressive from Redux Recordings & Wellenrausch that you just need to get in your collection, fantastic stuff!!

You can listen to previews below!

Wellenrausch - Millenia Of Dust (Straight From Berlin Mix) (Preview)

Wellenrausch - Millenia Of Dust (Zendzov Straight From Ryazan Remix) (Preview)

Give your support HERE @ Beatport!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Unreleased Digital Fan group on Facebook

We are all really happy to announce that Unreleased Digital Fan Group has just been created on global social network Facebook. We're sure u are all familiarized with previous work of this label based in Zurich and owned by progressive man of the moment - Christian Beat Hirt. This ending year started really great for UDR releasing Daniel Portman track Open Your Mind and including some really huge remixes from Dinka, Stan Kolev etc. The names speak for themselves: Pasenger 10, Dinka, Leventina, Daniel Portman, Chris Reece, Proff, Mango, George F. Zimmer are just some of the artists who signed for UDR in 2009. Next UDR release is a real awesomeness package: Dinka - Elements (3 tracks EP) scheduled for 20th of November at

So if u seek fresh infos about the best house imprint around u can just join UNRELEASED DIGITAL FAN GROUP on Facebook (supported by Chris Reece). Cya there and thanks in advance for your support! Its really appreciated! ;)

Matt Darey presents Urban Astronauts - See The Sun [NG001] OUT NOW

Matt Darey's new label Nocturnal Global is an extension of the highly successful radio show brand. Matt will be collaborating with up & coming artists and producers whos music he has supported on his radio shows. Mirroring the music policy of the radio show there is no restriction on genre, progressive house, breaks, trance and more.

The debut release is 3 remixes (from Schodt, Moonbeam & Aurosonic) package of a track called See The Sun Matt Darey's band project Urban Astronauts. We from PP strongly recommend u awesome remix from danish master Henrick Schodt!

Matt Darey presents Urban Astronauts - See The Sun (The Remixes) [NG001] @ Beatport

See The Sun (Schodt Remix) PREVIEW on YouTube

Happy Paul - Moonlight - Digital Motion

We recomended you new EP from Digital Motion Records released today !
Happy Paul is new name in progressive house stage. Happy Paul – Moonlight it is first release of Ukrainian rising talent. Its really atmospheric and beautiful progressive house release. Release also includes Dezza, Alaa and Appartment 10 remixes.

Happy Paul - Moonlight (Original Mix)(Preview)

Happy Paul - Moonlight (Dezza Remix)(Preview)
Happy Paul - Moonlight (Apartament 10 Remix)(Preview)
Happy Paul - Moonlight (Alaa Remix)(Preview)

if you like it, you can buy it HERE! (


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

B.O.N.G. - Spirit Soul Music - Preview !!

To the left: Daniel Portman, to the right. B.O.N.G.

I'm sure u all know our progressive brother B.O.N.G. from Argentina. A few weeks ago, he started his own label (together with Phunktastike) called Spirit Soul Music.

Their first release is Solila - Light Step and is allready out at Beatport. Currently, B.O.N.G. is working on his album including 6 brand new tracks which should be out soon (maybe a month or two) on Spirit Soul Music. Here we got one sample from that upcoming album, sample of the first track called Praia Do Rosa.

So taste the sample HERE, and drop some comments if u like it!

We from PP dig it big time!

Mad props B.O.N.G.!

Eddie Sender - Asbjorn Hegdahl OUT NOW!!

An absolute cracker from Eddie Sender with rising Norweigan star, Asbjorn Hegdahl, on the remix. Such a beauty! Released today on Camouflage Belgium, You can listen to it below!

Eddie Sender - Teddie Bear (Asbjorn Hegdahl Remix) (Preview)

You can also follow HERE and support this great release!

Frenetica - Gai Barone - OUT NOW!!

A HUGE re - release from Frenetica with a banging remix from the master himself, Gai Barone. Top class as always and he has our full support!

Check more from Gai Barone HERE !

Listen to it here.

Sandrino Beesley - Desert Rose (Gai Barone Blasphemous Remix) (Preview)

If you missed out last time then support @ Beatport HERE !

Alexander Miguel - Green Snake Records OUT NOW!!

Massive release from Green Snake Records. Alexander Miguel - Ay Vol release is full with different remixes, my pick is the Aeron Aether Remix.

You can listen to it here or follow link to Beatport and do both some listening and if you like it, make your support!

Alexander Miguel - Ay Vol (Aeron Aether Remix) (Preview)

Beatport to listen to other mixes or support is HERE!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Monolythe - Siberia - Luigi Lusini

New Great Release from Big Alliance Records ;)
Especially we recomededd amazing Luigi Lusini Remix !

You can Listen & support HERE! (

Oliver Smith - Anjunabeats - OUT NOW!

Oliver Smith is back again with a new release on Anjunabeats for us. This time he once again has produced some awesome stuff for the electronic scene!

Read more about Oliver Smith HERE !

Listen to it here!

Oliver Smith - Cadence (Preview)

Oliver Smith - Pacific (Preview)

Buy & Support HERE at Juno !

Sunday, 8 November 2009

PureJasik - Progressive Elite Session 002

hmm It's time on next Progressive Elite Session ;) The best tracks in last weeks in 1 hour set ..Daniel Mahaud, Sultan & Ned Shepard,Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels, Matteo Marini, Leventina, Alaa, Solarity , Cleas Rosen. I Hope u all enjoyed ;)
If you like something, follow the links were it's possible & support the people that share their creativity with us and give us something to listen at.

PureJasik - Progressive Elite Session 002 DOWNLOAD

1. Daniel Mahuad - Cerro De La Silla (Original Mix)
LINK - [Silk Digital]

2. Dark Globe - Break My World (Sultan Nubreed Remix)
Link - [Global Underground]

3. Solarity - Mantis (Original Mix)
Link - [Anjunadeep]

4. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - Crush (Original Mix)
LINK - [Wormland Black]

5. Happy Paul - Moonlight (Alaa Remix)
PROMO - [Digital Motion]

6, Matteo Marini - Matter (Original Vocal Mix)
Link - [Deeperfect Records]

7. Leventina - Attitude (Original Mix)
LINK - [Unreleased Digital]

8. Paul Harris - The Take (Sultan & Ned Shepard Vocal mix)
LINK - [Harem Records]

9. Vinyl Dharma - A Life Empty of Meaning (Claes Rosen Remix)
PROMO - [Cromarti Records]