Monday, 12 April 2010

Pure People Music [PP In The Mix] !

Here comes another mixtape for you people out there, this time with released but awesome stuff we think. Maybe you have missed something. Maybe you just want to have a listen to some great and fantastic progressive music. This is something we will try and do from time to time, still of course we will give you our exclusive progressive promo mixes, have no doubt about that!

Just go ahead and grab this copy that includes stuff from Mossy, Andy Tau, Aeonism, Julian Marazuela, Joonas Hahmo, Shipstad & Warren to mention a few of the killers around!

DOWNLOAD Pure People Music 2010-04-12!

Tracklist / 192 Kbps / 66.22

01. Mossy – Still Here (Original Mix)
LINK [Pacemaker Digital]
02. Andy Tau – Static (Original Mix)
LINK [Alter Ego Records]
03. Aeonism – Rule The World (Original Dub Mix)
LINK [Myth Records USA]
04. Julian Marazuela – Metropolis (Steve Haines Remix)
LINK [Whartone Records]
05. Andy McAndersen – Shine (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
LINK [Only One Records]
06. Joonas Hahmo – Brainflush (Original Mix)
LINK [Hahmo Recordings]
07. Shipstad & Warren – Near Perfect (Schodt Remix)
LINK [Nellie Recordings]
08. Lazercat – Nuit Blanche (Original Mix)
LINK [SpaceWalker Records]
09. EDU – Our Home (Alandanat Remix)
LINK [Wild Records]
10. Flash Brothers – Barracuda (Thomas Schwartz Remix)
LINK [Sirup Records]

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