Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - August 2009!

Well people, once again it is time for another exclusive mixtape here @ Pure People. Great progressive tunes that is unreleased but probably is coming out for release in the future. That’s what we all hope!

What can you expect then?

Well we got productions/remixes from a few of the big guns around. We open up our selection with a remix from Darone, great vocal progressive. We move on with more vocals from the fantastic Morgan Page, the remix is made by the massive Beltek. 3rd tune is a Swedish production from, if he keep doing like this, will be a massive star on the scene. His name is David Aussi, don’t forget it, HUGE TUNE!

We move on with another coming release from East Cafe, just what you can expect from them, great progressive once again. After that Wendel Kos shows up a coming track, vocal progressive as you also can expect. Next up is the pure progressive sound from our big friend, Incognet, great vocal tune once again from the man we almost think lives in his studio. Next up is 2 tracks from Poland, 3 ARTES is included in both, in the 2nd one he is a collab with Roberto Bedross. We’re about getting to the finish line. We stop by at the great Canadian producer named Dezza, great tune that I think you all will recognize the samples in. Last tune out is a great track from one of our friends, Lou Aiese. When you have come to the end we hope you all have enjoyed about one hour of some really great progressive music!

The crew of Pure People and the producers/remixers hopes you can take some time, dropping comments about you thoughts about the tunes in this mixtape!

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape – August 2009 / 192 / 59.37


01. Ela Rose - I Can Feel (Darone Remix)
02. Morgan Page - Fight For You (Beltek Remix)
03. David Aussi – Mannheim (Original Mix)
04. East Cafe – Summer Solstice (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
05. Wendel Kos Feat. Therese – Step Out (First Sunlight Mix)
06. Marty Fame – Who Will Save You (Incognet Remix)
07. 3 ARTES - No Place (Instrumental Edit)
08. Roberto Bedross Feat. Jacob A. - Summer 2009 (3ARTES Vocal Edit)
09. Dezza - When I Get That Feelin' (Original Mix)
10. Lou Aiese - Sugar Beach (Original Mix)



  1. =))))'s pretty progressive tracks...great sound...
    but how you can get all this exclusive tracks?

  2. bomb! The first to tracks are just INSANE! Love them

  3. Thank You guys ;)

    PP CREW ! ;)

  4. wooden helmet31/08/2009, 15:49

    love it

  5. I am proud of You my kids :)

  6. first track is an awesome remix.

  7. how tj get Wendel Kos feat. Therese - Step Out (First Sunlight Mix)??? amazing track let me know