Saturday, 27 February 2010

Exclusive Interview with Gai Barone

Are you all ready for this weekends PP interview with some of the hottest progressive artists of the moment ? Yeah i know u are! So we are really proud today to announce you our cooperation with Gai Barone [Armada, Coldharbour Red Recordings, Afterglow, Silk Royal, Frenetica, Ask4]. A relatively new name to some he may very well be, but Italy’s Gai Barone has a much longer history in dance music than you might think. Maybe its enough if we mention that Markus Schulz named Gai Barone as one of the top 5 newcomers of 2009! That's why we are really proud to have him on a board! And beside he is a really great producer, he is a great person as well! So enough of me talkin here, u will see what he has to say on variety of topics in this exsclusive interview. While reading it, u can play his latest bottleg at the Youtube video somewhere in the middle of the interview; and ofc, at the end of there is his Beatport player so just pick some of his production - and crank it up loud! So lets see what he told us .........

PP: Hello there Gai! Well first let me say we from PP feel honored we got u here on a board and that we have oprtunity to make an interview with u. With your unique sounding, u have always been one of our favourite artists here at Pure People. Ok, so how's goin, all fine there?

Gai: I’m really happy to answer to your questions, friends from Pure people. I always read your interesting news about progressive stuff and new releases..sure, I’m your fan, definitely J

Well , let’s talk about me a little bit; I’m fine right now, so many good things are happing, thanks..

PP: OK for start can u tell us few words about yourself ? Shortly, for those who don’t know you, can u tell us: who Gai Barone is?

Gai: Sure Gai Barone is a lucky guy, chosen by music and living for it, day by day, sharing this passion with a lot of great dancing people! I work with music, and this is such an amazing dream; I always tried and studied to do it, and now I can.

PP: How did u get involved into the music world? When did u start with producing?

Gai: I started to play piano when I was 5 years old, I fell in love with an old organ in a church not far from home, and I begged my mom to help me to learn it; it was such an obsession for me, I spent hours staring at the keys and pedals and listen to the magic of those sounds…anyway I wont tell you all the boring story, but this changed my life and played Bach and Chopin for 15 years.

I started producing some years ago, with a simple sequencer called FT 2, a really funny software and an Akai sampler and a Korg Wavestation ( Hardware, a great Keyboard in my opinion) but my way to produce changed two years ago with Cubase and other precious plugins and the family of Afterglow. Let me say thank you to my boss, friend, or better a brother for me, who supports my choices always!! Mr Plastic Angel from Afterglow!!

PP: How would u describe the sound of Gai Barone? In which genre u place your sound?

Gai: Mostly I’d say progressive-trancy-deep-techy---, it’s a bastard style, I love contaminations! All in all is my sound; music shouldn’t have rules, and I follow the flow, simply listening to it.

PP: Where do u found inspiration for all of your sounds? Is it nature? Everyday life? Tell us more about that. Do u have some musical influences ?

Gai: Sure I’d say all those things, people around me, facts of everyday life, colors.

Oh yes I have a lot of musical influences, so many to name them all, a large range, from Pink Floyd to Genesis, Schubert to Kiss or Dr Dre. It’s a good way to open my mind! I love Ebtg and Depeche Mode, got all their cds and vinyls; to tell the truth I love Tracey Thorne! One day I’ll knock on her door and I’ll ask her ”Can you sing that for me?” Promise

PP: Can u describe us your process of making a track. Is it first an idea in your head and u then go to the studio, or its all at once and about experimenting with sounds? How much time do u need to make one track ?

No rules as I wrote before; sometimes I got something in my mind and I try to realize it in studio, or I start playing some chords with piano or guitar and add layers and layers and layers…too many, sometimes!! For example in Lilith I had 58 tracks to mix together, heavy duty!! Usually I need a couple of days to create the whole track but I need 6-9 days to finish it.

When I remix other artists tracks I don’t use midi, but I try to play it again, trying to avoid arpeggiators, if possible J

PP: What equipment do u use at the studio? Is your production all software based or there is some hardvers used? And if both, in what percentage u use them?

Gai: Cubase is my weapon, for sure, but I love Ableton Live and Reason too, as rewire; I use a Virus and Waldorf hardware too, fat sounds and angelic pads; a good gear is the Liquid mix, and tons of plugins, Native instruments and Spectrasonics the best for me, at the moment.

I’ll spend the last days of my life with Reaktor, and endless source of inspiration and creativity

PP: I will feel free to name few of your tracks which I found really amazing: Eastern Cakes, Lilith, Organum (Deep Mix), Intimate Detalis, Agatha (Gai Into The Deep Mix), your remix of Mr. Cappucino – those are some massive tuneages mate! Are u workin on some new material at the moment? What can we expect soon from Gai Barone? If u have some release schedule feel free to drop it here!

Gai: Thanks a lot!! I’ve the last two months in studio for new productions and coops soon on Afterglow Deep; I love creating tracks for my sessions, bootlegs or new versions of tracks I love. I’ll share with you a bootleg of Faithless Insomnia, ripped from the last Afterglow Session; actually I got more or less ten tracks ready to go…but I’ll keep you updated about the release dates. Also just selectin some tracks for Talla’s Birthday party @ Technoclub in Frankfurt, a dream for me!!

PP: Here is one tough & interesting question. Can u tell us what u think about illegal music sharing (via blogs, forums etc.). Is it killing the producers? Can it somehow help them? What is important people who do that (share music illegaly) to realize?

Gai: Illegal music via blogs or forums is killing music and producers too. If you don’t buy music you like, it means that it’s nothing for you, it has no time! I’ve seen so many forums or blogs sharing my music for free, and it’s incredible nobody can’t do anything!! Support the artist you love buying music, that’s the only way to love music!

PP: Tell us are u DJing beside producing? What do you prefere, Djing or producing?

Gai: I love them both, it’s hard to choose; I started djing in 89 with the rise of house music, my first vinyl is from Todd Terry, Weekend, the bible for me!

PP: What do u think, is progressive alive in the clubosphere around the world? And what u do think: does the future belongs to progressive?

Gai: Ohhh I do hope so, it seems that a lot of artist are getting older and wiser… and bpms going slower…this is my direction!

PP: Choose 5 words to describe your music?

Gai: Strange, free, dark, filled, mine

PP: Ok maybe a boring and stupid question, but can u tell us your 3 - 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

Gai: Not a stupid question, I love Gamma Ray Alpha Child, Stefan Vincent Dazed and Robbie Rivera The main room (part 1)

PP: Is there any producer (beside Gai Barone of course) that u really like and whenever u hear his sound u say “hat off” ? Someone who amaze you everytime?

Gai: I love all the producers who have a real style, I mean Mr Warren, Mr Schulz, Sasha, James Holden, PvD and many many more.

PP: Thank u for your time Gai! Once again, its been an honour for us! PP crew wish u all the best in future, hopefully speak soon w/ some great news! Cheers and take care!

Gai: I thank you my friends, and keep up the good work, I’ll be by your side!!



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Peter Johansson - Whipped EP [EM10002]

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Peter Johansson's debut at Emotive Sounds and his first appearance at Beatport! And i'm really impressed! Whipped Cream tracks is really nice, maybe the strongest release for this saturday! No comments for this drive, got the player above; long enough sample of the track so u be the judge!

DOWNLOAD Peter Johansson - Whipped EP [EM10002]

Coco Arthaa - Peak (Incl. Hazem Beltagui Proggy Remix) [10013500]

Some nice proggy vibes today delivered in the form of Hazem Beltagui's Proggy Remix! Really great dreamy progressive chords in it, soft piano background - all what u need to stay cool this weekend!

DOWNLOAD Coco Arthaa - Peak (Incl. Hazem Beltagui Proggy Remix) [10013500] @ Beatport
DOWNLOAD Coco Arthaa - Peak (Incl. Hazem Beltagui Proggy Remix) [10013500] @ Junodownload

Elsewhere - Higher EP [DMR010]

Digital Motion records present you upcoming talent - Elswhere. Release include two original tracks from Elswhere and two great remixes from Incognet.

DOWNLOAD Elsewhere - Higher EP [DMR010]

Chatbox Updated

Hello there PP friends. Probably u have noticed that we have just updated a new feature on our place - chatbox in the sidebar. The purpose of chatbox is to improve the communication between all the visitors. So u can use it to discuss the releases or to inform us about some release we have maybe missed. U can contact us via chatbox too, sometimes its just easier to use it instead email or comment in post place. Feel free to write all suggestions about PP work too, what u like or dislike. Feel fre to promote your own work there with Youtube or Soundcloud links. :))


Cheers all !!! ;D

Friday, 26 February 2010

[UPCOMING] Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now EP [HBD018]

Fresh from the minds that brought you the international hit "Twilight" and the legendary remix of Reflekt's "Need To Feel Loved" comes the much anticipated "Save Us Now EP".

Adam K & Soha return with a stunning 3 track EP of fresh original material. The title track, "Save Us Now" is already a YouTube phenomenon with 11,000 views of a small sample of the track! Combing an epic chord progression with rolling synths and a captivating melody this is classic Adam K & Soha and is destined to be a global sensation.

"Nothing Is Wrong" showcases more of the electronic edge of their progressive sound with sawed off synths playing around the dreamy melody for a tougher, big room vibe.

Closing out the EP "Beyond The Horizon" takes on a smooth vibe like a fine Iberican sunset. Dancing chords are dotted with an addicitve bell lead and the winds sweep you away. A breath of summer to warm up these cold winter nights.

Official release date of Save Us Now EP is March 10, 2010 at

Here are some exclusive previews from 3 featured tracks on this ep:

1. Save Us Now (Original Mix) direct download
2. Beyond The Horizon (Original Mix) direct download
3. Nothing Is Wrong (Original Mix) direct download

Here are some feedbacks & support received on this upcoming EP:

Jerome Isma-Ae [Armada | Germany]
The new ep sounds great, Nothing Is Wrong is my fav.

Matt Darey [Nocturnal Radio | UK]
All solid tracks, Beyond the Horizon is my fav.

Gareth Emery [Garuda | UK]
Massive EP here guys, keep them coming!

EDX [Pinkstar, Sirup | Switzerland]
LOVE THE TUNES! Will be playing Save Us Now and Nothing Is Wrong in my next sets.

For more infos stay tuned at Hotbox Digital

D'argento - Long Time (Incl. Sebastian Krieg & Roman F Remixes) [PSD0129]

Seems like that freshest infos about latest & awesomest progressive house releases aint stopping landing at Pure People! ;D

D'argento at PinkStar Disko is like at his home! In his usual style he delivers Long Time track. Its a nice one for sure, but whats for all of you proggy nerds from this package are two MONSTER remixes from Sebastian Krieg (aka Shik Stylko) & Roman F! In Vocal & Dub version. These are real dancefloor stormers! Classic swiss house bassline drives with some seriously big build ups and bit of fancy male vocals. Ofc, for all reall nerds there is Dub version. After big success of Krieg's track Brooklyn also on PinkStar you shouldn't find it weird that PinkStar crew is hosting him again! Seems like another Helvetic Nerd has just been found! ;DD

DOWNLOAD D'argento - Long Time (Incl. Sebastian Krieg & Roman F Remixes) [PSD0129]

Dinka, George F. Zimmer - Soma (Incl. Proff Remix) [ETR0699]

DINKA IS BACK !!! This time in cooperation with George F. Zimmer they deliver a monster groovy, funky & proggy drive called Soma Is Language. Sort of a part 2 of the Zimmer's Soma track released in summer 2009 on also on ETR. On the remix duty - no one other then Vlada Ershov aka PROFF! U know this guys can't fail; they only know how to show it! ;D Second remix comes from Rest Point guyz who show us really great interpretation by highlighting the main melody with adding classic club groove. The package contains Zimmer's original track All Night Long which was already featured on UDR's Royal Edition of Rare Cuts.

1. George F. Zimmer, Dinka - Soma Is Language (Original Mix)
2. George F. Zimmer, Dinka - Soma Is Language (Proff Remix)
3. George F. Zimmer, Dinka - Soma Is Language (Rest Point Remix)
4. George F. Zimmer - All Night Long (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Dinka, George F. Zimmer - Soma (Incl. Proff Remix) [ETR0699]

Daniel Portman - Baaly (Remixes) [UDR -1009R]

One of the biggest Daniel Portman summer smashers Baaly gets a remix treatment from no others then: Passenger 10, our friend B.O.N.G & Robin Hirte! This package is MUST CHECK IT OUT! It contains:

1. Daniel Portman - Baaly (Passenger 10 Genuine & Deep Remix)
2. Daniel Portman - Baaly (Robin Hirte Remix)
3. Daniel Portman - Baaly (B.O.N.G. Dub Remix)
4. Daniel Portman - Baaly (Non-Violin Dub)

DOWNLOAD Daniel Portman - Baaly (Remixes) [UDR -100-9R]

EDU - Undead / Skeleton [NELIE041]

This is second EDU EP on Nellie Recordings ! after Cold Glance/Warm Touch is time for Undead/Skeleton !! huge tracks as always on nellie ! just check it out ;)

DOWNLOAD EDU - Undead / Skeleton [NELIE041]

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Erick Vanderbreek, Dioni Marin - Tears Of The Sun EP [QNZ092]

Top notch sound, top quality production and top rated artists rising from Spain. Dioni Marin & Erick VanderBreek hit Quanza with a debut full of pure Progressive House energy. Starting off with "Eternal Dream" which consists of 2 parts, each taking it to a unique level and a different number. Then comes "Mireia" which proves the ability of those 2 to create anything related to the Underground. Don't miss it or you're missing too much!

DOWNLOAD Erick Vanderbreek, Dioni Marin - Tears Of The Sun EP [QNZ092]

Tanja La Croix - Need More (Original Mix) [DHRO027]

2010 means a lot to Diamondhouse Records: due to their primetime dj sets around Europe in the past years label heads Yves Murasca & BK Duke decided to change their release tactics a little bit by bringing more clubby stuff to the market this year - of course without forgetting where they're coming from. Deep and soulful Housemusic of high quality will of course remain like in previous years but being set aside to heavy club bombs which will lead to a next level. New talents will be featured on the next releases as well as already famous names from the world's globalplayer list!

Diamondhouse starts its 5th anniversary year with "MIAMI EXTASY", an E.P. made especially for WMC 2010. Included are two hot club tracks from the Diamondhouse camp: Yves Murasca & Ivan Perea deliver a massive organ track with highest hypnotic atmosphere and up-to-date sounds!

As well as swiss star DJane Tanja La Croix who fully internalized the current club trends as well in her production and seems to go a little bit into the style direction of heavyweights such as EDX, Leventina or other highprofile artists of the moment. Massive tracks from Germany, Switzerland and Columbia! Watch the people go crazy!

more information:

DOWNLOAD Tanja La Croix - Need More (Original Mix) [DHRO027]

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Inkfish - Logic Jam [INK050]

Inkfish is all about diversity. Only in the last three months the have been the creative minds behind several top ten hits within Beatports breaks, deep house, progressive and minimal sales charts (and one at number 11 in techno). Few production teams can match that strike rate crossing over genres.

This time around they did not have to work to hard though. Logic Jam is actually mainly made by editing and mashing up loops from the audio jam pack content that is included with Logic Studio, hence the name of the track.

So, since they feel that they have not really been artistic on this one, they have decided to donate the artist royalties from Logic Jam to Médecins Sans Frontières. MSF is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural or man-made disasters.

This way you can get hold of great music and make a difference at the same time.

The release is out today @ Junodownload!

DOWNLOAD Inkfish - Logic Jam [INK050]

Jola Eidos - Episode #35!!

New episode from two Dutch producers Hoz & Zhiar - JOLA EIDOS !!
ill be aloud about them ... soon they ill relase a little stuff on Key Recordings ;)
but now check this video !! ;)

Enjoy !

Dual Shaman - Belle Epoque (Qbical Remix) [MAN036]

Really great progressive toward to tech & techno sound track is out today at Beatport. Cool & smooth driving atmosphere with some nice violin chords makes this track a real stormer! Must check it out!

DOWNLOAD Dual Shaman - Belle Epoque (Qbical Remix) [MAN036]

Jhonny & Peps - Island [CP135]

The talented sicilian brothers Jhonny & Peps are back with their new track "Island". This release not only contains their new single, it is also a selection of some of the best tracks created by the duo in the past years. You'll absolutely love the sound of these guys.

DOWNLOAD Jhonny & Peps - Island [CP135]

[UPCOMING] E.N.R - Lunacy (Original Mix) [Indented Records]

This above is a upfront promo video for the track from E.N.R's new e.p due for release soon on Indented Records, Australia. "Lunacy" is a new style progressive house track that will feature alongside "Pride" on a 2 track release with remixes.

For more infos stay tuned here and @ E.N.R @ MySpace

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Morgan Page - Believe [N001344DIG]

Morgan Page is best known as a remixer: He’s worked with such artists as Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sara and La Roux. But after manning the beats for more than 110 remixes, he’s finally found the time to put out another CD of his own work. Though he only gets behind the mic for one song, “In the Dark,” his personal tie to the lyrics is felt throughout this fine offering. The album’s first single, “Fight for You,” is an intriguing mash-up of guitars and analog keyboards, with the synths taking a dominant role as is the case with most progressive house. “Agnus Dei” borrows from Middle Eastern music; you can envision belly dancers swaying around Page as he mans the DJ decks. While dance music–heavy throughout, Page’s album includes such beautiful vocalists as Telepopmusik’s Angela McCluskey (“Tell Me Why”), Gabriel & Dresden alum Jan Burton (“Traces Remain”) and Natalie Walker ("I’m Only Human"). This is not your booty-kickin’, four-on-the-floor dance music offering; Believe is infused with melodic grooves, syncopated rhythms and textures that ebb and flow from one track to the next ! check it out !!

Morgan Page - Believe

Morgan Page - Tell Me Why

DOWNLOAD Morgan Page - Believe [N001344DIG]

Ad Brown - Tonica [SILKRL009]

Londoner Ad Brown (a.k.a. Maxi Valvona) has quickly established himself as a global force in progressive, with a torrid output of tracks this past year that have found a home on a litany of elite labels, including Anjunadeep and Black Hole. The Original Mix centers on a a haunting arp motif, with other subtle side melodies and gated effects filling out the rest of the body. In vintage form, Ad highlights these elements in the break, as well as builds the energy for a potent dancefloor-ready drop. Veteran Swedish producer Audible, whose "Wonder Alley" remix remains one of the label's proudest moments, returns to Silk Royal with a powerful, yet poignant interpretation. Playing off the main themes of the original, Audible also has added a chordy new synth lead and "robotic" vocal effect, which often heralds a rhythmic change or break in the track. Finally, rising Russian outfit Eximinds steps up the tempo and intensity with their anthemic interpretation. Perhaps the most suitable to the clubs, Eximinds' remix includes various melodic interpretations of the original theme, including a gorgeous piano solo in the main break.

DOWNLOAD Ad Brown - Tonica [SILKRL009]

Re-Zone, Afroboogie - Unite (Ee-Sma, Incognet Remixes) [STE060]

Big club banger with a great spoken male voice, in two MONSTER progressive interpretations delivered by Ee-Sma & Incognet! This is just MUST HAVE!

DOWNLOAD Re-Zone, Afroboogie - Unite (Ee-Sma, Incognet Remixes) [STE060]

8 Ball, Harry Diamond - Momento [UAAM16]

Brand new Tune by 8 Ball and HD. Following on from the massive success of "Oydyssey To Anyoona" which was supported by Sasha, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Pete Gooding, Momento gains support DJ Support from Sasha, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Amin Golestan, Patrick M, Erick Morillo, Gareth Emery, Blake Jarrell and Kenneth Thomas. Really awesome piece of progressive music.

DOWNLOAD 8 Ball, Harry Diamond - Momento [UAAM16]

Paul Keeley - Disco Belle [ANJDEE066D]

Paul Keeley continues to wow us with each release and ‘Disco Belle’ sees him opening his account for 2010 in style. Blessed with a funky, metronomic groove, the piano powered original features the soulful vocals of Natalie Peris, and there is a dub mix for those looking to drop an instrumental version of the track into the mix.

First up on the remix front is a minimal rework from Peter Martin, as its dark, low-slung grooves, stuttery breaks and moody atmopsherics take the original down a different path. Bringing back a little bit of the original’s funky outlook, vocal and dub remixes from Anglo-American combo Shawn Mitiska and Ben Preston complete the package.

1. Dub Mix @ YouTube
2. Peter Martin Remix
3. Vocal Mix @ Soundcloud
4. Shawn Mitiska & Ben Preston Dub Mix @ Soundcloud
5. Shawn Mitiska & Ben Preston Vocal Mix @ Soundcloud

DOWNLOAD Paul Keeley - Disco Belle [ANJDEE066D]

Monday, 22 February 2010

[UPCOMING] Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now EP

2010 is going to be a busy year for Hotbox Digital, with a steady stream of releases throughout the year. They are starting the releases off with, HBD018 Save Us Now EP. Scheduled to be released March 5th 2010 on Beatport. "Save Us Now" track has had over 11,000+ views on youtub, and guys from Hotbox Adam K & Soha assure us that this is just a sign of what's to come. U can just check that Youtube preview and u will see that this track perfectly fits that picture from the video: a storm incoming! So stay tuned!

Luigi Lusini - Who We Are [CP134]

Luigi Lusini is back on The Clubbers with a storm of a melodic progressive track! As he said: "It's a very mellow track that probably makes you reflect...about life..." U can prelisten on the YouTube video aand if u're diggin it then just follow the link bellow and grab your copy!

01. Luigi Lusini - Who We Are (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Luigi Lusini - Who We Are [CP134]

Karim Magdi Pres. Electric Dreams

Karim Magdi Tolba is one of the most talented dj from Egypt. He is only 22 years old and stil his stile and the way he puts his mixes together is very hard to copy or call avridge. Born in Egypt started in dubai after being influenced by Tiesto and Ferry Corsten. Had a realy hard start with very bad equipment and no one with a good mixing method to show him technical things in It took him a while untill a friend of his dj Esso gave him the keys and i he worked his style. Nowdays Karim is growing each day more and more in his own stile in music. He is developing very unique way of mixing and has his own show on SS Radio UK.

If someone wants to listen Karim's podcasts live he can do it every second thursday in month from 7 PM CET at SS Radio UK.

Here we got one set so that u can all feel about what kind of sound this is all about:

Karim Magdi Pres. Electrick Dreams Year Mix 2009

First Hour
01 Tocadisco, Nadia Ali - Better Run - Wippenberg Remix
02 Tom Neville & Stafford Brothers feat Frank Stafford - Come My Way - Jerome Isma-Ae Dub 03 Serge Devant ft. Hadley - Addicted
04 Innate - Imod - Jerome Isma-Ae Remix
05 Mark Pledger feat. Melinda Gareh - Time Stands Still - Andy Duguid Remix
06 Dash Berlin feat. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run - Andy Duguid
07 Moonbeem - About You - Terry Ferminal Remix
08 Dirty Vegas - Changes - The D.ramirez Squeezebox remix
09 Julie Thompson - What Will I Do - Club Mix
10 Serge Devant ft. Emma Hewitt - Take me with you - Easy Way Out Mix
11 Tritonal feat Cristina soto - crash into reason - Moonbeam remix
12 Sunlounger feat.Kyler England - Change Your - Mind - Myon & Shane 54 Remix
13 Julian Vincent Feat. Cathy Burton - Here For Me - Mark Otten Re-Dub
14 Cosmic Gate feat. Aruna - Under Your Spell - Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix


Second Hour
01 Ashley Wallbridge - Chimera - Intro Edit
02 Jes - Lovesong - Cosmic Gate Remix
03 Martin Roth & Bartlett Bros - Losing Gravity - Martin Roth NuStyle Mix
04 BT feat. Jes - Every Other Way - Armin van Buuren Remix
05 Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna - Helpless - Monster Mix
06 BT - Force Of Gravity - Orjan Nilsen Remix
07 Adiva feat. Vicky Fee - How Does It Feel - Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix
08 Cerf,Mitiska & Jaren - Beggin You - Armin van Buuren Remix
09 Gareth Emery - Metropolis
10 Cosmic ft emma - Not Enough Time - Raver Rework
11 Julie Thompson - It Only Hurts - Richard Durand ReMix
12 Tritonal feat Soto - Let Solitude - Original Dub
13 Airbase - Interfere - Dub Mix
14 First State feat. Sarah Howells - Brave - Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix)(Kariim's Vocal Edit)
15 Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt - Waiting - First State Vs 4AM Remix (Kariim's Electrified Mash-up)


For more further info feel free to visit
DJ Karim @ MySpace
DJ Karim @ Facebook
Current radio show and podcast @

Blake Jarrell - Galapagos / Patagonia (Incl. B.O.N.G. Remix) [ELEL105]

After Boracay toonage, Blake Jarrell one again hits Electronic Elements (Armada) with smashers Galapagos / Patagonia. Two really powerfull summer bangers, pumped with lovely summer feelings. On the remix duty is non other then big friend of our place - argentinian progressive star B.O.N.G. (Armada, Unreleased Digital, Silk Digital, Cool Vibes Records, Avangardia). With his already proved undoubtful skills & abilites to produce quality chillin & always unique progressive sound, B.O.N.G. now gets a unique privilege to remix Armin Van Buuren's Armada exclusive artist Blake Jarrell and to appear on one of the hottest progressive labels of the moment - Electronic Elements (Armada). Another proof that its just the matter of time when pure quality comes to the daylight. PP crew congratz him on this BIG success - keep it up man! Follow the link bellow to check what this is all about!

DOWNLOAD Blake Jarrell - Galapagos / Patagonia (Incl. B.O.N.G. Remix)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

PureJasik - Pure People Sessions 003 - Guests - Cloudivers

PureJasik - 1st Hour

1. George F. Zimmer & Dinka - Soma Is Language (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
2. Shipstad & Warren - Cold As Usual (Original Mix) [Room 69 Records]
3. Paul Keeley - Kaleidoscope (Original Mix) [microCastle]
4. EDU - Undead (Original Mix) [Nellie Recordigns]
5. Ad Brown - Tonica (Eximinds Remix) [Silk Royal]
6. KhoMha - I Saw You (Incognet Remix) [Digital Motion]
7. Roddy Reynaert - Thalys (Original Mix) [Key Recordings]
8. Loetto & FRONT feat Annet - Finding (Cloudivers remix) [Mainframe Recordings]
9. Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts ft. Kristy Thirsk - Black Flowers (Incognet club mix) [Nocturnal Global]


Cloudivers - Second Hour

1. Armin Prayd - Sunset In Yiangza (original Mix)
2. A Dios - Shelly Snowfall (original mix)
3. Dankann & Aqua Diva - Just Close Your Eyes (Vocal Mix)
4. Claes Rosen - Endeavour (original mix)
5. Boom Jinx and Jaytech - Milano (original mix)
6. Robbie Rivera ft. Denise Rive - Back To Zero (George Acosta Mix)
7. Clou - Don't Regret (Billions Dollars Dogs Mix)
8. Cloudivers - Breathing Sun (original mix)
9. Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Elucidate - Face To Face (Matt Lange Remix)
10. French Government - Shining Heart (Original Mix)


Saturday, 20 February 2010


Big friend of our place Darin Epsilon has just hit us with some hot news.

Release dates for two Darin's long-awaited remixes have just been confirmed. The remix of Sezer Uysal's track Weird Walking In Bursa for Baroque Records is expected to hit stores March 12. The following month, the Darin Epsilon & Jourdan Bordes mixes of Dresden & Johnston's hugely anticipated first single Keep Faith will be available as a Beatport exclusive on April 12.

Darin Epsilon and Ad Brown's collaboration titled Cold Water (recently featured on the Anjunabeats Worldwide radio show) is due for an early summer release on Silk Royal. Remixers will include the talented up-and-comers Dezza from Canada and Playton from Russia.

If anyone is near (or in) Miami during the WMC 2010 here are the dates where u can hear Darin live!
Wed, Mar 24 - UWM @ The Clevelander w/ George Acosta, Saeed Younan, more - Miami WMC
Fri, Mar 26 - Lost Angeles @ Tantra w/ D:Fuse & Hiratzka (5th Year Anniversary) - Miami WMC
Sat, Mar 27 - Ultra Music Festival - Miami WMC

Darin has also just signed with Kaleidoscope Management in Hong Kong. From now on u can contact him:
For Asia bookings:
Worldwide bookings:

In the meanwhile u can check exclusive preview of Darin's & Ad Brown's track cold water:
(preview) Darin Epsilon & Ad Brown - Cold Water (Original Mix) - [Silk Royal] by darinepsilon

Darin Epsilon FEBRUARY chart:

01. Sharam feat. Anousheh Khalili - Don't Say A Word (Sharam's Own Remix) - [DCI]
02. 16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy (Original Mix) - [AnjunaDeep]
03. Sasha - Magnetic North (Lank Airboottrigger 2010) - [CD-R]
04. Faithless - Sun To Me (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) - [Sony BMG]
05. EDX - Party Of Politics (Mark Mendes Remix) - [Toolroom]
06. Marco Bailey - Watergate EP - [Bedrock]
07. Kostas Skretas - Summer Star (Chris Domingo Remix) - [The Sound Of Everything]
08. 16 Bit Lolitas - Personal Space (Original Mix) - [microCastle]
09. Kobana & Mario Hatchet - Play (Original / Dub Mixes) - [Silk Digital]
10. Marc Liquid & Thorsten Hammer - Seance (Mikalogic Remix) - [BWG Records]
11. Alter Breed - Midnight (Original / Andrea Bertolini Mixes) - [Tribal Vision]
12. Jeison Torres - I Heard Her Groove (Felipe Abel Remix) - [ADS Records]
13. Solips - Blue Fairy (Sezer Uysal Likes Fairy Remix) - [Plusquam Division]
14. Yakoozai - Rondaview (Extended Club Mix) - [Ebony Red]
15. Trim The Fat - Well Played (Original Mix) - [Type Six]
16. 2 Robots - Il Futuro Inizia Qui (Original Mix) - [Audio Logic]
17. Oliver Moldan - Venice / Ticks - [Mirabilis]
18. Gabriel Batz - Magnolia (Original Mix) - [Ora Recordings]
19. Vadim Zhukov - Love Around The World (Original Mix) - [TFA Records]
20. Santiago Garcia - Dolei (Xplore Remix) - [Balkan Connection]

Friday, 19 February 2010


Storm of a package is out on Unreleased Digital today! Dinka's choonage Elements gets a remix treatment from non other then EDX himself! EDX delivers another 5un5hine drivin bassline cracker. For Dinka's track Road To Perdition KhoMha and Junkdna are on remix duties and they did a great job for sure. The remix package is out exclusively to Beatport. Be sure to check it and grab your copy if u find something interesting there.

1. Dinka - Elements (EDX's 5un5hine Remix)
2. Dinka - Elements (EDX ReDub)
3. Dinka - Road To Perdition (KhoMha Remix)
4. Dinka - Road To Perdition (Junkdna Remix)
5. Dinka - Green Leaf (Club Mix)


Cloudivers - Sunrise On Mars / We Are Cloudivers / Autumn [NELLIE040]

Cloudivers, or Anatoly Shemuratov and Alexander Polo to be more formal, debutes on Nellie Recordings with a solid three-tracker. Melodic and powerful are two words that comes to mind when listening to this EP. While "Sunrise On Mars" and "Autumn" gives the release a summerish and happy vibe, "We Are Cloudivers" is the complete opposite and more club oriented.

Big support by M.I.K.E. and airplay by Neil Moore. We've also received great responses from artists like Shawn Mitiska, Dash Berlin, Matt Rowan, Flash Brothers, Darin Epsilon, Nick Stoynoff, Shipstad & Warren, Dave Cortex, Invisible Sounds, Manuel Le Saux, Luke Porter, Suzy Solar, Embliss, Airbase, Matt Devereaux, Hyline, HypnoticDuo, Har Rock Sofa and many more.

DOWNLOAD Cloudivers - Sunrise On Mars / We Are Cloudivers / Autumn [NELLIE040]

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Udopia Recordings signing new artists !

Udopia Recordings are increasing their release schedule for 2010 and will be taking a listen to new unsigned artists in the progressive genre. Send your mp3 demos to or and someone will take a listen. Please send only if your at a "professional" level at music production and mastering. They also have affiliates signing down tempo and minimal techno. If they like your tracks you could be released at all of the major sites including Beatport.

Visit Udopia Recordings Official Site

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Evgeny Bardyuzha – Hylea [NDEEP062]]

Evgeny Bardyuzha is a regular feature here at Neuroscience. His tracks regularly gain the support of DJs such as Markus Schulz, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and Eddie Halliwell, thanks to his distinct and unique production style.Back in October of 2009, Evgeny released his debut artist album, 'Point of No Return', which received a host of excellent reviews. Now, in 2010, we bring you 'Hylea'...'Hylea' is one of the strongest tracks from the album and it was an obvious choice for a full release with remixes. After teaming up with Russian website, Neuroscience launched a remix contest, which well and truly delivered on the goods. It was hard work, but they managed to narrow it down to six winners including, Cramp, Vullcan, Rave CHannel, Broning, Deep Sound and Eryo. Not surprisingly, there are only 2 new names in that list! In addition, Evgeny has reworked the original album mix in to a DJ friendly club mix.

Our absolute picks here at PP are Vullcan & Deep Sound Remixed. Two really massive dancefloor crackers, so be sure to check them out!

DOWNLOAD Evgeny Bardyuzha – Hylea [NDEEP062]]

B.O.N.G. - Bong Styles [SS003]

Seems like argentnian progressive beast B.O.N.G [Armada, Unreleased Digital, Silk Digital, Sick Watona] is stronger then ever! After gaining huge support from players such as James Grant, Gareth Emery, Mark Pledger, Daniel Portman, Matt Rowan (to name a few), he is back on Spirit Soul Records with none less then a 7 tracks LP album called "Styles"! Its a mix compilation of some of the styles B.O.N.G is truying out these days - and he is doing it great!

Opening tracks called "Criticals" is usual B.O.N.G style: lovely warm melody driving by some nice basslines and cool piano background. Perfect tracks for lots of upcoming summer joys! Next one, "Skywalkers" - beautiful melody with some dreamy piano chords - this one brings u to sky for sure! "Praia Da Rosa" follows the same melodic line, but now more faster to warm up for the next "techier" part of the Styles! "Origamy" is classic dancefloor banger - already tested on some dancefloor and already ganed massive response! In "Spirit Soul" track B.O.N.G shows us he just cant escape his melodic essence. Another prog/tech club banger mixed with dreamy melody in break! And finally, last but not least, "Nuclear" goes deeper with some massive smooth and rolling basslines! Dancefloor madness guaranteed with this one!

All in all, massive project from B.O.N.G now thats for sure! Be sure to check it and purchase some of it, support is greatly appreciated! As u can all see - B.O.N.G is the guy to watch for in 2010!

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. - Bong Styles [SS003]

Solano - Making Waves [DPEND038]

Fektive continues its prog tech journey on the Deep End label with a release by Solano called Making Waves. For this track Solano teamed up with Ali Wilson. Surely we all know Ali Wilson from his great releases on Marco Vs label and this one is one for the books.

Their productions have been supported by every superstar dj around varying from John Digweed to Tiesto, so no need to name them all. Making Waves is a justified name for this release when you have a listen to the breakdown in particular. Its surely something both proggers and trancers will appreciate! And just to give it that extra techy edgy we went down to Enrico de Luca who delivers a great piece of remix work once again.

DOWNLOAD Solano - Making Waves [DPEND038]

Jaytech's Anjunadeep:02 Sampler [ANJDEE065D]

Were sure that youre just excited as we are about the release of Anjunadeep: 02, and to coincide with the release of the labels second compilation bring you a selection of featuring tracks hand picked by resident Aussie Jaytech.

Dave Horne is one of a number of exciting new producers to feature on the compilation and he provides two new tracks here. Packed to the rafters with glittering, twinkling melodies, Q.E.D. is a feel-good masterclass with a set of floor-ready rhythms to boot. In Our Dreams delivers exactly as you imagine it should with such a title; prepare to fall in love as it begins to spin its celestial orb of sound brimming with with lush synths, contemplative pianos and float away atmospherics. Magical!

Rikard Fredriksson is no stranger to Anjuna having remixed for Mike Shiver and Endre under his Probspot callsign some years back, and he certainly has a good understanding with German producer Andrew Bennett, with the pair having worked together on numerous occasions previously. They combine to rework Hydroforms Shine, a track awash with purposeful, punchy beats, cascading synths and a groovy late night feel.

Last up is the stunning Cubic, one of the compilations undoubted gems from Tom Fall. Carried by a heart-warmingly beautiful lead melody, its busy pianos, rolling bassline and crashing drums complete the package in fine style.

1. Dave Horne - Q.E.D. (Original Mix)
2. Hydroform - Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Mix)
3. Tom Fall - Cubic (Original Mix)
4. Dave Horne - In Our Dreams (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Jaytech's Anjunadeep:02 Sampler [ANJDEE065D]

Gabriel Batz - Magnolia / Ixchel [ORAR076]

Ora Recordings label owner Gabriel Batz continues down the same melodic progressive vein with his latest offering titled 'Magnolia'.
This release offers two chunky prog tunes with the signature Gabriel Batz sound:'Magnolia' and 'Ixchel'.
'Magnolia' is straight up progressive house with main room attitude. Catchy hooks and main melody complement the funk from the rocking bassline. This one can tickle any floor any time. Ideal for any type of set.
Concluding the release is 'Ixchel'. Perhaps a bit more cerebral of the two, 'Ixchel' remains a solid prog stomper. Batz continues to incorporate catchy hooks and melodies on top of a solid bass groove. This one can get any floor cracking. Ideal for opening sets.

DOWNLOAD Gabriel Batz - Magnolia / Ixchel [ORAR076]

Monday, 15 February 2010

Andrew Bennett feat Majuri - Let Me Breathe Again [S2R0291]

Monster of a package coming from progressive vet Andrew Bennet through S2 Records! His latest offer is the track called Let Me Breathe Again. The package contains Original in Vocal and Instrumental version, Club edit, two versions in Christian Weber interpretation and as the last one, my absolute fav in the package Re-Dub version! Really sick package, check it for sure!

Anjunadeep02 mixed by Jaytech & James Grant OUT NOW!

Anjunadeep:02 demonstrates why the imprint has become the master navigator of the murky waters that lie somewhere between house, techno and trance, winning fans such as Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, James Zabiela and Eric Prydz along the way. Both discs showcase a unique melodic style that is spacey, hypnotic and at times soulful, underlining the widescreen vision of label owners Above & Beyond.

For CD 1, Grant’s mix weaves together tracks and remixes from 16 Bit Lolitas, Jody Wisternoff, Oliver Smith, Solarity, BT (‘Flaming June’ remix by Jaytech & Grant), and more.

On CD 2, Jaytech, whose artist album, ‘Everything Is OK’, received widespread plaudits in 2009, seamlessly blends productions from Paul Keeley, Martin Roth, Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer, Marcus Schossow, Jamie Matrix and beyond.

“Scouts the secret alleys and distant corners of progressive music and returns bearing rare treasures” Mixmag (Album Of The Month)

"Get up close to the speaker and you'll hear that Anjunadeep is working on a sound all of its own" DJ Magazine

“Euphoric not cheesy, soulful not syrupy: this is fine, trance-edged house with substance” IDJ

DOWNLOAD Anjunadeep02 @ Beatport
DOWNLOAD Anjunadeep02 @ Juno
DOWNLOAD Anjunadeep02 @ Audiojelly

Nadia Ali in the studio with Morgan Page

Today I have for you something special. Nadia Ali in the studio with Morgan Page in Los Angeles, California! nadia aii is on fire right now! she coop with many great producers! Chris Reece, EDX, Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard ! So soon progressive with her vocals ill raise dance flors on the world !! just check this video ..

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Exclusive Interview with Shipstad & Warren

PP hosting another exclusive interview with big players from the progressive scene! We have already announced our cooperation with Shipstad & Warren duo [Armada, Key, Nellie, Silk, Neuroscience, Shah Music] and their newcoming label Key Recordings. After few promos we have received (and which u all will be able to hear in our future promo mixes) well next logical step was making an interview with these great guys right? So we done it. They are really cool as persons and they told us lots of interesting things (such like they have never met each other in person, even though they produce together for quite a while now). I dont wanna discover no more, just read what they have to say bellow. U will enjoy it i'm sure! At the end of the interview down bellow u have Beatport player with their latest releases so just play some of them while reading the following! ;)

PP: Hi guyz! First let me say we feel honored we got you here on board and that we have the opportunity to make an interview with you. You guyz are one of our absolute favs here at PP. Ok, so how's goin’, all fine there?

SW:Yup! All is well here! Finishing up some work for our label Key Recordings, some new originals and a remix for Nellie Recordings.

PP: That sounds cool! OK so for starters, can you tell us few words about how the project Shipstad & Warren was born? When did you guyz met each other? For how long have you been into music? When and how did you start to produce music? Shortly, tell us few words about beginnings of Shipstad & Warren project.

SW: Well…First off…we have never met each other in person! I (Luke Shipstad) was a friend of one of his friends and we met through there. All three of us produced and I was really intrigued by Dylan’s sound. We started sending back some project files here and there and soon enough we had our first tune! We’ve both been into music for a loooooong time. However Dylan is 16 and I’m 18. Our styles seem to fit well with each other and also our personalities ;) A key element in any partnership!

PP: Haha, unbelievable guys, I never would have tought u never meet eachother personally! Ok, can u tell us how would u describe the sound of Shipstad & Warren? And In which genre do you place your sound?

SW: Well, we’d have to say we have an emotional sound. Although not all our songs are formed off of emotions or thoughts of year’s pasts :) …they seem to tug some heart strings here and there. Uplifting, driving, soothing and progressive…Progressive House that is!

PP: What are your biggest influences? In musical sense.

SW: Besides each other…it varies between the two of us.

Luke Shipstad: For me it’s probably Michael Cassette, Junkie XL, Chris Reece (and all his aliases), Yuan, Answer42/Mooka. From the mainstream mainly Seal, Madonna, Thin White Duke and most likely some others I’m forgetting to mention!

Dylan Warren: Man that’s a tough one…Mainly Deadmau5, Mango, Sound Prank and some others.

PP: Can you describe to us your process of making a track? Is it first an idea in your heads and you then go to the studio, or is it all at once? Also tell us about experimenting with sounds. How much time do you need to make one track?

SW: Well our process is mainly devised off one of us coming up with one small idea, and then sending the project file over to the other when we want the S&W sound to kick in ;) Because the beginning depends on only one of us at a time, sometimes one of us will have an idea or it can just start off all at once from opening up FL Studio (DAW we use). We try to be as original as possible with our sounds and attempt to the best of our abilities not to use a bunch of sounds that others have already trademarked. As far as time needed to finish our tracks…well that all depends on the song. For most artists we’d agree that it depends on how “into” the track you’re working on. We’ve finished a track anywhere’s from a day to a month, although normally it’s a couple of weeks to complete a track.

PP: Where do you find all the inspiration for melodies? Do you think that talent is most important thing (coz we think so :)) ?

SW: In everyday events and emotions to be honest :) Really sometimes there is no inspiration other than pure talent by us ;) In this genre, we are both firm believers that talent is a must! You can really tell those who know how to make a melody and those who can just produce music well apart.

PP: What equipment do you guys use at the studio? Is your production all software based or is there any hardware used? And if both, in what percentage do you use them?

SW: We use the Behringer B2031A’s for monitors and the PreSonus Audiobox as our soundcard. For our DAW we previously stated that we used FL Studio, and for the record, it’s version 9. We have no hardware synths however the software synths we have consist of Sylenth1, Sytrus, imOSCar, Minimoog, Nexus 2, Omnisphere and some secret sexy presets we’ve made ;)

PP: There are just so many tracks with the S & W sign on them which are so amazing. I will feel free to name a few my personal favs: You & I EP on Silk, Are U With Me, We Are Singularity, as well as remixes for Samara on Armada and Cloudsurfers tracks. Are u guyz workin’ on some material at the moment? What can we expect soon?

SW: Those are all some good tracks you’ve listed ;) We’re working on a lot of material for Nellie Recordings which will all be coming out soon this year starting in March. We’ve also got a lot of new material for our own label Key Recordings which will be released later this year. In addition we have a new artist project collaboration with exclusive Key Recording artists, Jola Eidos. We’re not going to give the artist name away…so you’ll all just have to guess at who we are!

(Dylan Warren - on the left, Luke Shipstad - on the right)

PP: Looking forward to all of it guyz! Ok so here is one tough and interesting question. Tell us what you think about illegal music sharing (via blogs, forums etc.). Is it killing the producers? Can it somehow help them? What is important people who do that (share music illegally) to realize?

SW: Well, neither of us supports illegal downloading, however it’s something that it looks like all genres and forms of music are going to have to endure now. In some ways there are plus sides to illegal downloading, such as it being the number one free promo tool for any artist, and it gets your name out there like non-other. Major obvious downsides…are obvious…I wouldn’t say that its killing producers, however it is certainly hurting a lot of us. Royalty payments are not what they used to be and it puts off a lot of artists from releasing music in the first place. It’s really for the love of music that many artists today still sign and release music, well knowing that 80% of downloads will be illegal and not paid for. An even larger problem that I’m noticing lately is leaked tracks that aren’t even released yet. It seems that many promo pools have a*#hole leakers that release music to the public for free without the official release date even being met.
To all the illegal downloader’s and leakers we have this to say, “Thanks for sharing, but no thanks, we’re done with your sharing for now :)”

PP: Are you guyz DJing besides producing? Can u tell us few words about the situation in the clubs there concerned progressive sound? Is progressive house beat alive at all in the clubosphere?

SW: We do have a few offers to DJ and tour here and there around the globe; however a key issue is that Dylan is still 16 and not even allowed in clubs yet! Until both halves of S&W are of legal age, we will be focusing solely on our productions and weekly radio show Key Sessions on proton radio every Sunday. (Also syndicated to once a month at every first Friday of every month)
Is the prog house sound dead in the club scene? I don’t think so. There are many prog house artists touring and headlining clubs all around the world, I don’t think the genre has anywhere to go but up :)

PP: Ok, now let’s move to next part of the interview. U guyz started a label Key Recordings together w/ Nick Stoynoff. How did that happened? What’s your idea with it, what’s the story about Key Recordings?

SW: Well, the idea first started in hands of Proton label owner, Jason Wohlstadter. He approached Nick and ourselves with the idea of starting a label together and we more than happily accepted. Partially due to ours and Nick’s contact list, we have a very promising roster for this year and going into next :) for more information visit our myspace page at http:

PP: What kind of genre are you planning to release on the label?

SW: Mainly Progressive House, however we’re not limiting ourselves to a certain kind, we’re into all kinds, Melodic, Techy, Uplifting, Funky, you name it :)

PP: Are there any releases already scheduled? Drop us some schedule if u got it!

SW: Our first release comes from the Anjunadeep artist Roddy Reynaert and his beautiful track Thalys. The EP will be out on the 26th of February and be supported with remixes from the ever talented Dezza and Nick Stoynoff. There’s already quite a bit of heavy support on the release however we’re not even a week into promo at this moment and the full list will be announced soon. Other tracks on the label will be announced periodically, as to keep you all on your toes ;) However we can assure you they’ll all be A+ quality work ;)

PP: Are u guyz diggin’ the track Electro House Is Dead? hehehe ;)

SW: Hahaha, yup ;)

PP: Ok can u tell us your 3 - 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

SW: Oh jeez. We hate this question. Ok. Ummm. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, Dinka – Elements (Original), S&W – Just Like Your Father (Original), Roddy Reynaert – Thalys (Original), Luigi Lusini – Set You Free (LL InstruRemix)

PP: Is there any producer you guys consider as the best in nowadays?

SW: Are you kidding us? Easy question. Shipstad & Warren!

PP: Haha, cool ;) !! Thank u for your time boys! It’s been an honour for us! The PP crew wishes you all the best in the near future, hopefully speak soon w/ some great news! Cheers!

SW: Thank you to everyone who’s apart of PPB and keeping Prog House alive and strong! Keep listening to Progressive House and we all win :) Hope to see many of you soon somewhere around the globe!


Shipstad & Warren

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