Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jaytech's Anjunadeep:02 Sampler [ANJDEE065D]

Were sure that youre just excited as we are about the release of Anjunadeep: 02, and to coincide with the release of the labels second compilation bring you a selection of featuring tracks hand picked by resident Aussie Jaytech.

Dave Horne is one of a number of exciting new producers to feature on the compilation and he provides two new tracks here. Packed to the rafters with glittering, twinkling melodies, Q.E.D. is a feel-good masterclass with a set of floor-ready rhythms to boot. In Our Dreams delivers exactly as you imagine it should with such a title; prepare to fall in love as it begins to spin its celestial orb of sound brimming with with lush synths, contemplative pianos and float away atmospherics. Magical!

Rikard Fredriksson is no stranger to Anjuna having remixed for Mike Shiver and Endre under his Probspot callsign some years back, and he certainly has a good understanding with German producer Andrew Bennett, with the pair having worked together on numerous occasions previously. They combine to rework Hydroforms Shine, a track awash with purposeful, punchy beats, cascading synths and a groovy late night feel.

Last up is the stunning Cubic, one of the compilations undoubted gems from Tom Fall. Carried by a heart-warmingly beautiful lead melody, its busy pianos, rolling bassline and crashing drums complete the package in fine style.

1. Dave Horne - Q.E.D. (Original Mix)
2. Hydroform - Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Mix)
3. Tom Fall - Cubic (Original Mix)
4. Dave Horne - In Our Dreams (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Jaytech's Anjunadeep:02 Sampler [ANJDEE065D]

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