Friday, 4 December 2009

Dinka In The Mix - The Helvetic Nerds - Episode 15 !

Hey progressive nerds all around the globe!
Well what can we say about this friday except that this friday is one of the sickest in a while 4 sure! First two really huge EP's has been released this morning (and we have presented u those). Finally as a cherrie on the cake for tonight we got the latest episode from swiss finest - Dinka In The Mix - The Helvetic Nerds - Episode 15. This was just broadcasted on Pure.FM and of course we got it all for you straight away.
A bunch of sick tunes in it - some released, some of them are not.
But one thing is 4 sure: fasten your seatbelts coz this is one hell of a sick flight!
Of course we also have the tracklist from this massive show, buy what is out there or wait until it is out in the digital stores, it depends on what you are after!


Dinka In The Mix - The Helvetic Nerds - Episode 15 - DOWNLOAD !!


1. B.O.N.G - A Better Place (Passenger 10 Remix)
[Cool Vibes Records]
2. Schodt - Octagon (Max Demand Remix)
[Cool Vibes Records]
3. Dobenbeck ft. Joanna - Please Don’t Go (Chris Reece Remix)
[Armada Records B.V.]
4. Leventina - Sweet Southern Comfort (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
5. Dinka - Elements (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
6. Swanky Tunes - The Prophecy (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
7. Chris Reece & Leventina - Esperando(Original Mix)
8. Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik (Rino Cabrera Get Dirty Remix)
[Enormous Tunes]
9. Jerome Isma-Ae, Chris Reece & EDX - Ready To Go (Original Mix)
[PinkStar Records]
10. Dinka - Wildfire (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
11. Rino Cabrera - Best Of Me (Daniel Portman American Spirit Remix)
[Enormous Tunes]
12. Daniel Portman - Baaly (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]



  2. Excellent mix. Lots of new material, thanks :)

  3. Excellent mix n great selection.. Love it.. cant wait 4 the next episode.. :)