Monday, 5 April 2010

Joonas Hahmo - Brainflush / Now Or Never EP [HAHMO001]

Joonas Hahmo kicks off the new decade with the launch of his freshly founded record label. Known already for his magical productions "Together", "Cocktail Bar" and "Tampere by Night" under Above & Beyond's Anjunadeep label, Joonas lines up two absolutely scorching tracks that seem certain to attract nothing but positive publicity!

First up is "Brainflush". This trance-influenced progressive house beauty is almost 9 minutes of pure bliss! Laced with lashings of uplifting majestic synths, a pumpin' bassline to shake your socks off and 'that' trademark Hahmo sound, it's guaranteed to create a sea of hands aloft! Joonas carefully slips in a number of differing breakdowns that keep any listener captivated from the first bar to the last beat! This is the style we all know and love Joonas dearly for. This is peak time material for sure!

Moving onto the flipside, Mr. Hahmo offers an equally impressive imprint: "Now Or Never". Slower in mood and pace than the energy injected Brainflush, this housier sounding track rolls and builds. Joonas uses sweeping strings that slowly pick up depth and lead to the crescendo: A catchy keyboard melody that delivers happy vibes. However, this echo-rich track doesn't lack punch as the celestial sounds are backed up with a head-bopping beat. This may not be end of the night material but will craft any dance floor into a frenzied mayhem.

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