Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rick Snel - Remember (Gai Barone Remix)

Less pads and more drive for this bouncin remix , full of sidechainin and filthy fxs...

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Michel Cleis & Astrid Suryanto La Mezcla Bar (Pio Trecks Mash-up

We have for u one more Free Track nice mash up from polish guy Pio Treck !

DOWNLOAD Michel Cleis & Astrid Suryanto La Mezcla Bar (Pio Trecks Mash-up)

Instrumentalos - Why Don't You FREE PROMO

Here is the full Dj-edit of "Why don't you"(Original mix and Verdugo Brothers Remix). It's already gaining support from some of the big names in the industry: Miss Nine, Jelo, Verdugo Brothers, Dj Feel to name a few!

Massive synths caught in a pumpin house beat with vocals from a very talanted singer, was probably why the web magazine "Porcys" rated the song so high! The release date was 29'th of march!

These guys love to share their tracks so they give away this release for free! Our big recomendation is Verdugo Brothers Remix - really great progressive house ! Check it by yourself!

Or if u would like to support it


Alex & Filip - Twilight (Original, Inkfish & Steve Haines Mixes) [INK055]

Duo Alex & Filip have merits from Big Love and Suesse, as well as running their own Mirabilis label. Twilight have nice riffs and bouncy bass, a very cool track.

Steve Haines opted for the melodic elements of the track and have created an absolute monster of a progressive-remix, Total bomb!

Inkfish mix is almost deep house.

Monakhov & Que - Hola [ANJDEE072D]

Russian duo Alex Monakhov and Sergey Lyubarsky make their Anjunadeep debut with the stunning ‘Hola’. First showcased on the Anjunadeep:02 compilation its undulating, perpetual motion melody marks this out as an intensely groovy and hypnotic track with a dancefloor edge.

Another member of Anjuna’s Russian contingent, PROFF, takes control for the remix with his first appearance on the label in 2010. A positively glowing rework full of serenely atmospheric breaks and deep fathom housey grooves, it’s a sun-kissed variation of the original and shows that he’s clearly very much still on top form. All in all, two great mixes for you to enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Monakhov & Que - Hola [ANJDEE072D] BEATPORT

Rick Snel feat. Judith Jobse - Remember (AGR045)

Who doesn’t remember with joy the fantastic anthem Travel released on Captivate/Fektive? You may be recall that behind this very original trance production was a name that whenever he appears his name is a seal of approval. The Dutch trance producer Rick Snel comes back this time on Plastic Angel’s main label Afterglow records in Berlin with the Dutch singer Judith Jobse on the mysterious entitled track Remember. Together they have released back in 2008 the superb Do you Need Me on Deep End/Fektive that was a big success that seems that will continue in 2010 with “Remember” coming out very soon on Afterglow in a package that shines with quality including 3 very original and unique remixes from Wellenrausch, Gai Barone and Museartic. The original is a driving moody dark prog trancer that has the word anthem written all over it. The fantastic bubbling beats are melted into one with dark melodies and the distorted with effects voice of Judith that will be impossible not to imagine her in the stage singing this track live. This is what I find so special with those tracks that resemble the warmth of a live performance. Perfect for the big sound systems this production will leave you speechless for hours after listening to it from your favorite dj. Of course, if you feel that you need for your performance an instrumental like tornado track, the package includes a luscious dub mix too. On the remix front the German Wellenrausch who lately does a noticeable comeback in a couple of well-known labels take the track in his own melodic prog trance territory. He respects the moodiness of the original so he adds melancholic and sweet melodies that support the deepness of the vocals in the break. It’s very traveling and driving remix and you cannot stop thinking that will sound so special listening to it while you drive your car. The Italian wonderboy and Afteglow discovery Gai Barone goes for an even darker more minimal version that flows really nicely by initializing industrial and psy-trance influences in an explosive combination. The break will unleash a big dramatic moment with symphonic strings and a terrifying like siren sound that will lead the track in a superb direction. The versatility of this remix is simply unbelievable as prog trancers but also prog housers will absolutely love it. The way he uses the vocal hook is also one to be highlighted. Last but least, my favorite project from their top Intuition deep release Museartic does wonders in their own version. The beats now are tribal and much more hopeful and upbeat; the vocal comes without any distortion and really you feel that this version can be easily used as a bridge from darker tracks to the more uplifting ones. Musertic keeps things easy and uncomplicated with a version that wins your attention from the very first listening. Be first to go behind “Remember” that will explode within the next months as every version is absolutely essential purchase.

Monday, 29 March 2010

George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart [SB2410]

Anoher one track in Jasik's Style ! Amazing Vocal + Great Progressive Vibe = Dancefloor Killer ! by George Acosta & Antonia Lucas ! if it is not enough for you u can select remixes from Jessus , Gerry Cueto & DNS ! ;)

Tearing Me Apart (Original mix)
Tearing Me Apart (club remix)
Tearing Me Apart (Jessus remix)
Tearing Me Apart (Gerry Cueto vocal mix)
Tearing Me Apart (DNS Project remix)
Tearing Me Apart (Gerry Cueto dub)
Tearing Me Apart (DNS Project Whiteglow dub mix)
Tearing Me Apart (Gerry Cueto radio mix)

DOWNLOAD George Acosta feat Fisher - Tearing Me Apart [SB2410]

Tom Lue - The Wedding EP [MORPH047]

A really great progressive EP (Morphosis Records) is out today in the digital stores by Tom Lue. We at Pure People have already played one track (the one we like the most) in our promo mix Golden Progressive Vol. 5 were we hope you had a listen. If not, be sure to check out our mixes because there is a lot of the hottest and freshest tunes coming on the market shown there week in and week out.

Be sure to grab your copy!

DOWNLOAD Tom Lue - The Wedding [MORPH047]

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher [JED107]

Jetlag Digital puts this stunning piece of progressive work out in the digital stores. You have already been able to listen to it in one of PP's many promo sets.

Lifted Higher is a coop between Ukraine born, but Israel based Andy Jakovlev (Sonifunk) & Danish Lars Knudsen (No Sonic Limits). The result is amazing and be sure to grab your copy at the digital store of Beatport. What you have to choose from (if you can't afford both) is the original mix or a really great one from well-established Jerome Robins!

DOWNLOAD Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher [JED107]

Friday, 26 March 2010

Something Good - La Biankini [NELLIE045]

Otto Yliperttula and Karolus Viitala are two DJ's from Finland with one common interest - house music. Together they are called Something Good and they brought us summer!

'La Biankini' is just a melodic and joyful tune with a crazy summer vibe. A perfect track to whip out on the beach party. It's without a doubt a feel-good track that will put a smile on your face! If you want to spice things up a little bit you can always play the Club Mix instead!

The other mixes won't disappoint you either. If you want a slower, more low key vibe, then the Dave Cortex Remix is for you. If want a smoother yet refershing vibe you will enjoy TARMO's take on the original mix with its cool bass work. Last but not least we have the even more melodic remix done by newcomer Terry Da Libra.

All in all this is the perfect feel-good package. Celebrate spring with 'La Biankini'!

Support by Marcus Schossow and positive response from artists like Beltek, Tomy Novy, Mark Pledger, Matt Lange, Ashley Wallbridge, Markus Schultz, Mike Saint-Jules, Dash Berlin, M6, Manuel Le Saux, Juha Nikumaa, Cor Fijneman, David Amo & Julio Navas, Johan Nilsson, Invisible Sounds, Dave Horne, Juska Wendland, Flash Brothers, Suzy Solar and Airillusions to name a few.

Mario Held - Only You (Leventina Remix) [2DR049]

Leventina is back ! They deliver a really massive after party anthem; some nice piano rolls, amazing female vocals and chunky summer guitar parts make this one real after party rocker ! Miami - take care ! ;)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Golden Progressive Vol. 5 !

Hi guys!

A week goes fast and soon the weekend is here yet again. What is better than a bunch of promo tracks for your ears? Nothing we think so today we have a big post for you with promos again, especially to you from us. Usually we put together our promo mixes with about 10 tracks in them but today we can’t do that because we have so much that we want to show you here on PP. Today’s promo mix includes the double amount of tracks. That will say we got 20 smokin’ hot tunes for you right here, right now! More than 2 hours of the best coming progressive music that will be out soon!

What’s in it then today?

Well we got massive stuff coming up here. If you gave our latest Pure Sessions a listen you will recognize the coming remix from superstars Michael Cassette on Luke Porter & Medway’s coming monster tune Clarity, total banger! Always remember to tune in on Pure FM to give our mixes a listen there!

We will also today show you coming stuff with productions or remixes from Atrium Sun, Soarsweep, Domased Electronica, Sezer Uysal, and M.A.Z.7 to mention some of the great things that is included today. Just check the tracklist below and see for yourself if you find something interesting, we think there will be stuff for you to check out. Remember, we on PP always try to give you the best information about what is happening on the progressive scene and we hope you all will enjoy what we do. Drop some comments for us, artists, labels etc. to give your opinion about what they will release for you all in the future.

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 5

Tracklist / 192 / Kbps / 122.22

01. Tom Lue – Peak Of Dawn (Original Mix)
[Morphosis Records]
02. M.A.Z.7 – Late Summer Fields (Original Mix)
[Green Snake Records]
03. Kahraman – Peep (Eyecorp Remix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
04. Michael Witness Feat. Stine Grove – Tranquility (Soarsweep Remix)
[Spring Tube]
05. Agustin Aguirre – Drekkar (Original Mix)
[Spherax Records]
06. Luke Porter & Medway – Clarity (Michael Cassette Remix)
07. Domased Electronica - Ganga (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
08. Gleb DV – Questions (Original Mix)
[Magnetic United]
09. Max Fusion – Impulse (Sezer Uysal Remix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
10. Zack Roth – Peahi (Paul Kieran Remix)
[Bellarine Recordings]
11. Arctic Night – Ancien City (Original Mix)
12. Mars Needs Lovers – Before The Storm (Atrium Sun Remix)
13. Loco-Volver – Monkey Invaders (Original Mix)
14. Sasha Le Monnier - Inspired By Those (Mario & Eric J Remix)
[Source Of Gravity Digital]
15. Teana & Tiida - Good Afternoon (Original Mix)
[Magnetic United]
16. Pete Frost – Long Way Down (Original Mix)
[Facetious Records]
17. M.A.Z.7 – Summer CafĂ© (Original Mix)
[Green Snake Records]
18. Mosahar - Spiritual Dancing (Original Mix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
19. Steve Mill - Vive La Resistance (In Plain Sight Remix)
[Mistique Digital]
20. Styller - What Happened Once (Original Mix)
[Mistique Digital]

B.O.N.G Musik: 012

Latest progressive session with B.O.N.G, exclusively at PP.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Alaa - Mayon (PR Records) [Preview]

Alaa will soon be out with another masterpiece on PR Records, it's called Mayon and its just one of those pumping progressive tracks you're looking for. The summer drive is coming!!

Be sure to check it out here on PP, save some coins for it and be prepared when it arrives in the digital stores. Don't forget the other release from him on PR Records, called American Dream.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

PureJasik - Pure People Sessions 004 with Risk Of Pain Guest Mix on Pure.FM

First Hour - PureJasik - DOWNLOAD

01. Claes Rosen – Sparkles (Original Mix)[Space Walker]
02. Sidesmokers – No More (Mango & Shoreliners Remix)[Cool Vibes]
03. B.O.N.G. – Indeed (Original Mix)[CD-R]
04. Something Good – La Biankini (Original Mix)[Nellie]
05. KhoMha – Oceanik (Sunrise Mix)[Digital Motion]
06. Luke Porter & Medway – Clarity (Michael Cassette Remix)[microCastle]
07. Kaspar Kochker – Weekend At Moonlight (Original Mix)[Key]
08. Dezza – Good (Sami Saari Remix)[Nellie]
09. Cloudivers Feat. Chris Cryss - Sea Rat (Original Mix)[City Zen]
10. Matt Lange - East Coast (Ad Brown Remix)[Silk Royal]

Second Hour - Risk Of Pain - DOWNLOAD

1. Luigi Lusini - Set You Free (Bahamut) (LL Remix) [Clubbers]
2. Risk Of Pain - You Can See It In Those Eyes (Original Mix) [CD-R]
3. Beltek - Running Backwards (Original Mix) [Avanti]
4. Moonbeam & Tyler Michaud feat. Tiff Lacey - Openhearted (Original Mix) [Blackhole]
5. Zoo Brazil - You Can Have It All (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik]
6. Chris Reece & Luciana Di Nardo - Still Breathin' (Original Mix) [Pilot 6]
7. Shiny Toy - Major Tom (Coming Home) (Adam K & Soha Remix) [Ultra]
8. Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade feat. Emma Hewitt - Lasting Light (Duderstadt Progressive Mix) [Euphonic]
9. Sidesmokers - No More (Mango & Shoreliners Remix) [Cool Vibes]
10. Deadmau5 - Strobe (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]


What a fantastic , incredible , insane , huge , massive track from Pink Star !!
Just check this vocal from Gia Mellish ! + great progressive vibes from Shik Stylko & Remixers Sebastian Krieg & Roman F and Albin Myers !
You Are (Sebastian Krieg & Roman F remix) its definietly the best version for me!

You Are (radio edit) - (04:07)
You Are (Albin Myers remix) - (06:51)
You Are (original mix) - (07:30)
You Are (Sebastian Krieg & Roman F remix) - (08:19)
You Are (club mix) - (07:42)


Filoo - Progressive Passion 001 on Pure.FM

1. Sean Marx - One Way Up (Original Mix)
2. Dj Mog feat. Sarah Lynn - Somewhere (Extended Mix)
3. Moonbeam feat. Daniel Mimra - Look Around (Original Mix)
4. Michael Cassette - Kilimanjaro (Original Mix)
5. Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now
6. Kassey Voorn - Groovelock
7. Boom Jinx & Jaytech vs. Soulsearcher - Milano Can't Get Enough (DJ Tila Mashup)
8. Joe K - Free The Night (Yvan & Dan Daniel Remix)
9. Beat Service feat. Emma Lock - Hiding To Nothing
10. Jean Elan - Innuendo (Original Mix)
11. George Acosta feat. Tiff Lacey - I Know (Beat Service Proglifting Remix)
12. Marcus Schossow pres 1985 - London


Matt Lange - East Coast / Resonate [SILKRL010]

Drawing upon influences as wide-ranging as minimal, tech, progressive, and trance, American artist Matt Lange (Armada, Anjunadeeep, Toolroom) has been hailed as one of the great new visionaries in electronic music. "East Coast" (Original Mix) begins with his signature assortment of dynamic, wide-stereo minimal percussion, punctuated by NYC-sewer-dirty tech effects. Yet, just as the track seems to be drifting into even darker territory, a classic progressive breakdown ensues, highlighted by an anthemic new lead and an evocative vocal sample. In his remix, veteran British producer Ad Brown (Anjunadeep, Black Hole) draws inspiration from this vocal sample, as well as other, more melodic elements from the original. The result is another characteristically textured and emotionally rich progressive landscape. Matt's second original, "Resonate," is also not to be overlooked: a more aggressive rhythm and bassline slowly crescendo in the first half of the tune and eventually peak in the main break, while lush arpeggios hypnotically swirl above.

Rocking J - Sonique [GBR029]

Great piece of drivin house music from Rocking J with solid synths and pumped with some happy-feelings touch! Just love it; coming through Groovebox Recordings!

Simon Shepard - Arcane [DBR016]

Simon Sheppard really lets go with this original tune, Arcane. As appealing to the ear it is, the structure of this track really progresses for some perfect breath taking dance floor digestion. Arcane is solid warm up tune for those massive progressive house nights.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mossy - Still Here [PACEMAKER DIGITAL]

Melodic & atmospheric progressive mastermind Mossy from Portugal announces the he is STILL HERE ! His latest offer coming as usual through Pacemaker Digital. Still Here is the name of the EP and it contains two really big tracks with recognizible uplifting & catchy Mossy melodies! Be sure to check out this one! Summer is here !

1. Mossy - Still Here (Original Mix)
2. Mossy - Growing Flower (Original Mix)

Andy McAndersen - Shine [OORD018]

Yet another fresh release from today, smooth elements, nice vibe, just the way we like it. Andy McAndersen is out with a release on the Spanish label of Only One Records with the magic track called Shine. To me, Dmitry Bessonov Remix is the one to get if you have to choose. Awesome progressive stuff!

DOWNLOAD Andy McAndersen - Shine [OORD018]

Pre-listen down here.

Andy McAndersen - Shine (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)

Klems & Vorne - Usual Bordel [THREC 002]

Here is a really great track that got released today, from France we have Klems together with Italian Vorne. Great progressive stuff that is out on 5th Recordings. Pre-listen here and if you like it, of course support it. Our choice is easily Klems Remix!

DOWNLOAD Klems & Vorne - Usual Border [THREC 002]

Klems & Vorne - Usual Bordel (Klems Remix)

Shipstad & Warren on Nellie Recordings!

Today we want to show you some coming stuff from the very talented duo called Shipstad & Warren. Their coming track goes under the name "Near Perfect". To be honest, this is really not near perfect, this is perfect, quality progressive!

It will soon be out on the almost legendary label of Nellie Recordings, a label that we all know only releases pure quality progressive. Included is 3 different mixes, of course the original mix but also 2 complete knockout mixes, from the very well known Schodt and also Argentinian ace B.O.N.G.

Feel free to check out the previews of this coming release, release date is set to April 9th.

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Original Mix)

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (B.O.N.G. Remix)

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Schodt Remix)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Golden Progressive Vol. 4 !

Yo folks!

How are you doing out there?

Ready for some quality progressive?

Today we at PP will give you some of the freshest promos around. It’s once again time for one of our progressive promo mixes with the HOT coming stuff that you probably haven’t heard about before. Included today is some brilliant stuff from Eitan Carmi (2 from him), Luiz B, Alex & Philip & Latvian superstar Kaspar Kochker. Marcus Bits is also getting played with a stunning track called Solace, killer progressive. There will also be stuff from Nemanja Kostic with a Muttonheads remix, cool stuff with loads of elements. Trim The Fat gave us the opportunity to show you one of their tracks for the WMC called Zoom Zoom and of course we want to do that to you! Also some other stuff are included, just check the tracklist below.

Loads of chunky riffs, beats and synths are packed for you to be discovered. Grab your copy and let the producers, labels and artists know what you think of the tracks included, it’s them that let you see what will be out there in the coming days/weeks/months.

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 4 !

Tracklist/ 192 Kbps / 64.47

01. Luiz B. – Get Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)
[Standby Records]
02. Alex & Philip – Twilight (Steve Haines Remix)
[Inkfish Recordings]
03. Marcus Bits – Solace (Original Mix)
[Auryn Music]
04. Eitan Carmi & Schnyder – The 9th Station (Original Mix)
[Fatali Music]
05. Kaspar Kochker – Streets Of Riga (Original Mix)
[L8-Night Records]
06. Beat Factory – Roswell (Fine Taste Remix)
[AlterImage Recordings]
07. Trim The Fat – Zoom Zoom (Original Mix)
[Type Six Recordings]
08. Eitan Carmi – New West (Original Mix)
[Fatali Music]
09. David West – Gura (Inkfish Remix)
[Inkfish Recordings]
10. Nemanja Kostic - Cataclysm (Muttonheads Remix)
[Frisky Records]

Coming stuff from Alaa on PR Records!

The very talanted producer from Sweden Alaa is soon out with another track, this time on PR Records. He has been working really hard to get this one out on the market. We understand why, AWESOME stuff to look out for in the future!

For more about Alaa, click HERE!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Rare Cuts Vol. 5 - Unreleased Digital [UDR1025]

Yet again the magicans behind Unreleased Digital hits the digital store of Beatport with some amazing progressive music that we all love. This time it's Rare Cuts Vol. 5 that is out for everyone. Listen to this: Chris Reece, Helvetic Nerds, B.O.N.G., Stanley Ross, George F. Zimmer, Leventina and so much more is included. Truly a fantastic release with in total 10 tunes just waiting for you to be bought and supported. Folow the link below, there you can pre-listen and also give your support if you like it!

DOWNLOAD Rare Cuts Vol. 5 - Unreleased Digital [UDR1025]

Dezza - Good / Apt. 201 [NELLIE044]

Derek Silvester's return to Nellie Recordings took eight months, but it was worth the wait! 'Good' & 'Apt201' are two mellow prog housers in true Dezza spirit. You won't be disappointed.

On the remixes we're very pleased to introduce two new names to the label. House guru Ricky Inch contributes in the best possible way with an outstanding housey variation of 'Good', while Sami Saari took a clubbier approach with great chords and a tight and dancefloor-friendly rhythm. The break in Sami's remix is also very inspiring. Last but not least, homeboy Kaspar brings his newfound house passion into the project and gives us a really chill tune.

Played by Bobina, TyDi, Ashley Wallbridge and Neil Moore to name a few.

Also received positive response from producers like Beltek, Airwave, Niklas Gustavsson, Mike Saint-Jules, Darin Epsilon, Dash Berlin, Manuel Le Saux, Kenneth Thomas, Shawn Mitiska, W&W, Add2Basket, Mitch Alexander, Andy Moor, Mark Bale, Flash Brothers, Liluca, Dave Horne, Embliss, Juska Wendland, Mike Haddad, Airillusions, Juha Nikumaa, Nick Stoynoff, Ad Brown and Derek Howell to name some.

Nadia Ali in studio with EDX & Chris Reece

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dezza, Mango - Apartment In Agia Napa [ALLEY013]

Thirteen proves to be a lucky number for the latest release on Mango Alley -- a collaboration between acclaimed Canadian producer Dezza and label namesake, Mango. The Original begins with a deep kick, as a filtered and panned melody slowly drifts into center focus. Like Agia Napa, the stunning resort town in Cyprus overlooking the Mediterranean, the lead hook and seaside samples surrounding it further evoke a middle-of-summer, beachside sensation. In the climax of the tune, a gorgeous new arpeggio and gated pad have been added, reinforcing the blissfulness of this famed locale. In the first of two remixes, Mango Alley veteran Rodskeez maintains the pleasant, offshore spirit of the original, while still giving it a (signature) rhythmic head-to-toe makeover. Melodically, he has chosen to build off of the euphoric arp from the original, including clever new vox stabs. Virtuoso Hungarian musician Aeron Aether has provided the second remix, a down-tempo interpretation, in which the melodies really take center stage. In the background, heavily processed beats have been masterfully reduced to a series of hyper-processed, yet "orderly" glitches.

• supported by: Marcus Schossow, Andy Moor, Solarity, Shawn Mitiska, Airwave, Cid Inc, Matt Lange, Flash Brothers, Luke Porter, Jay Epoch, Kenji Sekiguchi, Joel Armstrong, Embliss, and more!

Tim Berg - Bromance (Avicii Arena Mix) [Official Preview]


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sezer Uysal / Baroque [BARQLTD051]

Baroque Limited Records has put out another great release in the digital stores. This time they give us Sezer Uysal - Wierd Walking In Bursa. This release contains 5 different remixes with PP strongly recommending the huge remix from the very creative Los Angeles based Darin Epsilon. If you wanna give his great remix a listen, just follow the link HERE! If you also wanna support this release, follow the link below to get your copy.

Dezza - Evol [PD5080]

With support of his original productions coming from the likes of Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk & Pete Tong, Dezza is a name to watch. After winning a producer competition organized by Pete Tong, the Halifax, Canada native already has close to 30 releases on various labels internationally.

With his debut EP release 'Evol' on Play Digital, Dezza continues on his journey to world domination.

The package is filled with awesome tracks - all are MUST HAVE !!!

Dashka - Cantabile [INK052]

Dashka debuts on Inkfish Recordings with a heavy string laden prog track that already have been played twiced by Judge Jules on his BBC Radio Show.

If you only are going to buy one Inkfish Recordings release today, make it this one.

Inkfish keeps the remix deeper and takes the track into 90's classic progressive territory.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Interview with Alaa of Nellie Recordings !

Today we at PP exclusivly give you an interview with Swedish progressive giant Alaa. We know he is a busy man, always with new stuff on the way. Either his own productions or for Nellie Recordings. Take the opportunity to read about his thoughts or learn to know thing about him that you didn't know before.

Hi there Alaa!
We are truly happy that you wanted to do this interview with PP, we know you are really busy so we are really glad you could take some time making this.

First of all we all want to know how your music career started? Have you always been in too it or is there any main influences that “made it” for you?

I started as a DJ in my brothers nightclub. At that time I was very much into trance, and Hard Trance. DJ's like Armin van Buuren and Tiesto were my gods, and Armin was the DJ and producer that gave me the inspiration to start DJ and to produce my own music.

What about making a track, how do you start when making it? Is there any typical “Alaa way” for making a track?

Well, I used to start with the beat. The kick and the bass are very important in house music. In 2009 and 2010 I've been working more and more with vocal tracks, so when there are vocals I usually load up the vocals and work around them. Trying sounds/melodies etc. In 2010 I think the my tracks/remixes will have very much focus on vocals and pianos.

What equipment do you use when working in the studio?

I just switched to Mac. So today I work with Ableton Live and Logic. In Ableton I make beats and create some ideas very quickly, but then I make the final tweaks, mixing and mastering in Logic... now on my new setup I also stripped down my plug-ins. Sylenth, Predator, Nexus and Minimoog are the main plug-ins.

Your last 2 releases have been in collaboration with Kristoffer Ljungberg, is that something that we will see more of from you or it’s just something that happened?

Soleil and Lune just got released, we also did a remix for Dezza. The thing about my collaborations with Kristoffer is that they just happen. It's almost always the same pattern, he does something in his studio, then he sends it to me and if I like it we start sending stuff, building the tracks and switch ideas. So we'll see, I got loads of productions going on at the moment so I don't think we'll have time for a new collaboration before this summer.

As we all know, you and Kristoffer are the guys running Nellie Recordings, to us a favourite label for sure. It’s always quality stuff from Nellie. How did it all start? Were comes the name Nellie from?

It started in 2007. i was trying to get signed but only got in touch with small labels. So I thought that I'd try it myself. I started the label and got a contract with a distributor for all the mp3 stores, Beatport etc. In 2008 I was about to shut down Nellie and got my first release on Armada (Summer Days with Santiago Nino). Then I got to know Kristoffer and he helped me out with promos and after we signed Audible, things got much better, and here we are today :)

Nellie is the name of my doughter!

In recent times Nellie have released tunes from Audible, EDU, Kaspar Kochker, Claes Rosen and many more of the big guns on the progressive scene. What can we expect in the nearest future from your great label?

We will try to keep it in the same way. We do have great support from leading artists/DJ's and we are very happy with that. I think we will be more focused on our own artists in the future and not signing so much new names, but that always depends on the music, there are very much quality stuff out there ready to get signed! Both EDU and Kaspar are doing great at the moment and I think we can expect much more from these two guys in the future.

Next month we will also launch our own podcast, watch out for that one!

What artists would be a dream come true to make a release from?

We have to think of what fits the label. I can say Swedish House Mafia members but the isn't really the sound of Nellie. i don't know what Kristoffer would say, but if I could pick one artist for remix or original release it would easily be EDX.

U also work a lot as a DJ, what do you prefer, to be in the studio or running the floors?

Easy one, the floors!

List the 3 – 5 tunes that you think always works when you are out playing, what makes the crowd go nuts?

Just posted a top 5 on my blog, so here they are:

01 John de Sohn & Nick Wall ft. Christina Skaar – Unleash My Love
(Alaa Remix)
02 Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed
(AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)
03 Bob Sinclar – New New New
(Avicii Remix)
04 Nanchang Nancy, Pork & Fitch – Walk With Me
(Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix)
05 Junior Caldera ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Can’t Fight This Feeling
(Avicii Universe Mix)

As a manager for a label, what are your thoughts about the illegal spreading of music that is well-known. There are loads of blogs, forums etc. doing it, is it killing the music industry or can it in some way help? Give us your thoughts.

My first reaction is that most of these people are kids. The bad this is that they are growing up with this, so they will never learn to buy music until we force then to. And what I mean by forcing them is making a really good protection so mp3:a can't be shared, I don't know if that will ever be possible, but some kind of protection is the only way I think.
Also we need to know that today, people downloading our music will never have bought our tunes anyway. That's what I think. I might be wrong but this is a big issue and we can talk about it for hours and hours.

But, on the otherside, blogs like Pure People might never ever heard of me if it wasn't thanks to all the blogs talking about and spreading our music.

Today if you wanna make money working with music, you need to promote yourself as a DJ also. So for me, I don't really care anymore, get my music, for free or buy it, as long as my name grows then I'm ok with it.

If you only are aloud to name one producer that is your favourite at the moment, who would that be and what is it that makes this producer so special from your point of view?

I'd say Axwell first, but that might not come as a surprise but then I also want to mention Avicii. I have very much respect for Acivii and I love his sound!

We from PP wants to thank you for taking your time, it’s an honour for us! We wish you all the best in the future with many more releases to come.

Thank you guys and good luck!

If you wanna read more or follow Alaa and what is happening about him, the link to it is HERE!

Sean Bay - Esperanza [GM2010102]

Today French (based in Paris) DJ, producer & remixer Sean Bay hits out on the digital stores with another great anthem called Esperanza. Included in the release is 6 different remixes of this great progressive trance tune. Just give it a listen and if you like it, you know what to do, of course support it!

DOWNLOAD Sean Bay - Esperanza [GM2010102]

Aeonism - Aeonism EP [MYTH002]

MYTH. is back with their second release.

This EP comes from the ever elusive Aeonism act. Little is known about their identity but they come out swinging with their debut. Both tracks expertly crafted. Track 1, Rule The World follows influences from Deadmau5 & Adam K with its chunky beats and emotional chords. Track 2, The Phoenix aims more for the big room with a near trance vibe yet keeping the bpms back and beats techy. The distorted leads and massive builds really take this track to another world.

We are absolutely in love with this EP and can see it working for so many djs across the board. So without further delay, we introduce Aeonism!

Tim Grube - Amador [ORAR078]

US based producer Tim Grube makes his debut on Ora Recordings with his latest release called 'Amador'.
Better known for his duo work with partner Mike Hovsepian, Tim is slowly carving a name for himself on his own as a solo artist. With 'Amador', he shows us a different side to his talents.
The Original Mix of 'Amador' is lush progressive with a funky twist. Solid rhythms and melodic landscapes compliment the deep and driving bassline that carries the song. Great for opening sets and warming up any room.
On the remix is newcomer Isaac Fisherman. Issac delivers a deep and driving melodic progressive tool. His version takes 'Amador' into a more atmospheric vein. A definite favorite for opening or closing sets.
Complementing the release is Skytech. Full on energy from start to finish, his versions is a straight up progressive stomper. Catchy melodic riffs tickle your brain as the rhythm and bass ware your entire body out. Great for any kind of set or to simply rock out any room.\

Confirmed Dj Support:
Armin Van Buuren, Gabriel Batz, Alex Morph, Dubfire, Flash Brothers, Johan Nilsson, M.I.K.E., Beltek, Daniel Kandi, Mike Saint-Jules, Talla 2xcl, Thomas Penton

Jerome Isma-Ae, Sebastian Krieg - Miura [JEE021]

After 308 track, another smashin colaboration between Jerome Isma-Ae and well know progressive guru Sebastian Krieg (aka Shik Stylko) called Miura is out today at Beatport! Smashin house vibes! Must check it out NOW !

Jerome Isma-Ae, Sebastian Krieg - Miura (Original Mix)

Gareth Emery s The Sound Of Garuda Album Sampler

Today is out new Album on Garuda Label ! with six smashers ! just check out the tracklist !

01. Beltek - Niagara Falls(Original Mix)
02. Tritonal - Suede (Tritonal's Big Room Edit)
03. Ben Preston - Repeat After Me (Shawn Mitiska & Ad Brown Remix)
03. Ali Wilson - Boombox(Original Mix)
05. Ben Preston - Repeat After Me (Original Mix)
06. Ben Preston - One Week Only (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Gareth Emery s The Sound Of Garuda Album Sampler [GARUDA005D]

Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (2010 Remixes)[FRA034]

With the original release of 'With Me' becoming one of Fraction's biggest hits over the last few years, we decided it was about time to put together an updated ultra fresh remix package for 2010!

Featuring reworks from Alex Lamb, Lexwood (Alex Morph & Woody Van Eyden) and Passive Progressive - this package brings the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Jaren bang up to date with each mix featuring a super cool updated twist of styles on the original smash!

From the big room, bass driven re-rub from Alex Lamb, to the energetic pace of the Lexwood Remix and Dub Mix, to the infectious beat of the Passive Progressive Remix - we have it covered

01.Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (Alex Lamb Remix)
02.Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (Lexwood Remix)
03.Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (Lexwood Dub Mix)
04.Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (Passive Progressive Remix)

DOWNLOAD Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza Feat. Jaren - With Me (2010 Remixes)[FRA034]

Roddy Reynaert - Fellowcraft EP [ANJDEE069D]

One of a number of new artists showcased on the shiny new Anjunadeep: 02 compilation, this EP sees French producer Roddy Reynaert making a full introduction with three great tracks. Opener ‘Fellowcraft’ is of course the track that saw Roddy make his introduction to Anjuna followers on the aforementioned CD. Grooving, bleepy and robotic, this intergalactic-themed track is filled to the brim with melody.

Spacey, echoey and packed with an abundance of playful melodies, ‘Warp’ has a joyful demeanour that should soon mark it out as a favourite.

And finally, we have ‘Amaranth’, a buzzy, groovy and infectious houser with retro influences running through the heart of it. Perfect for heating things up as winter finally clears!

1. Fellowcraft
2. Warp
3. Amaranth

DOWNLOAD Roddy Reynaert - Fellowcraft EP [ANJDEE069D]

Monday, 15 March 2010

Michael Angelo & Solo - Alone [SB2420]

Here we have an absolute banger out, huge progressive from Michael Angelo & Solo with some great vocals from Denise Rivera. Remixes from Arty, D-Mad & no one else than Stoke-On-Trent magican Ashley Wallbridge. I wont say anything more, just login on Beatport or Juno and grab your copy, they deserve it! HUGE!!

DOWNLOAD Michael Angelo & Solo Feat. Denise Rivera - Alone [SB2420]

My Digital Enemy - Tijuana E.P [MDE09]

Today it's time for another bangin' release from UK/Brighton based My Digital Enemy, released on MDE Records. Here we have some heavy and darker stuff that will make you wanna move your feet. This one we also played in our promo mixes a couple of days ago, Golden Progressive Vol. 3. Always check them out because thats the place were you will hear the tunes first! If you enjoy this then follow the link below to support this release.

Claes Rosen - Sparkles [SWR002]

Today Swedish producer Claes Rosen is hammering out another awesome release called Sparkles. Those of you that downloaded the Golden Progressive Vol. 2 knows what i am talking about. We all understand why he is called the man of melodies. Sweet progressive music that probably will fit all of us very well. Grab your copy @ Beatport & support this massive release that is out on Spacewalker Recordings.

DOWNLOAD Claes Rosen - Sparkles [SWR002]

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Jerry Chiu - Feelin Frisky Exclusive Mix [March 04 2010] on Frisky Radio

Hey everyone! I did a Feelin Frisky exclusive set on March 4th earlier this month on Frisky Radio. Big thanks to Frisky for having it aired on their station and of course the 2700 listeners that tuned in!!! I will also be doing a guest mix for Air Spundae on March 18th this Thursday at either 9 or 10 PM GMT on Frisky again! Hope you can all tune in! Tracklist + Download below :)

01. Schodt - Kyushu (B.O.N.G. Remix) [Proton Particles]
02. Johnny Yono - Victoria [Forthcoming on Cool Vibes]
03. Andrew Bayer & Boomjinx - To The Six (Martin Roth Remix) [Anjunadeep]
04. PROFF - We Show It (Chris Reece Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
05. Mike Shiver Vs. Matias Lehtola - Snooze (Samuel Jason Remix) [Captured]
06. Shingo Nakamura - Fade Out [Delights Music]
07. D-Mad - ID [CD-R]
08. Probspot - Blows My Mind (J-Soul Remix) [CD-R]
09. Cloudivers - Breathing Sun [Sirup]
10. Damian DP - Transatlantic 2010 (Original Mix) [Method]
11. Tilt - The World Doesn't Know (PROFF Remix) [CD-R]


Golden Progressive Vol. 3 !


Here we go again, another promo mix on PP with some heavy stuff for you to check out. There are bunches of promos dropping in to us and of course we want to show you what you can expect on the progressive scene in the future. Today we will show you some great stuff from Re-Zone, My Digital Enemy, Fernando Ferreyra, Sezer Uysal & Darin Epsilon, KhoMha, Evren Ulusoy, massive Jetlag Digital, Nellie Recordings, the list goes on, just great and heavy stuff so be prepared for a pleasant listening, just grab the mix, be the first to listen and spread the word about what is happening on the only scene that counts, the progressive scene!

Check the tracklist below and see if there is something that you find interesting, we think there will be something for everyone. Hope u all will enjoy it, drop some comments so artists, producers, labels and PP know what you think!

Tracklist / 192 Kbps / 62.34

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 3 !

01. Fernando Ferreyra – Disappointed (Mehmet Akar Remix)
[Dark Pleasure]
02. Atrium Sun – Flight For Life (Original Mix)
[Mistique Digital]
03. Re-Zone Feat. Klinedea – Melody Of My Heart (Kimen Remix)
[Rezone Records]
04. My Digital Enemy – Tijuana (Original Mix)
[MDE Records]
05. Sezer Uysal - Weird Walking In Bursa (Darin Epsilon Remix)
06. KhoMha – Out Of Your Heart (Original Mix)
[Digital Motion]
07. Deep Sound – Air (Original Mix)
[Spring Tube]
08. Something Good – La Biankini (Original Mix)
[Nellie Recordings]
09. Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher (Jerome Robins In Loving Memory Mix)
[Jetlag Digital]
10. Evren Ulusoy - Prelude To Heaven (Sezer Uysal '60 Seconds To Heaven' Mix)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Marcus Bits - Oxygen Volume 3 [AUM022]

Marcus Bits serves up another taste of beautiful prog house that seems to only get better for him. Simply hard to pick a favorite on this one.

01. Marcus Bits - Solace (Original Mix)
02. Marcus Bits - Entropy (Original Mix)
03. Marcus Bits - Verona (Original Mix)

Egostereo - Global Underground Sample Library Vol. 5

Prodigious talents of the Anglo-Italian duo Egostereo (Sandrino Beesley & Danny Minkella) have emerged in 2009 as one of the hottest groups in progressive/techno with releases on Renaissance, Big Love and Audio Therapy, gaining support from heavyweights such as SASHA, PAUL VAN DYK, TIESTO, DIGWEED, ARMIN VAN BUUREN, DAVE SEAMAN to name a few. They have a number of very big releases ahead remixing names like Paul Harris, Yves Larock, Tommie Sunshine, Dirty Vegas, Sultan, Dave Seaman and hitting labels like Ultra, Toolroom and GU of course.

The boys produce a very defined style of music that has found its way into such esteemed record boxes because of the quality of the production values that permeate every part of their studio work. Their music goes through many genres creating a unique sound called Egostereo.

Egostereo perform a strong four hands Live Act that is quite unique in terms of energy, equipment and sound innovation.

For this sound library Egostereo put together a completely new style of groove elements that clearly underline their ability and love for sperimentation.

Powered by Access Virus TI, Clavia Nord Modular G2, Moog Little Phatty; the result is a very huge sample library made of 360 drum loops, 140 bass loops, 140 synth loops and 80 top loops plus a large number of single hits completing probably the largest library of the artist series up to now.

Mark Lower - The Stuff [100013419]

Here is a great pulsating piece of progressive from Paris based French Dj Mark Lower. I really like it, can't descide what mix i prefer though. It's out on a french label called Mokapella. Check it out, support if you like it!

DOWNLOAD Mark Lower - The Stuff [10013419]

Sweet & Sour - Glide N Sweep [10008192]

A Beatport release from yesterday. It's another sweet progressive piece from Sweet & Sour and the great label of Limeroads. Follow the link below, give it a go, i think a lot of you will fancy it. If you do, support them with a few coins and do a good thing!

Friday, 12 March 2010

[UPCOMING] Mango & Dezza - Apartment In Agia Napa [MANGO ALLEY]

Upcoming melodic tuneage from Mango and Dezza in colab, coming during March on Mango Alley Recordings!

Sidesmokers - No More [CVR009]

Behind the Sidesmokers project are the guys from Fine Taste. They deliver amazing choon called No More and on remix duties are Mango & Dezza! U don't wanna miss this melodic story trust me on that one!

Kaspar Kochker - My Soul / Let's Funk Together [NELLIE043]

Kaspar Kochker's third EP on Nellie Recordings. This time he abandoned the happy prog to make room for his passion for pure house music. 'My Soul' is the mellow, laidback tune in the package while 'Let's Funk Together' brings tempo and drive to the table. I see people dance to this one on the beaches of Miami and Ibiza!

This release have received positive response from Ridney, Kosmas Epsilon, Hernan Cerbello, Claes Rosen, Alex Caytas, Niklas Gustavsson, David Akermanis, Luke Porter, David Jones and Peter Gelderblom to name a few.