Monday, 21 December 2009

B.O.N.G. - Back To Floripa [SILK022]

Argentinian producer B.O.N.G. is having a phenomenal year, as he continues to receive support from the industry's leading names, including Hernan Cattaneo and James Grant. B.O.N.G's sophomore effort with Silk Digital is a three-track EP, featuring the uplifting vibes characteristic of his more recent work. The title cut, "Back to Floripa" (so-named for the well-known Brazilian resort city), is a much needed escape from the wintry conditions upon us; floaty arpeggios and a "breath" stab weave themselves through a festive rhythm. Holidays" is a more chilled composition, as the percussion has been stripped down and the overall texture imbued with a sunny, beachside energy, most evident in the beat-less, pad-euphoric breakdown. B.O.N.G. injects a shot of adrenaline in the closing track, "Walk and Talk," which is arguably the standout tune in the package. A furious, club-banging rhythm blends seamlessly with a radiant soundscape of lush pads. In thebreakdown, a resonant lead synth line cuts through the mix, adding additional energy and emotion to an already stunning composition.

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. - Back To Floripa [SILK022]

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