Friday, 30 April 2010

Passenger 14's "How About Some Melodies For A Change" Top 20 Progressive House Chart: April 2010

Time for my Top 20 April picks (only tracks released during april). As usual, some picks are more techy, some more clubby, trancey, proggy but at the end - only melody matters! From this months list, next to the name of every track in the chart i will start with writing first thing thats crosses my mind and its associated with the track. I hope u will enjoy my picks! ;D

1. /Record Of The Month/ EDX - Hoover (Original Mix) [PINKSTAR RECORDS] - summer 2010, contstang uplifting, positive feelings
2. Chris Reece - Salvation (Original Mix) [PINKSTAR RECORDS] - epic melodic break
3. EDX & Kaskade - Don't Stop Dancing (Original) [ULTRA] - huge driving EDX bassline
4. Cedric Gervais, Second Sun - Ready Or Not feat. Second Sun (EDX Remix) [ULTRA] - club romper stomper
5. Nadia Ali - Fantasy (EDX Remix) [SMILE IN BED] - expected more!
6. Schodt - You And Me (Original Mix) [SILK ROYAL] - lovely wicked atmosphere
7. Shipstad & Warren - Near Perfect (Original Mix) [NELLIE RECORDINGS] - cool atmospheric prog house
8. SQL - Leisure Battery (Soundprank Remix) [SPHERAX] - just fucking awesome, got me on first hearing!
9. Jaytech - Ozone (Original Mix) [ANJUNADEEP] - crackin synths!
10. Engoholm - Dune (Mauxis Remix) [CONCO DIGITAL] - massive melodic uplifting beauty!
11. Fine Taste, Kid Bloom - Lifebloom (Original Mix) [CURVVE] - wicked, simple, unique
12. Joonas Hahmo - Now Or Never (Original Mix) [HAHMO RECORDINGS] - melodic prog trancey journey
13. Way Out West - Tierra Del Fuego (Paul Keeley 4th Movement Mix)[HOPE RECORDINGS] - lacks dynamics, but still nice
14. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - So It Goes (Original Mix) [ANJUNADEEP] - nice tune :)
15. Johnny Yono - Victoria (Original Mix) [COOL VIBES RECORDS] - mellow, laid back
16. Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears (Shingo Nakamura Remix) [SILK DIGITAL] - master at work, driving bass line, piano kicks asses!
17. Luigi Lusini - Colors (Original Mix) [THE CLUBBERS] - uplifting, prog trancey
18. Moguai - Oyster (Orignal Mix) [MAU5TRAP] - unique, brilliant!
19. David West - Gura (Inkfish Remix) [INKFISH RECORDINGS] - guitar club techy storm
20. Chad Stegall - Restless Nights (1 / 8 Remix) [UDOPIA RECORDINGS] - lovely synth melody all around!

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