Thursday, 10 December 2009

G-Tek - Majestic [SILK021]

Panamanian artist Orlando Garcia, a.k.a G-Tek, has stunned progressive fans this past year with his tremendous talent for multi-dimensional sound design and melodically intricate soundscapes. "New School FM" is G-Tek's take on the nu-80's phenomenon sweeping prog house at the moment. A vintage bass and retro rhythm propel the song forward in the first half. A new lead element later emerges, revealing itself in the break as an Andy Moor-esque stutter vox line. When all of these elements unite following the drop, the result is euphoric. "Fantastic" initially takes a deeper turn, with a more subdued rhythm and funky, side-chained bassline. Yet, slowly but surely, the tune develops into another progressive classic, complete with another breath-taking breakdown. Rounding out the package, the title cut, "Majestic," is an exhilarating ride; beginning with a simple chord progression, the lead melody is soon met by a series of sparkling synth "highlights" and, later on in the breakdown, a full-bodied trance bass. With the release of this brilliant 3-track EP, Silk is exceedlingly proud to welcome G-Tek to its roster.

DOWNLOAD G-Tek - Majestic [SILK021]

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