Wednesday, 10 March 2010

PP In Cooperation With KhoMha !

Another BIG name from the progressive scene hitting PP cooperation list - Robert Alzate A.K.A KhoMha !

Robert Alzate A.K.A KhoMha was born in Medellin,Colombia in 1990 ... KhoMha begins his interest in electronic music from the 14 years old. From his early age he was into in the sounds like trance and house, mostly influenced by producers like Steve Angello, Antoine Clamaran, Pryda , Deadmau5, Arno Cost , Sean Tyas, among others.

His tracks has been played by biggest artist like: Tiesto, Chris Reece, Thomas Schwartz, Dinka, Starchaser, Leventina, Stephano Noferini, Passenger 10, Alex Young among athers. His first productions were characterized to have a tendency towards the trance until being evolving his beats to take an inclination towards progressive house and progressive trance.

At the moment KhoMha works with the best labels from the EDM scene like: Baroque Records -Cr2 Records -Enormous Tunes - Unreleased Digital - Cool Vibes - Spinnin Records - Method - System Recordings - The Clubbers -Deeperfect Records -Avenue Recordings and more ...

For more infos about KhoMha work, and for some of his promos played in our promo sessions, for an exclusive interview with him ... stay tuned!

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  1. Parcero Ustd sabe que en la buena..¡¡ y bakano ke ponga el nombre de colombia en alto en este genero..¡¡ pa adelante pri..¡? ;)