Friday, 30 April 2010

Passenger 14's "How About Some Melodies For A Change" Top 20 Progressive House Chart: April 2010

Time for my Top 20 April picks (only tracks released during april). As usual, some picks are more techy, some more clubby, trancey, proggy but at the end - only melody matters! From this months list, next to the name of every track in the chart i will start with writing first thing thats crosses my mind and its associated with the track. I hope u will enjoy my picks! ;D

1. /Record Of The Month/ EDX - Hoover (Original Mix) [PINKSTAR RECORDS] - summer 2010, contstang uplifting, positive feelings
2. Chris Reece - Salvation (Original Mix) [PINKSTAR RECORDS] - epic melodic break
3. EDX & Kaskade - Don't Stop Dancing (Original) [ULTRA] - huge driving EDX bassline
4. Cedric Gervais, Second Sun - Ready Or Not feat. Second Sun (EDX Remix) [ULTRA] - club romper stomper
5. Nadia Ali - Fantasy (EDX Remix) [SMILE IN BED] - expected more!
6. Schodt - You And Me (Original Mix) [SILK ROYAL] - lovely wicked atmosphere
7. Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Original Mix) [NELLIE RECORDINGS] - cool atmospheric prog house
8. SQL - Leisure Battery (Soundprank Remix) [SPHERAX] - just fucking awesome, got me on first hearing!
9. Jaytech - Ozone (Original Mix) [ANJUNADEEP] - crackin synths!
10. Engoholm - Dune (Mauxis Remix) [CONCO DIGITAL] - massive melodic uplifting beauty!
11. Fine Taste, Kid Bloom - Lifebloom (Original Mix) [CURVVE] - wicked, simple, unique
12. Joonas Hahmo - Now Or Never (Original Mix) [HAHMO RECORDINGS] - melodic prog trancey journey
13. Way Out West - Tierra Del Fuego (Paul Keeley 4th Movement Mix)[HOPE RECORDINGS] - lacks dynamics, but still nice
14. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - So It Goes (Original Mix) [ANJUNADEEP] - nice tune :)
15. Johnny Yono - Victoria (Original Mix) [COOL VIBES RECORDS] - mellow, laid back
16. Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [SILK DIGITAL] - master at work, driving bass line, piano kicks asses!
17. Luigi Lusini - Colors (Original Mix) [THE CLUBBERS] - uplifting, prog trancey
18. Moguai - Oyster (Orignal Mix) [MAU5TRAP] - unique, brilliant!
19. David West - Gura (Inkfish Remix) [INKFISH RECORDINGS] - guitar club techy storm
20. Chad Stegall - Restless Nights (1 / 8 Remix) [UDOPIA RECORDINGS] - lovely synth melody all around!

Mad Trakker - It Ends How It Began [311697]

I really don't know what to say about this one, i'm just totally blowned away and out of words. This is the way progressive should be and this is what it's all about. Just stunning stuff and on my top 3 this year!

This beauty is Mad Trakker - It Ends How It Began and it's WHAT U NEED!

DOWNLOAD Mad Trakker - It Ends How It Began [311697] at Beatport!

Down below here is so you can give it a listen and support through Juno Download.

Tomas Klein - Winter Chills EP [MSD2010049]

Here we have an EP called Winter Chills out on Musashi Belgium from a friend of us named Tomas Klein. It's a really great EP including 3 different tunes:

1. Dark Snow
2. Icicles
3. Winter Chills

All of them are must haves for you progressive lovers out there so be good people and support this upcoming producer. We think that you will hear a lot more from him in the future. Be aware!

DOWNLOAD Tomas Klein - Winter Chills EP [MSD2010049] at Beatport!

Listen to them HERE!

Kenneth Thomas - Gunnin [MORPH048]

Morphosis Records proudly presents Kenneth Thomas! 'Gunnin' is a uplifting progressive house tune with nice arps and trancy elements. The shiniest remix come from Shingo Nakamura who made a great summerish interpretation with beautiful melodies. East Cafe made a deeper, darker remix in his well known style, while AFK come up with a nice breakbeat adaptation with some acid lines.

The pick for the boys of Pure People is by far Shingo Nakamura Remix, awesome stuff!

DOWNLOAD Kenneth Thomas - Gunnin [MORPH048] @ Beatport

If you want to give it a listen, follow the link to Morphosis Records HERE!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Interview With Darin Epsilon: House Music Missionary from Los Angeles

Darin Epsilon’s work can be found on the top record labels in the world. He has received support from Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Wisternoff, and countless others, and has worked with numerous highprofile artists such as Matthew Dekay, Dresden & Johnston, and Kenneth Thomas. Headliner of numerous parties in different corners of the world flew over the globe to play in Mechanika club April, 10 (Khabarovsk, Russia). We simply couldn’t miss our chance to talk with him!

Glad to introduce Darin Epsilon!

Darin, what is the latest achievement you are proud of?

I’ve been collaborating with a lot of artists recently. I have a remix of Dave Dresden from Gabriel & Dresden coming soon. It will be on his new personal label and my fourth release for this year. I’m also continuing to work on lots of new music, so hopefully I’ll play more around the world, especially in Russia because I love Russia.

What other countries are in your top destinations list?

Mexico and Holland because of the big parties there!

A city you’d love to come play in?

Buenos Aires – they have legendary parties.

And people love your kind of music there!

True. They have the whole culture thing there.

That’s why I was surprised to hear you love to play in Russia – we are less accustomed to dance
music compared to European or US clubbers.

Well, mainstream dance music is becoming quite popular lately. Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, etc. It’s definitely catching on, but it’s not really what I’m about. I’m trying to push my specific sound and my specific message.

Which is…?

… very underground. It’s like the comparison of drinking beer and wine.

So you’re wine?

True, the kind of music that we enjoy is very sophisticated, smart kind of music. So yes, it’s wine.

Do you think people actually realize they’re drinking wine instead of beer?

Some do. And that’s our goal – to keep spreading this music. Believe it or not, it’s almost like a religion thing, we’re almost like missionaries. When you discover tech house and progressive house, you realize it’s like the most beautiful music ever, so we’re trying to push the sound and get the people to follow. I mean this sounds crazy but it’s true.

Who in the scene do you admire the most?

Hernan Cattaneo and Jody Wisternoff. They are doing what I would like to be doing in terms of pushing a specific sound and they are both very nice guys. There are a lot of talented people out there, but it’s rare when these people maintain a professional attitude to all people at all times, and I really respect that.

What’s on your iPod playlist?

Tons of music. I get hundreds of emails from people sending me music. I don’t even have time to listen the music for fun. Before, I would listen to any – ambient, rock, but now I only have time to listen to music I can play in my sets.

Your golden rules for aspiring djs?

Honestly, DJing is a full-time job. Sometimes I spend 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, just working on producing music and marketing myself. The best advice is to work a lot and build your profile. In this field, networking is key. It’s important to know the right people to move your career to the next level.

Is it important to find your sound at the beginning of your career?

The successful DJs that I know have a very specific sound that people recognize them for. When I started, I played any kind of music that was good to me - house, d’n’b, techno. If you want to get to the next level, you should define your sound and have people recognize it and say ‘Oh – I know this DJ!’ It’s all about creating your own brand, so when people hear your name, they know what to expect.

What should people expect to hear from Darin Epsilon?

Hopefully quality, progressive and underground house music.

interview: Olga Egoraeva

Dave Floyd, Pookie - Gangster (DJ Conte Remix)

Here is a pretty massive tune/remix coming from one of the serbian most dedicated Helvetic Nerds sound supporters: DJ & Producer Conte. Really smahin prog drive here, check it out 4 sure, download it, play it, support it! ;)

Viktor Fox - Sun / Moon EP [10014819]

Viktor Fox, a young music producer based in Latvia has already made waves in the progressive dance music scene with his immediately recognizable deep progressive vibe. With his new Sun / Moon EP Viktor delivers two outstanding and melodic tunes that are full of excellent emotion. Enjoy this fine release from Latex Records!

DOWNLOAD Viktor Fox - Sun / Moon EP [10014819] @ Beatport

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Golden Progressive Vol. 9 !

Here we go again!

Time for another exclusive Pure People episode with a bunch of unreleased tunes to check out. They will hopefully be out on the market in a couple of weeks/months in the digital stores were you can support the artists and labels, the ones that makes stuff for you to enjoy!

Today you can look forward to new stuff from Trim The Fat, Human8, Max Demand, Ozgur Ozkan, really great stuff also from Several Spirits and Marc Henry. You can also expect sick stuff from The 8th Note & Mr. Clarck, a real killer. As a final in the set we show you a monster track (at least to me), Weepee with the track Some. I won’t say anything more, just give it a listen!

All labels, producers and artists do this (show the tracks to you) because they want feedback from you so we at PP hope you will drop some comments to them, it would be much appreciated!

Enjoy it folks!

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 9 !

Tracklist / 192 Kbps / 77.11

01. Trim The Fat – Riding Rails (Original Mix)
[Type Six Recordings]
02. Human8 – Who Wants Some Pizza (Original Mix)
[Ready Mix Records]
03. Novareese – Ecclesia (Original Mix)
[Zero Digital]
04. Ozgur Ozkan – Black N White (Blusoul Remix)
[Mistique Music]
05. Max Demand Feat. Garen Daren – Project 31 (Original Mix)
[Tilth Music Digital]
06. Maindave – Burga (Original Mix)
[Mistique Music]
07. Several Spirits – Sunday Morning (Original Mix)
08. Marc Henry – My Life Is Music (Original Mix)
[Global Music Group]
09. The 8th Note & Mr. Clarck – New Horizon (Original Mix)
[Fatali Music]
10. Anton Sever – Ray Of Hope (Version 1)
[Frisky Records]
11. Soundprank – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
12. Weepee – Some (Original Mix)

SQL - Leisure Battery [SXR0008]

The first was one of the bigger packages of last year entitled 'Chocolate' which came with an outstanding remix from Lank. This time SQL brings us his dancefloor killer 'Leisure Battery'. Featuring remixes from young canadian and fast-rising producer Soundprank, italian DJ, producer and "Star 69" label manager Ray Costa and already known on Spherax Bin Fackeen teamed up with label boss Klever. SQL's original mix is a very classy modern day melodic techno tune with a very mature and refined sound, one that should attract lots of top DJs. Soundprank's interpretation is another real progressive gem with perfectly spaced production, great melodic lines and again a very mature feel. Hard to believe he's only just begun his production career. Bin Fackeen & Klever offer a nice alternative as well with a much funkier, choppy mix. Definitely one to add some bounce to most dancefloors. Spherax has proven itself to be one of the best up and coming progressive labels this year.

01. SQL – Leisure Battery (Original Mix)
02. SQL – Leisure Battery (Soundprank Remix)
03. SQL – Leisure Battery (Bin Fackeen & Klever Remix)
04. SQL – Leisure Battery (Ray Costa Remix)

Big PP reccomendation for Soundprank Remix!

Schodt - You And Me [SILKRL011]

(Henrik) Schodt has been hailed as one of the great breakthrough stories in progressive house this past year. His work, which lends itself to the sets of house, progressive, and trance DJ's alike, has been heavily praised by a wide variety of international artists, including Matt Darey, Chris Reece, Jerome Isma-Ae, and Mango. "You and Me" represents his "crossover" style well: a house rhythm develops quickly into a more aggressive, trance-influenced sound, including a resonant and uplifting lead chord progression. The spoken vocal sample, which gives the track its romantic name, also soon appears in the build. In the main break, the chords take on a new progression and are given a more poignant effect by a glorious symphony of strings. Prominent Ukrainian producer Sunn Jellie provides an even clubbier (and euphoric) alternative to the original. Re-imagined as a classical progressive trance anthem, Sunn Jellie has captured the jubilant spirit of the original, while making it his own with a completely new lead. In the third and final take in the package, Polish sensation Sundriver provides an equally trance-y, yet moodier interpretation than the prior two. Capitalizing on the Original Mix's darker tones, including the foreboding vocal sample, Sundriver offers a bittersweet vision of love's perpetual tug of war.

Ping Trace - We Are Human [311786]

New cool release out today!

Denver’s Terraform Records welcomes electronic music trio Ping Trace to the roster with their exceptional single “We Are Human“. Ping Trace consists of Sven, Lynnae Rome, and Jeremy Golden; two DJs and a vocalist focused on high-quality electronic music-scapes filled with catchy melodies and a lush, chill production style. Their previous, self-released Traces EP received attention and airplay around the globe inspiring Terraform to sign the trio to the label roster. Ping Trace’s first Terraform single, “We Are Human,” is a sleek slice of rolling deep house accentuated by Lynnae Rome’s gorgeous vocals and layered, evocative instrumentation. The original is backed by a techier remix from none other than Stockholm’s Håkan Lidbo, a producer who has been described as “one of the most prolific tech-house producers on the planet.” Lidbo’s melodic take expands “We Are Human” outward, pulsating with arpeggios and synth-lines anchored by a steady house music rhythm.

The “We are Human” release was chosen as the key project to re-launch Terraform Records in 2010. Terraform, recognized for its global tech-house dance records chose this release to signify its return. To ensure the highest level of production “We are Human” was mixed at Denver’s world-class Side3 Studios. Furthermore, Ping Trace worked with some of the best artists and engineers in music industry. The effort became a truly global pursuit. Ping Trace was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Håkan Lidbo, who has been referred to as “one of the most prolific tech-house producers on the planet.” Håkan has produced records and remixed numerous tracks since the 1990s. His portfolio includes collaborations with a myriad of respected artists, notably Depeche Mode, with a remix of “Peace” in 2009. “We are Human” was mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Group, UK. Young skillfully imbued the tracks with a magical sparkle, capitalizing on the adeptness resulting from 20+ years of practice in the art of mastering audio. Young has mastered tracks for The Clash, The Smiths, and Massive Attack, to name only a few amazing accomplishments from his career.

DOWNLOAD Ping Trace - We Are Human [311786] @ Beatport

Ping Trace - We Are Human (Hakan Lidbo Radio Edit)

Pryda - Viro / Emos [PRY017]

Here it is !! next massive EP from Eric Prydz ! Two Progressive killers !

01.Viro (Original Mix)
02.Emos (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD @ Beatport

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

KASKADE & EDX - Don't stop dancing girl Feat. Haley

Kaskade's artist album Dynasty includes one cooperation track with EDX! It is called Dont Stop Dancing Girl and its a real summer smasher with amazing vocals and usual driving EDX bassline! Album is out on April 28th, at!

Nadia Ali - Fantasy - EDX Remix

EDX delivers monster after monster! Another kickassing remix is out today!

Cedric Gervais, Second Sun - Ready Or Not feat. Second Sun - EDX Remix

Mr EDX is back more powerful than ever !!!! Monster remix of Cedric Gervais's track Ready Or Not is out now! Whata tuneage people, whata powerul drive! TO ALL THE CLUBS AROUND THE GLOBE - READY OR NOT - YOU'RE PUSSIES ARE ABOUT TO BE SMASHED! ;) Vocals, bassline, kicking club drum .... ready or not!

Fine Taste, Kid Broke - Lifebloom [CR049]

The long awaited Fine Taste follow up is everything that we've been known to expect from this incredible duo. Silky smooth progressive with a sexy and jagged edge.

Support from Max Graham, Markus Schulz, Armin Van Burren, Paul Van Dyk.

Get it while its hot!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Chris Reece - Salvation [PILOT044]

Blending a modern house sound with the trancy influence of the nineties and noughties, sees Chris Reece release one open-minded production after the next. Shortly after their vocal Pilot 6 release 'Still Breathin', Christian and Roberto hand in the next favour. 'Salvation' sooths the diversity-seeking soul, with a warm and rich melody, being slightly uplifting without losing its prog-house character.

Next to its catchy original, you'll find three different remixes in this pack. French producer-duo Dabruck & Klein, known for their impressive remixology, deliver a more minimalistic, deep tech-house remix, with a true break-in-the-clouds type of break. Jerome Isma-Ae and Daniel Portman hand in the other two mixes. Their Ibiza Late Dub is the fingerlicking type of prog-house, down to the very last beat. A bit lighter, but just as tasty, is their 'Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman remix'. The new Chris Reeces provides salvation indeed.

Gai Barone - Funky Guitar (Bootleg Mix)

Anyone around ready for some sick smoother vibes? Gai Barone himself again here with a darker progressive monster called Funky Guitar in Bootleg Mix! Hope u all enjoy!

Essential Groovers - Bigger Than Life [BADR070D]

Lovely melodic prog house release out today via Big & Dirty Recordings! Warm uplifting synths building solid summery proggy drive! Just must have! Available in two versions: one more "happy" second one bit "darker".

1. Essential Groovers - Bigger Than Life (Original Mix)
2. Essential Groovers - Bigger Than Life (Dark Dub)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pure People Music [PP In The Mix] !

Yo peeps!

The weekend is here again and I thought that I wanted to give you all some music if you are interested. Everything in this set is something that you can find in the digital stores. So check it out, see if there is something for you and if you like it, go and support it. Maybe you can use it for some warm activities to get you in the mood for some clubbing tonight, hope so!

DOWNLOAD Pure People Music 2010-04-24 !

Tracklist / 192 Kbps / 63.10

01. SL Curtiz - Drop That Sound (Peter Brown Remix)
02. Stan Kolev - Reversed Frequencies (Medway Remix)
03. Manuel Baccano - Love Is A Shield (Giorgio Sainz Remix)
04. Daniel Rems – Aliga (Original Mix)
05. Don & Palm - Nai Harn (Original Mix)
06. Sound Quelle – Flight Of Ideas (Original Mix)
07. Ansis Zvirgzdins - London Baby (Original Mix)
08. Moguai – Oyster (Original Mix)
09. Engholm – Dune (Mauxis Remix)
10. Emil Gallier – Sonar (Original Mix)

Kaspar Kochker - Amazonia / Downtown Chicago / Absinthe [NELLIE047]

Latvia’s brightest star, Kaspar Kochker, strips off his inhibitions and takes a journey to the deeper side of sound, and brings back the highly-intoxicating and luscious Amazonia / Downtown Chicago / Absinthe EP for Nellie Recordings.

Amazonia, the first track, flawlessly brings together the suaveness of jazz music with the life of the forest that never sleeps. Next up, Kaspar Kochker takes us to the bustling nightlife of Chicago with his sleek and deep Downtown Chicago.

Sink yourself in Kochker’s very own dose of Absinthe, a stunning spectacle with hints of alluring yet hypnotizing melodies - definitely a fine work of a connoisseur. If the first two tracks haven’t given you that buzz, then the Absinthe will.

Share in the musical journey of Kaspar Kochker, and let the music stimulate your senses.

DOWNLOAD Kaspar Kochker - Amazonia / Downtown Chicago / Absinthe (Original Mixes)

Amazonia (Original Mix)

Downtown Chicago (Original Mix)

Absinthe (Original Mix)

Friday, 23 April 2010

EDX - Hoover [PKS0429]

New EDX's single called Hoover is out on PinkStar Records. The package contains Original version and two massive remixes from Adam K & Phunk Investiogation. All i can say for sure that Original Mix will be for sure a true summer anthem of 2010!

Be sure to to get your copy now!

DOWNLOAD EDX - Hoover [PKS0429]

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Andy Tau - Static [AE023]

Here we have a new release from the very well knowned Andy MacDougall aka. Andy Tau and Alter Ego Records. The original mix is just simply amazing. Very melodic and warm with synth riffs you could kill for. Follow the link below and buy your copy!

DOWNLOAD Andy Tau - Static [AE023]

Harlan Buskes - Missing You [VPR198]

Cool tune from Australian boy, Harlan Buskes. Nice vibes with a really good driving elements in it. Be sure to check it out, if you like it, be supportive and spend a few coins on it. Out on Vinyl Pusher Australia.

DOWNLOAD Harlan Buskes - Missing You [VPR198]

Engholm - Dune [CON007]

Another cracker for you here boys & girls. fantastic production from Engholm out on Conco Digital. Also very uplifting and melodic with massive synth riffs. just go and get your copy & support this awesome piece of art, they deserve it!

DOWNLOAD Engholm - Dune [CON007]

Sound Quelle - Caprica [CZD004]

Awesome stuff from Sound Quelle and City Zen Digital, if you don't like this,u better go listen to electro or some other shit! :D Melodic and uplifting proggy elements all the way, be sure to grab your copy and support this, it's massive!!

DOWNLOAD Sound Quelle - Caprica [CZD004]

Danny Alpha - Melanholia / Nostalgia [SMM37]

I think all of you progressive dudes out there knows about Danny Alpha. I want to highlight his latest release, a 2 track release with 2 really strong, melodic and uplifting progressive tracks. They are called Melanholia & Nostalgia and is out on Soho Music Movement, were he also is the label owner. Really good stuff here boys & girls, just follow the link, buy your copy & be a supportive person!

DOWNLOAD Danny Alpha - Melanholia / Nostalgia [SMM37]

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Coming Soon – House Emotions 004 Farren Amani Special Guestmix

Coming Soon – House Emotions 004 Farren Amani Special Guestmix Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me – EDX Make People Smile Mix
3. Cicada – One Beat Away – Max Vangeli Remix
4. Tim Berg – Bromance – Avicii’s Arena Mix
5. Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My feeling for you – Tom Geiss vs Mikael Weermets & Johan Wedel Mix
6. John Dahlback feat. Elodie – Bingo
7. Dim Chris feat. Amanda wilson – Sometimes – Dim Chris Remix
8. Dada Life – Cookies With A Smile – Avicii Remix
9. Alessio – Think it’s time
10. Something Good – Solence
11. Alaa – American Dream
12. Nalin & Kane – Beachball – Joris Voorn Mix
13. John De Sohn, Nick Wall feat. Christina Skaar – Unleash my love
14. Ben Lb – Olympics

Farren Amani Guestmix:

1. Lykke Li – I´m good I´m gone – Fred Falke Remix
2. Discojack – Operator
3. Lucas Reyes – Sense Of Life – Farren Amani Remix
4. Harry Chocho Romero – Night The Black – Nikola & Sandro Monte Remix
5. Mick Kastenholt – Latika
6. Farren Amani & Nikola – Make It Through – Farren Amani remix
7. Tim Berg – Bromance – Avicii Arena Mix
8. Roger Sanchez – Together
9. Patric La Funk & Nikola – Give Me a Reason – Farren Amani Remix
10. Swanky Tunes – Rave O Phonic
11. Joe Smooth & Hannu – Take Me to the Promised Land – Vandalism Remix
12. Stev Burton – It Is You – Farren Amani Remix


Golden Progressive Vol. 8!

Smack in ya face!

We’re back again with a truly exclusive promo mix with some of the best tunes delivered coming up here in the next hour. There are loads of tunes coming up at the moment to us here at PP and we are more than happy to show them to you. You could easily sense the european summer around the corner. Some really strong progressive music with the magic summer vibes will be showed in this set.

New stuff from the brilliant project of Jola Eidos, Jetlag Digital gave us a promo of their next release from Kostya Veter with Relaunch on the remix, brilliant stuff! Christos Fourkis is showing up a fantastic remix on the coming release from Nicky C, goose bumps all over your body and drinks in your hands, smells summer tune all the way! Also included are stuff from Particles, Spring Tube etc. just grab a copy, relax and enjoy some massive upcoming stuff, exclusively here on Pure People!

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 8!

Tracklist / 192 Kbps / 64.51

01. meHiLove – Oblivion (Original Mix)
[Spring Tube]
02. Jameel – Silk Way (Original Mix)
[Bomba Records]
03. Jola Eidos – Hidden Emotions (Original Mix)
[Key Recordings]
04. Tellur – Pacification (Jezka Remix)
[Carica Records]
05. E.lise - Cest la vie (The Sweet Beat Remix)
[Anima Records]
06. Kostya Veter - The Lonliness (Relaunch Progressive Mix)
[Jetlag Digital]
07. Nicky C Feat. Ian Ross - Dezhavu (Christos Fourkis Remix)
[Movement Recordings]
08. Mobilize - End Of Time (Original Mix)
09. Sonaris - Sputnik (AxisONE Remix)
[Addictive Vibe Records]
10. Mariano Favre - Knight (SQL Remix)
[Frisky Records]

Don & Palm - Nai Harn [DOPE005]

Today we have an absolute smacking belter for you to show. On Beatport is a release from Swedish west coast duo Don & Palm (Daniel Tervaniemi & Karl Palmblad), just massive melodic progressive music that everyone should support. Follow the link below to Beatport and do the right thing, buy it! Just stunning music, I've waited months for this and finally it arrived!

DOWNLOAD Don & Palm - Nai Harn [DOPE005]

B.O.N.G. Podcast!

Here we have another episode from the Argentinian master, B.O.N.G. really awesome progressive stuff that we think you should give a listen. Go and check it out!

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. Podcast! Right click & save as if u want to save the file.

Via iTunes!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Filoo - Progressive Passion 002 [April 18 2010]

1. Deep Sound - Just Deep (Original)[Sprign Tube]
2. Adam K - Complicated (Vocal Mix)[Hotbox Digital]
3. Jaytech - Ozone (Original Mix)[Anjunadeep]
4. Matt Darey Pres. Urban Astronauts Feat. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)[Nocturnal Global]
5. Sergey Tkachev - Alien & Butterfly (Solid Sky Remix)[Anjunadeep]
6. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)[Polydor]
7. Dim Chris feat. Amanda Wilson - Sometimes (DBN Remix)[Paradise Records]
8. Moby - Wait For Me (Jean Elan Remix)[Ministry of Sound (Germany)]
9. Tim Berg - Bromance (Avici's Arena mix)[PinkStar]
10. Solasso feat. Lizzy Pattinson - Beautiful
11. 68 Beats, Katie Marne - Are You Listening (Robbie Rivera Original Mix)[Juicy Music]
12. Tom Fall - Cubic (Original Mix)[Anjunadeep]

DOWNLOAD Filoo - Progressive Passion 002 [April 18 2010]

Oliver Smith - Sunday [ANJDEE074D]

Today another great release from Anjunadeep has hit the digital stores. Melodic man this time is Britains Oliver Smith. The tune is called Sunday, a very melodic and uplifting piece of progressive. Go and get your copy at Beatport!

DOWNLOAD Oliver Smith - Sunday [ANJDEE074D]

Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears [SILK026]

The latest release from Silk Digital represents the debut collaboration between two core contributors to the imprint: American DJ, producer, and label co-owner Jacob Henry and Australian artist Shannon Riches, a.k.a. Approaching Black.

In the Original Mix of "Yesterday's Tears," a trance-influenced lead chord progression infuses the track with a radiant energy, while subtle piano and guitar fills counter with a more classical progressive vibe. In the two main breakdowns, soft choral vox, a delicate piano solo, and an Enigma-inspired flute effect provide greater emotional depth.

Also in the package, classically trained Japanese sensation Shingo Nakamura offers a more upbeat interpretation, with a lush new lead and a characteristically dense array of side melodies.

DOWNLOAD Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears [SILK026]

Original Mix

Shingo Nakamura Remix

Monday, 19 April 2010

Nerdskit - Beat Time / Nuclear [MAK013]

Another "goodie" out in recent days and we at PP want to highlight it. From Argentina, Nerdskit out on Maktub Music. Check it out and if you like it, follow the link below and get a copy!

DOWNLOAD Nerdskit - Beat Time / Nuclear [MAK013]

Softive - D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.A.L [MMR027]

We have a great progressive release out on Minus Mal's Records today that we want to highlight. It's from the well knowned Softive, the brazilian producer. Great and melodic elements that u all will like we guess.

DOWNLOAD Softive - D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.A.L [MMR027]


Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile [BADR068D]

Swedish duo Dada Life is today hitting us with a monster tune called "Cookies With A Smile". It's out on Big & Dirty Records.

There is now nothing stopping Dada Life. After they wanted to get bleeped, they are now serving you cookies.... with a smile! This is big, this is huge, this is mega...! Including mixes by Francesco Diaz & Young Rebelz and Avicii were we at PP think that the remix to pick up is the one from the man in form, Avicii!

Give your support at Beatport!

DOWNLOAD Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile [BADR068D]

[UPCOMING] EDX - Hoover (PinkStar Records)

EDX's upcoming summer storm called Hoover will be available on 21st of April via PinkStar Records. The release will include Original Mix, Adam K Remix and Phunk Investigation Remix. Check it out now, pure balearic madness!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Embliss - Mind Over Matter 016 !

Here we have a really good progressive mix from one of the most talented men out there on the progressive scene, Dutch superstar, Tim Brandwijk aka. Embliss. It was broadcasted on Proton Radio and here we have it for you because we think this is great stuff. Give it a listen if you are in to the style of PP!

DOWNLOAD Embliss - Mind Over Matter 016 [Proton Radio 04-18-2010]

01. The Emissary – Transfigured Night
[Digital Sensation UK]
02. Mars Needs Lovers – Before The Storm (Arthur Deep Remix)
[Mistique Music]
03. Deep Active Sound – Underwater
[Spring Tube]
04. Midav – Amore
05. Evave – Sun In My Hands
[Spring Tube]
06. Ziger – One By One
[Mistique Digital]
07. Namatjira – Late At Night (Chloe Harris Remix)
[Mistique Music]
08. Claes Rosen – Genuine (Matt Rowan Remix)
[Nellie Recordings]
09. Aleksey Beloozerov – Night Call
10. Raf Fender – Lost In Twilo
[Jetlag Digital]
11. Schodt – Now Or Never (Sunn Jellie Remix)
[Silk Royal]

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Luigi Lusini - Colors [CP142]

Today we want to announce a total banger for you, straight from Lugi Lusini, Italy. Lusini's follow-up to "Who We Are" is a track you will certainly enjoy. Feel the vibe of this brand new song from the beginning to the end... experience the magic of "Colors". Go to Beatport and give your support to this very talanted producer.

DOWNLOAD Luigi Lusini - Colors [CP142]

Friday, 16 April 2010

PureJasik - Pure People Sessions 005 with Pure Freddie Guest Mix on Pure.FM

PureJasik - First Hour

01.Aeonism feat. Empire of the Sun - Rule The World (Unreleased Vocal Mix)[Myth Records]
02.Shipstad and Warren - Long Time Away (Original Mix)[Proton Music]
03.Teana & Tiida - Mountak (Original Mix)[Spring Tube]
04.Schodt - You and Me (Sunn Jellie Remix)[Silk Royal]
05.axisONE - Shanghai Lights (Original Mix)[CD-R]
06.Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears (Shingo Nakamura Remix)[Silk Digital]
07.Technical Loversfeat Trox - Hard To Believe (Dezza Remix)[Dezire Records]
08.Something Good - Solence (Original Mix)[Nellie Recordings]
09.Aron Scott & Lokovski - Coconuts (Original Mix)[CD-R]
10.Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me (EDX Make People Smile Mix)[CD-R]


PureFreddie- Second Hour

01. Schodt – Cinematico (Original Mix)[Enormous Tunes]
02. Tim Berg – Bromance (Avici’s Arena Mix)[PinkStar]
03. Adam K – Complicated (Instrumental Mix)[Hotbox Digital]
04. Incognet – ID (Original Mix)[CD-R]
05. Joshy K - Love Story (Dezza Remix)[Dezire Records]
06. Jola Eidos – Little Things (Original Mix)[Key Recordings]
07. B.O.N.G. & Felipe Bittel – My Gift (Original Mix)[CD-R]
08. ID – ID (AxisONE Remix)[CD-R]
09. Robert D Handelskai – Nothin’ True (Original Mix)[Historus]
10. Blumenkraft – Fresh Time (Loverush UK! Dub Mix)[Galvanized Records]


Nellie Recordings Podcast #002 Showcase

Here's a brand new episode of Nellie Recordings Podcast. This show includes a lot of new and exclusive tunes that haven't even been scheduled yet! All of them to be released on Nellie Recordings during 2010..

01. Invisible Sounds - Miami Sunset feat. Duality (Original Mix) [Nellie]
02. Terry Da Libra - Enchanted Waters (Original Mix) [Nellie]
03. Dezza - Good (Sami Saari Remix) [Nellie]
04. Shemuratov - Stellar Shade feat. Lena (Vocal Mix) [Nellie]
05. Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (B.O.N.G. Remix) [Nellie]
06. Alaa - Rhea (Cloudivers Remix) [Nellie]
07. Kaspar Kochker - Let's Funk Together (Original Mix) [Nellie]
08. Stan Chetverikov - Home (Original Mix) [Nellie]
09. Magnetic Brothers - What You Feel (EDU presents 5tranger Remix) [Nellie]
10. Something Good - La Biankini (TARMO Remix) [Nellie]
11. Kaspar Kochker - Downtown Chicago (Original Mix) [Nellie]
12. EDU - Purple Rose (Original Mix) [Nellie]
13. Electrobios, The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Deep In the Heart (Alandanat Remix) [Nellie]
14. Something Good - Solence (Original Mix) [Nellie]
15. Playton - Silence (Club Mix) [Nellie]
16. V I F - My Own Side (Original Mix) [Nellie]
17. Robert Mint - Drifting Spirits (V I F Remix) [Nellie]
18. Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Plateau (JPL Remix) [Nellie]

Nellie Remixed EP 01 [NELLIERE001]

Nellie Recordings has always vowed to dedicate themselves to releasing only the finest and the most brilliant music that would stand the test of time. With the release of the much-anticipated Nellie Remixed: EP 01, the label continues to provide quality music by compiling new and mint remixes on previously-released masterpieces.

Opening the release is Matt Rowan’s liquefied yet electrifying version of Claes Rosen’s “Genuine”. Next, we’ve got JPL, also famously known as “A Boy Named Joni”, giving a dreamy and a trance-packed make-over to Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg’s “Plateau”.

The once growling single, “Tabaka”, from Mark Bale, is now a nocturnal anthem bursting with energy in the hands of Russia’s boy-wonder, Stan Chetverikov. Incognet also had his time to shine back in 2009 with his ear-pounding single, “Avesta”, but this time around, it is Dave Cortex’s time to be heard with his rock-solid remix.

Bringing the EP to a close, David Akermanis and Brad Menagh adds more Asian spice to Kaspar Kochker’s “Indonesia” with their arsenal of hallow, yet sharp-sounding melodies.

Go ahead, open the shiny new Nellie box and experience feel-good vibes with time-tested melodies!

01. Claes Rosen - Genuine (Matt Rowan Remix)
02. Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Plateau (JPL Remix)
03. Mark Bale - Tabaka (Stan Chetverikov Remix)
04. Incognet - Avesta (Dave Cortex Remix)
05. Kaspar Kochker - Indonesia (David Akermanis & Brad Menagh Remix)

DOWNLOAD Nellie Remixed EP 01 [NELLIERE001]

Here are some cuts/previews:

Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Plateau (JPL Remix)

Mark Bale - Tabaka (Stan Chetverikov Remix)

Incognet - Avesta (Dave Cortex Remix)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fashion House by Alaa!

Today we give you a great mix from our good swedish friend from Nellie Recordings, Alaa. Some really great stuff, both released and unreleased stuff is included. Go grab your copy and give your ears a lesson in love (of progressive house music)!

DOWNLOAD Fashion House by Alaa!


01. Fedde Le Grand ft. Mr. V – Back & Forth
(Franky Rizardo & Youri Donatz Remix)
02. Retrodance – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
(Ariel Perazzoli Remix)
03. Paul Thomas, Sonny Warthon & Ant Brooks – Brass!
(Original Mix)
04. Joan Reyes – Shakedown
(Bass Kleph Remix)
05. Dani L. Mebius, Billy The Klit – Work This Pussy
(Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
06. D.O.N.S. ft. Jerique – Groove On
(Alaa Remix)
07. Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman – I Like To Move It
(Sidney Samson Remix)
08. Moby – Wait For Me
(Laidback Luke Remix)
09. Dim Chris ft. Amanda Wilson – Sometimes
(Daddy’s Groover Rework)
10. Miike Snow – Silvia
(Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)
11. Something Good – Solence
(Original Mix)
12. Cicada – One Beat Away
(Max Vangeli Remix)
13. Tim Berg – Bromance
(Avicii’s Arena Mix)

Adam K - Complicated [HBD019]

Generating serious heat at WMC, Adam K's first solo release for 2010 is poised to be a global smash.

"Complicated" is a ripping progressive monster with addicitive chord stabs, fierce kicks, and a dash of disco-babes building up to a trademark, moody, sawed off synth melody. With or without the vocal, this track will damage dancefloors.

It's receiving HUGE support from the likes of Tiësto, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Rank1, Menno de Jong, Matt Darey, EDX, Funkagenda, and more!

Get it now!

1. Adam K - Complicated (Vocal Mix)
2. Adam K - Complicated (Instrumental Mix)

For all coming release stay tuned at and in the meanwhile check Hotbox Digital at Beatport

Tim Berg - Bromance (Avicii's Arena Mix) [PKS0439]

Believe it or not, the day has come and latest Avicii banger Bromance is out at Beatport through PinkStar Records! What is there to say about this one? Not much except that this was tune of the WMC 2010! Don't miss it!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

[UPCOMING] Dinka - Aircraft (Original Mix) [ANJCD017]

Dinka hitting some trance watters for the first time ever i think. This is a snippet of an upcoming track Aircraft which will be featured on Anjunabeats Worldwide 02 - Various (Mixed By Super8 & Tab/Mat Zo): Release date is set up for May 10, 2010. So this will be mixed version CD; when a single or (after Civilisation) another Dinka EP on Anjunadeep will be dropped - we'll about to see that! Let's check the snippet now!

Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - By All Means / So It Goes [ANJDEE071D]

It would be something of an understatement to say that the last time Øistein and Andrew got together on a track it created quite a buzz of excitement, so if you thought To The Six was something special then you wont be able to wait to wrap your ears around By All Means. Prepare to drift into dreamland once again as the silken female vocals, darting melodies and mesmeric, downtuned synths of the Original Mix take hold of your senses.

The duo have also crafted a Club Mix, a patiently building rework that eventually unravels with a wave of brisk grooves.

The gentle yet hypnotic So It Goes completes the package with its ice cold soundscapes, spellbinding pianos and vocal cut-ups that give a subtle nod to those on the A-Side. If these two tracks are anything to go by, keep an eye out for Boom Jinxs debut artist album coming later this year!

Moguai - We Ar Lyve [MAU5CD003]

German electronic underground superstar Moguai once again exclusively hitting Mau5trap! After some epic EP's on the label (ZYVOX, Lyve, Nyce) Moguai now debuts on it with an artist album "We Ar Lyve": it’s the first artist album released on Mau5trap to come from someone who’s not Deadmau5. Containing some of the previously released biggest tracks, album features some new monsters covering styles from electro house through electronica to our fav progressive house. Really epic hit here 4 sure, but if we can recommend you something as PP from the heart than it would be Oyster track for sure! Melodic prog house in its finest but yet clubby enough to storm some serious dancefloors! Don't miss this one folks ! ;)

Tracklist [MAU5CD003]

1. "LSD" 02:54
2. "ZYVOX" 08:38
3. "Impereal" 07: 11
4. "Flex, Rex, Mansion" 4:34
5. "Oyster" 08:24
6. "Blau" 07:33
7. "Nyce" 07:07
8. "Electra" 07:39
9. "Ataque" 07:48
10. "Lyve" 08:31
11. "DSFH" (digital bounus track) 05:44
12. "Dubwater" (digital bouns track) 03:06
13. "Nu Disco" (digital bouns track) 03:55

Illinoize - Mind Progression 003 [April 12 2010]

Another monster episode of our friend Illinoize's Mind Progression radio show. Actually i think i was with him every time he was recording his episodes for lots of beer & fun there while dancing to all these wicked melodic prog sounds. I think the tracklist says everything. If u want to follow his show live then don't forget to tune in every second monday in month at 00:00 CET!

1. chris reece - salvation (extended mix)
2. rino cabrera - creopola (booty shake) (club mix)
3. javier penna - clash of planets (original mix)
4. ted nilsson, mikey dalton - face the fact (original mix)
5. leventina, chris reece - esperando (original mix)
6. mario held - only you (leventina remix)
7. mario chris - sunpiano (original mix)
8. joonas hahmo - now or never (original mix)
9. jody wisternoff - starstrings (kaloo edit)
10. shingo nakamura - linear light (original mix)

Shipstad & Warren on Proton Radio!

Today we have the latest show from the really talanted Luke Shipstad & Dylan Warren aka Shipstad & Warren. This was broadcasted on Proton Radio a couple of days ago and includes is some really good stuff from the progressive scene. Just go ahead and check it out, one hour of progressive!

DOWNLOAD Shipstad & Warren Key [Proton Radio 2010-04-11]

Tracklist / 60.00

01. Dinka & George F Zimmer - Soma Is Language (Proff Remix)
02. Marcus Schossow Pres. 1985 - London (Original Mix)
03. Matt Lange - East Coast (Ad Brown Remix)
04. Dezza - Good (Sami Saari Remix)
05. Dezza - Apt201 (Original Mix)
06. ID - ID
07. Simon Shepard - Arcane
08. Atlantis Ocean - Life Frequency (Playton Remix)
09. Evgeny Bardyuzha - Hylea (Vullcan Remix)
10. Luigi Lusini - Bahamut (Original Mix)
11. Underthis - Skyline (Phrakture Remix)

[UPCOMING] James Grant & Jaytech - Moth (Martin Roth Remix)

Hey people! Hope u are all fine out there! Well i just had to share this preview of upcoming Anjunadeep track. This is just soo amazing, not sure i have proper words to describe what do i feel about it. This is pure emotion, music with feeling. Check it out :) The release James Grant & Jaytech - Moth (Original & Martin Roth Mixes) will be out exclusively to Beatport on 18th of May.

Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP [MCSL015]

The 15th release on microCastle is a special collaboration between 2 of progressive dance music's finest and most revered artists: Medway (Jesse Skeens) and Luke Porter. Jesse is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Orlando in the summer of 1980 and was an influential figure throughout the rise of progressive music through the 90's. Medway's original tracks, remixes and remix projects have been licensed to over thirty CD compilations, including the esteemed Global Underground Series in which no less than six appearances were made including two each from the likes of both Sasha and John Digweed. Luke who is originally from Melbourne is an international DJ & producer now based in London. In late 2007 Luke relocated to London where his production career really took off. His productions and remix work have been featured on some of the world's most respected labels such as: Tribal Vision, Flow, Baroque, Dyami, Epsilon Trax and Mango Alley.Luke and Jesse's RTFM original is some great club material with it's monster spacious groove and shimmering metallic synths. Cid Inc's remix takes the finest elements from the original and uses them to create a cool modern day progressive bomb. The 2nd original 'Clarity' is full of energy and drive along with an enormous key changing bassline. Large would be the operative word here. Finland's Michael Cassette have completely reworked the track with their unmistakable production trademarks. A chunky bassline and a massive sense of drama in the breakdown along with some great harmonics make for another outstanding piece of music from the much loved Finnish production outfit.

RTFM (original mix) - (07:33)RTFM (Cid Inc remix) - (09:52)
Clarity (original mix) - (07:38)
Clarity (Michael Cassette remix) - (07:20)

DOWNLOAD Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP [MCSL015]