Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Paul Keeley - Cloud 9 / Everytime We Do / Plastic Heroin [ANJDEE060D]

Paul Keeley has had a corking year with a creative hot streak that has seen him putting his name to some of Anjunadeep's most essential records. His latest three-track EP is the second of its kind to come off the Anjunadeep press and its eclectic mix of styles and influences ensure that it will go down as another hit.
With its long, flowing, sun touched melody, opener 'Cloud 9' is guaranteed to transport you to such a place and is the perfect soundtrack for reminiscing over the summer months gone by.

Following in its wake is 'Everytime We Do', a classy synth houser with a silky groove and full of luscious melodies that bubble gently to the surface, ideal for slipping into the more sophisticated set. 'Plastic Heroin' signs things off and gets all moody on us with its squelchy bass, spacey atmospheres and Goa and acid influences, proof if any was needed that the man from Montreal is set to go into 2010 on a high note!

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