Monday, 22 March 2010

Shipstad & Warren on Nellie Recordings!

Today we want to show you some coming stuff from the very talented duo called Shipstad & Warren. Their coming track goes under the name "Near Perfect". To be honest, this is really not near perfect, this is perfect, quality progressive!

It will soon be out on the almost legendary label of Nellie Recordings, a label that we all know only releases pure quality progressive. Included is 3 different mixes, of course the original mix but also 2 complete knockout mixes, from the very well known Schodt and also Argentinian ace B.O.N.G.

Feel free to check out the previews of this coming release, release date is set to April 9th.

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Original Mix)

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (B.O.N.G. Remix)

Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Schodt Remix)

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