Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP [MCSL015]

The 15th release on microCastle is a special collaboration between 2 of progressive dance music's finest and most revered artists: Medway (Jesse Skeens) and Luke Porter. Jesse is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Orlando in the summer of 1980 and was an influential figure throughout the rise of progressive music through the 90's. Medway's original tracks, remixes and remix projects have been licensed to over thirty CD compilations, including the esteemed Global Underground Series in which no less than six appearances were made including two each from the likes of both Sasha and John Digweed. Luke who is originally from Melbourne is an international DJ & producer now based in London. In late 2007 Luke relocated to London where his production career really took off. His productions and remix work have been featured on some of the world's most respected labels such as: Tribal Vision, Flow, Baroque, Dyami, Epsilon Trax and Mango Alley.Luke and Jesse's RTFM original is some great club material with it's monster spacious groove and shimmering metallic synths. Cid Inc's remix takes the finest elements from the original and uses them to create a cool modern day progressive bomb. The 2nd original 'Clarity' is full of energy and drive along with an enormous key changing bassline. Large would be the operative word here. Finland's Michael Cassette have completely reworked the track with their unmistakable production trademarks. A chunky bassline and a massive sense of drama in the breakdown along with some great harmonics make for another outstanding piece of music from the much loved Finnish production outfit.

RTFM (original mix) - (07:33)RTFM (Cid Inc remix) - (09:52)
Clarity (original mix) - (07:38)
Clarity (Michael Cassette remix) - (07:20)

DOWNLOAD Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP [MCSL015]

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