Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pure Progressive @ Pure People !!

Oki progressive brothers & sister out there around the globe, i hope you're in for another of my mixtapes because here's a little more than 1 hour of progressive the way i like it!

Been a while since my last but it's like you all know never to late for some progressive bombs. I hope there are a few that is new to you, some real crackers in it. Freddie's favourite in this mixtape is Phrakture - Reclamation (Jerome Robins August Rush Remix), what a tune!

Just go and get it!

I hope you will enjoy it, get in a great mood and give me some feedback, will be very much appriciated!

Have a great day wherever you are in the world!

Pure Progressive At Pure People! / 192 / 64.11

01. V I F – Dissolve In U (Original Mix)
02. Jonas Steur – Drifting Sand (Original Mix)
03. KhoMha – Plastik0 (Original Mix)
04. Wojtyrov – 1990 (D Seven Remix)
05. Dezza – The Road To Hana (Happy Paul Remix)
06. Phrakture - Reclamation (Jerome Robins August Rush Remix)
07. Arjona – Century (Original Mix)
08. Jonas Stenberg – Switch (Alaa Remix)
09. Pryda – Aflon (Original Mix)
10. Fenniger - Remote Device (Original Mix)


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