Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Instrumentalos - Why Don't You FREE PROMO

Here is the full Dj-edit of "Why don't you"(Original mix and Verdugo Brothers Remix). It's already gaining support from some of the big names in the industry: Miss Nine, Jelo, Verdugo Brothers, Dj Feel to name a few!

Massive synths caught in a pumpin house beat with vocals from a very talanted singer, was probably why the web magazine "Porcys" rated the song so high! The release date was 29'th of march!

These guys love to share their tracks so they give away this release for free! Our big recomendation is Verdugo Brothers Remix - really great progressive house ! Check it by yourself!

Or if u would like to support it


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  1. Wow! Massive tunes! Thank you guys : )