Monday, 5 April 2010

Discoteca EP 3 [DM023]

Just in time for the Miami Winter Music Conference, we decided to release a number of unreleased tracks and remixes we've been sitting on for a while. The lead track on the EP comes from a Russian duo that are very much in demand at the minute. With a long standing affiliation with Theomatic and releases on a host of top labels, Acos Coolkas are making waves with their futuristic disco sound; something which is very much en vogue just now. Much like the vast majority of their releases, 'Discotheque' oozes warmth from every pore.

Off the back of the success of 'Goldfish', Discoteca head-honcho Luke Fair works his magic with the original; housing it up and giving it a more melodic flavour that is likely to cross into a few prog DJs' sets. It sets the tone nicely for a number of releases in the coming months featuring Luke.

Wave Recordings' Apologist turn in the first of two telling contributions to the EP with their remix of Scope's 'Flashing Light'. As we've come to expect from the duo, it's a stripped down hybrid of tech and prog that is overtly paradoxical in nature; the epic strings of the original sitting against a dark, moody backdrop that is tailor-made for a sweaty club at 4am.

Next, Apologist continue where they left off with a rather fine take on Chris Woodward's 'Bombing'. It's a slightly more driving, heads down piece of work that has already struck a chord with Danny Howells.

After a fine release on Desyn Masiello and Rowan Blades' Soul Glow imprint, Macedonian Igor Zotik rounds things off with his interpretation of Vadim Yershov's 'Rolling Bass'. It's a tasteful rework that doesn't stray too far from the essence of the original; placing more emphasis on the groove and adding a low-slung bassline that sits perfectly against the keys.

Preview's at YouTube:


John Digweed - Liking Matteo's stuff as always.
Danny Howells - Absolutely love both Apologist remixes, will play this weekend!
Nick Warren - Both Apologist remixes work for me.
Demi - Great sustained tempo with the original of Discotheque.
Dosem - Full support!
DJ Vibe - Nice work, I'll support. Thanks
Giorgio Roma - Quality EP, cool remix. Igor Zotik's is my favourite at 7am after a long night.
Neil Quigley - Both Apologist mixes are quality, right up my alley.
Aldrin - Fab package, especially liking Apologist's and Igor's remixes.
Add2Basket - Discotheque both original and Luke Fair mix are quality. Igor Zotik's is my favourite though.
Alex Dolby - Luke Fair is fucking amazing, funky trippy noisy! Loveeee!
Downtown Party Network - Nice Release - original of Discotheque and Apologist remix of Bombing my favourite.
Sebastian Davidson - Massive package! Full support from Camp Davidson!

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