Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears [SILK026]

The latest release from Silk Digital represents the debut collaboration between two core contributors to the imprint: American DJ, producer, and label co-owner Jacob Henry and Australian artist Shannon Riches, a.k.a. Approaching Black.

In the Original Mix of "Yesterday's Tears," a trance-influenced lead chord progression infuses the track with a radiant energy, while subtle piano and guitar fills counter with a more classical progressive vibe. In the two main breakdowns, soft choral vox, a delicate piano solo, and an Enigma-inspired flute effect provide greater emotional depth.

Also in the package, classically trained Japanese sensation Shingo Nakamura offers a more upbeat interpretation, with a lush new lead and a characteristically dense array of side melodies.

DOWNLOAD Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears [SILK026]

Original Mix

Shingo Nakamura Remix

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  1. This focking mix is excellent...simply da best!

    Jimi J