Monday, 31 August 2009

New Stan Kolev !!

The great producer Stan Kolev is back, this time together with DJ Lion. Great darker tune, just what you can expect from Mr. Kolev. Here is the original mix but the release includes 12 different mixes so just go and check out the vibes that fits you best!

Don't miss out on this one!

DJ Lion & Stan Kolev - One Man Company (Original Mix) / 320

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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - August 2009!

Well people, once again it is time for another exclusive mixtape here @ Pure People. Great progressive tunes that is unreleased but probably is coming out for release in the future. That’s what we all hope!

What can you expect then?

Well we got productions/remixes from a few of the big guns around. We open up our selection with a remix from Darone, great vocal progressive. We move on with more vocals from the fantastic Morgan Page, the remix is made by the massive Beltek. 3rd tune is a Swedish production from, if he keep doing like this, will be a massive star on the scene. His name is David Aussi, don’t forget it, HUGE TUNE!

We move on with another coming release from East Cafe, just what you can expect from them, great progressive once again. After that Wendel Kos shows up a coming track, vocal progressive as you also can expect. Next up is the pure progressive sound from our big friend, Incognet, great vocal tune once again from the man we almost think lives in his studio. Next up is 2 tracks from Poland, 3 ARTES is included in both, in the 2nd one he is a collab with Roberto Bedross. We’re about getting to the finish line. We stop by at the great Canadian producer named Dezza, great tune that I think you all will recognize the samples in. Last tune out is a great track from one of our friends, Lou Aiese. When you have come to the end we hope you all have enjoyed about one hour of some really great progressive music!

The crew of Pure People and the producers/remixers hopes you can take some time, dropping comments about you thoughts about the tunes in this mixtape!

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape – August 2009 / 192 / 59.37


01. Ela Rose - I Can Feel (Darone Remix)
02. Morgan Page - Fight For You (Beltek Remix)
03. David Aussi – Mannheim (Original Mix)
04. East Cafe – Summer Solstice (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
05. Wendel Kos Feat. Therese – Step Out (First Sunlight Mix)
06. Marty Fame – Who Will Save You (Incognet Remix)
07. 3 ARTES - No Place (Instrumental Edit)
08. Roberto Bedross Feat. Jacob A. - Summer 2009 (3ARTES Vocal Edit)
09. Dezza - When I Get That Feelin' (Original Mix)
10. Lou Aiese - Sugar Beach (Original Mix)


Steve Aguirre / KhoMha !!

Huge progressive music for you to check out, at the moment i think Colombian ace KohMha is one of the best producers out there! He's just bombing us with progressive masterpieces!

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DJ Steve Aguirre - Butterfly Stance (Khomha Stance Remix) / 320


Friday, 28 August 2009


Heres my new invention from DLG. This is unreleased choon from 2005

DJ DLG - EPIC - UNRELEASED 2005 by djdlg

Enjoy :)

Relentless /Shoreliners

New great remix from Shoreliners aka Mango ;)

Solarity - Relentless (Shoreliners remix)/320

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Sunset / Arty

Arty - Sunset (Original Mix)/320

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Short Circuit / Spring Flower

Short Circuit - Spring Flower (Original Mix)/320

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Applescal !!

Sweet progressive!

Applescal - Describe The Doc (Ray Vander Remix) / 320

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Ralph Thomas - Just Feeling !!

Progressive cracker with bouncing vibes!

Ralph Thomas - Just Feeling (Original Mix) / 320

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Ocean Feeling / Tempo Giusto !!

Great stuff remixed by one of my favourites, Tempo Giusto!

Kaltflut & Hyydro - Ocean Feeling (Tempo Giusto Remix) / 320

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Breaking The Ice / Pamuya

Pamuya - Breaking The Ice (Original Mix)/320

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Brighter Days / Adam K

"Brighter Days" is a club house classic floor filler. Using elements that old schoolers will love this gem of a tune guarantees smiles all around as a universal reaction. Uplifting and big sounding "Brighter Days" is our nod to the hands in the air movement on floors across the globe. Adam K and his "One / 1" E.P. on Hotbox Digital is a our compliment to dj's and music lovers alike !!

Adam K - Brighter Days (Original Mix)/320

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Enjoy !

David Forbes and Dr. Willis

David Forbes meets Dr. Willis - Melodique (Original Mix)/320 - $

Migas / Atlantis Ocean !!

Here is one hell of a progressive masterpiece!

I really don't know what to say, Atlantis Ocean strikes again!

Migas - Big Show (Atlantis Ocean Remix) / 320

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Luvstruck / My Digital Enemy

Filthy Rich - Luvstruck (My Digital Enemy Remix)/320

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Enjoy !

The Milk Way / Inpetto

Inpetto - The Milky Way (Original Mix)/320

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Enjoy !

Autodidact / Nas Horizon !!

Sweet progressive, not for the dancefloor but gives me an relaxing feeling and really enjoy listening to it!

Autodidact Feat. Laura - Last Chance (Nas Horizon Remix) / 320

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Ted Nilsson !!

Released a few days ago on Beatport, massive dancefloor tune from swedish coming man, Ted Nilsson !

Progressive house for sure!

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Ted Nilsson - Destination Cph (Original Mix) / 320


Monday, 24 August 2009

New banger from EDU!


Well the progressive masterpieces keeps being dropped @ Pure People!

New awesome stuff from Push, released today, remixed by the huge producer/remixer EDU!

Push - Free Time (EDU Remix) / 320

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Signum !!

New release out today @ Beatport from Signum, progressive trance at it's best!

Signum - Addicted (Original Mix) /320

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Hypnotic Hour !!

Great progressive house from Hypnotic Hour with a huge remix from Kay-D !!

Hypnotic Hour - Nuked (Kay-D Remix) / 320

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Interplay / Anjunadeep !!

New stompin' release from Interplay & Anjunadeep out today on Beatport!

Interplay - Room Service (Original Mix) / 320

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Kities / Ben Preston

Ben Preston !!! ;)

Ultraviolet - Kites (Ben Preston Remix)/320

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Roxy '84 / Michael Cassette

Dakota - Roxy '84 (Michael Cassette Remix)/320

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Enjoy !

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Can't Go On / Dean Newton

Massive track from Dean Newton

Alkatraz Feat Jennifer Hershman - Can't Go On (Dean Newton Remix)/320

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Tom Ryeland, Costelloe, and Kelly Jay

Tom Ryeland, Costelloe, and Kelly Jay - Believe In Me (Original Mix)/320 - $

New Moti Brothers !!

Time again for the well known Moti Brothers, awesome progressive!

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The release includes 7 different remixes, here is one!

Moti Brothers - Deep Dimension (Phunktastike's Club Vision Remix) / 320


Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud / Mat Zo !!

Huge producers included in this one, remixed by the great Mat Zo!

The result is banging!

Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud Feat. Esmaye - Fantasize (Mat Zo Remix) / 320

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Escape To Fiji !!

Great progressive house track from Timmy & Tommy!

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Timmy & Tommy - Escape To Fiji (Original Mix) / 320


Sour Grapes / Sandro Monte !!

Really great stuff from Sweden. Coming swedish producers Sour Grapes & Sandro Monte have put together this huge progressive production!

If you like it, like i do, then support them HERE !

Sour Grapes - Stay For Now (Sandro Monte Remix) / 320


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mesmerized !!

AWESOME progressive release by Mesmerized!!

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Mesmerized - Pearl Maker (Original Mix) / 320


Salto / Helvetic Nerds / Leventina

Again Masssssssive Track from Don Chris ;)

Helvetic Nerds - Salto (Leventina Remix)/320

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Singularity / Lost Paradise

New tune from Singularity, remixed by Daniel Loubscher, great work!!

Support @ Juno If you like it!

Singularity - Lost Paradise (Daniel Loubscher's Sunset Mix) / 320


Onanista / Inkfish

A big balearic piano driven tune for the late summery moments with support and kind words from Sharam, Nick Warren, Chus, Scumfrog, Armin, Jerome Isma-ae, Matthew Dekay, Fathers of Sound, Matt Darey, Tom Novy, Sin Plomo, DJ Remy & Miss Nine amongst others

Inkfish - Onanista (Original Mix)/320

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pure Progressive @ Pure People !!

Oki progressive brothers & sister out there around the globe, i hope you're in for another of my mixtapes because here's a little more than 1 hour of progressive the way i like it!

Been a while since my last but it's like you all know never to late for some progressive bombs. I hope there are a few that is new to you, some real crackers in it. Freddie's favourite in this mixtape is Phrakture - Reclamation (Jerome Robins August Rush Remix), what a tune!

Just go and get it!

I hope you will enjoy it, get in a great mood and give me some feedback, will be very much appriciated!

Have a great day wherever you are in the world!

Pure Progressive At Pure People! / 192 / 64.11

01. V I F – Dissolve In U (Original Mix)
02. Jonas Steur – Drifting Sand (Original Mix)
03. KhoMha – Plastik0 (Original Mix)
04. Wojtyrov – 1990 (D Seven Remix)
05. Dezza – The Road To Hana (Happy Paul Remix)
06. Phrakture - Reclamation (Jerome Robins August Rush Remix)
07. Arjona – Century (Original Mix)
08. Jonas Stenberg – Switch (Alaa Remix)
09. Pryda – Aflon (Original Mix)
10. Fenniger - Remote Device (Original Mix)


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Jonas Stenberg / Switch !!

Massive release from the talanted & rising swedish star, Jonas Stenberg!

The release containes 5 different mixes, including a few from swedish masters Alaa & Audible!

Jonas Stenberg - Switch (Original Mix) / 320

If you like it, want other mixes or want to make some support, follow links to Beatport or Juno!


See The Light !!

Sweet & smooth progressive!

The Machinist aka Rodrigo Flanker - See The Lights (Original Mix) / 320

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Brainwaves !!

Pretty chillin' track, nice style!

M.A.D. - Brainwaves (Stephen Lopkin Remix) / 320

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