Friday, 4 December 2009

microCastle Music

Today is a really big day for PP community. Its one of those days when u are proud of yourself and your previous work. Today we have established really cool relations with one new but yet one of the best progressive labels at the moment - microCastle Music.

MicroCastle Music is a digital label established with the intention of showcasing the best in modern techno & progressive music. With a fresh and current music policy the labels releases are aimed at a cross-section of listeners, DJs and dancefloors worldwide. The prime focus of the labels output is quality, cutting edge progressive music while always staying true to the underground roots.

List of artists already signed for microCastle is really impressive: 16 Bit Lolitas, Ad Brown, Cid Inc., Derek Howell, Darin Epsilon, Komytea, Lank, Luke Porter, Makotrax, Maxi Valvona, Medway, Paul Keeley, Peter Martin, Satoshi Fumi, Soliquid and the list goes on.

The list already speaks for itself. And here is a release schedule with some of the upcoming releases on the label:

Dec 15th - microCastle Volume One - year end compilation
late Dec - Maxi Valvona - Revolve w/mixes from Komytea, Mojawi (this is Dousk, Kassey Voorn & Speerit together), Darin Epsilon
late January - 16 Bit Lolitas - Personal Space EP
Febuary - Paul Keeley - Kaleidoscope EP
Feb-March - Medway & Luke Porter - Clarity mixes TBC

Here are some useful links on microCastle so that u can all check what this is all about:

microCastle @ MySpace
microcastle @ Beatport
microCastle @ Twitter

At the end we want to say one huge thanks to microCastle managament.

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