Monday, 7 December 2009

Beltek - Running Backwards [AVA4330]

We still all remember the excellent "Kenta" and Beltek already brings a fantastic new track, entitled "Running Backwards". This is one of those incredibly sonic cuts with a melody that immediately grabs you by the throat. A definite clubby but at the same time minimal atmosphere completely lifts the theme of the song up to the extent where you simply have to continue listening while dancing. Focus on that deceivingly simple bassline, perfectly matching every note of the strings; it will keep you on the dancefloor.

The full and crisp sound of "Running Backwards" doesn't hammer on, but adds a fat and spellbinding drive to your live gig. Call it a track that perfectly matches the ISOS sound and you know what we mean. Expect this one in the live sets of the big names; "Running Backwards" is a sure shot ready to make it big!

DOWNLOAD Beltek - Running Backwards [AVA4330]

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