Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Exclusive interview with Darin Epsilon !

Today we at Pure People are really happy to be able to show all our visitors an exclusive interview with one of the biggest stars around, Darin Epsilon!

Here are a few questions were Darin puts out his thoughts, only for you people, read and enjoy!

What is your inspiration when you produce? When you are creating music, is it that you hear a sound that someone already made and think, hmm this is something I could do in a different way, or is it just that you’re sitting in the car listening to the radio and getting a feeling for something? How does it work for you?

Inspiration can come from many places, it can also strike when you least suspect it. For me, some of my best song ideas have come from just doing normal everyday things. It can be as ordinary as taking a shower or walking to the post office.

Generally, I am most inspired when listening to other people's music. Whenever I hear something well-written, my mind begins to race and my imagination will just take over. Before long, I'll have some ideas written down that I can then use in my own productions. I have an extremely comical system for jotting down my song ideas, you'll have to see my scribbles sometime.

We know you DJ a lot. What part do you think is the best, the DJ part or the producing part?

Well, it's hard to compare the two, really. I find DJing very satisfying because you can see the crowd reaction and feed off their energy at the same moment. Generally, if they're happy, then I'm happy. It's a very different dynamic when compared to the studio, where you will often be working alone or with one other person. In this case, the only person to impress is yourself.

What I can say is that some of my favorite moments ever have been related to working in the studio. I get very excited when something really cool happens by accident. Sometimes it can take hours to come up with an idea that actually fits the track, but the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into each project is what makes producing so satisfying for me.

We also know you’re based in Los Angeles. What is the scene like over there? Is the progressive scene small? What can you tell us about it?

The dance music scene in Los Angeles is quite phenomenal! Top international DJs are playing every week, sometimes every other day. There's a lot of interest in the music from the younger generation here as well. That being said, progressive music in relation to the rest of the scene is quite small. Like most other big cities, there is a clear divide between Epic Trance and Minimal House/Techno. Representing a small scene motivates me to work even harder because I often feel that the people here don't realize what they're missing.

When you produce, what equipment (software/hardware) do you use?

I have some bits of hardware here and there but I'm primarily software. I've played around with almost all the DAWs and now I'm using a combination of Logic with Ableton Live and Reason rewired in. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. I haven't yet found a magic program that is great at everything.

Logic comes with its own unique set of killer sounds, but I also heavily rely on VSTs such as Rob Papen Predator, reFX Nexus, NI Massive, among many others. I'm also a big fan of Spectrasonics but I haven't yet bought a copy of Omnisphere. You could say that it's on my Christmas wish-list this season ;)

Many things have been said about the illegal spreading of music. What do you think about it? Do bloggers help the scene in a promotional way (newcomers getting seen) or is it killing the progressive scene (people can’t make a living of it)? What are your thoughts in this subject?

It's a double-edged sword. On one hand, labels and musicians are losing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in revenue from illegal file-sharing. On the other hand, it's getting their music out there to a wider range of people than ever before. A lot can be said about either side, but from a producer's standpoint, I would really prefer if people bought the artist's tracks if they appreciated his or her work. I notice a lot of quality producers picking up part-time jobs these days because they cannot fully support themselves doing music. This leads to less quality music coming out or some producers completely dropping out, which ultimately hurts the scene.

Darin, what can we expect from you in the coming months, a lot of new releases and a lot of gigs across the world?

I've got a handful of releases coming at the end of December which I'm excited about. I personally feel it's my best work to date. We're expecting a vinyl release for the remix I just completed for Baroque. I've also confirmed a remix of Dresden & Johnston (Dave Dresden of Gabriel & Dresden fame) for release in 2010. As for gigs, I'll be making my debut at LA's top club, Vanguard, and touring Mexico the week before Christmas. January and February are generally slow, so I'll probably be focusing on playing within the US. Then before you know it, I'll be in Miami for WMC.

I know you are going to Europe for gigs (in Bulgaria) in the nearest future. What’s the feeling about it? Excited? Is it your first time over there for gigs?

I'm extremely excited to be playing in Bulgaria for the first time. My radio show Perspectives gets a lot of airplay over there. We've actually been planning the tour for several months, so it's great to finally see everything coming together. I hope to play more in eastern Europe in the future. People say really great things about the parties here.

We @ Pure People thank you for taking your time to make this interview, it’s much appreciated. We from PP wish you all the best in the future!

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