Thursday, 11 February 2010

[UPCOMING] Bayazzo - Your Last Touch / Lose It [FEKTIVE RECORDS]

Whata BIG, HUGE, AWESOME vocal progressive release is upcoming on Fektive Records! This is a fucking storm! My ass is still shaking! ;D The artist is Bayazzo and two beautifull bassline babies are already prepared to be released on in late february! What can i say more! This is really big and i am sure one thing: when our boy PureJasik hear these he will go nuts! ;) Totaly his style! Just beautiful vocal parts from Hannah and Shena! Thanks to our friends from Upcoming Soon place for letting us now about this! Enough of my shitting now, here are some soundcloud snippets so that u can check whats this is all about! So then u say is just me or a real storm is upcoming. Let me hear you! ;)))

Bayazzo feat Hannah - Your Last Touch (Original Mix) - Sample by Bayazzo

Bayazzo feat Shena - Lose it (Original Mix) - Sample by Bayazzo


  1. excatly milo !! i love it !! ;)

  2. matthew upcoming12/02/2010, 00:18

    Thanks for support my friend ;)

  3. Marcus J Malloy13/02/2010, 13:39

    damn nice tracks, when is the Release date?
    MJM @ Electric in Colour UK.

  4. We don't know the exact date yet Marcus! But as far as we know: end of february! And yeah you got it right: freaking massive!