Thursday, 8 April 2010

Chad Stegall - Restless Nights [UDOPIA015]

Whata massive melodic prog storm from Chad Stegall !!! His latest offer is Restless Nights and its out today exclusively through Udopia Recordings at ! The Restless Nights EP contains 3 versions of the track: Original Mix, 1/8 Remix and Floor Burner remix. Hardly to choose pick coz all are really massive, each one brings a special touch to Original one. While Original contains lovely melodic synth drive, 1 / 8 Remix is a sort of a cross-over to Floor Burner Remix, its keeping main melody but some more clubby chord progressions. Floor Burner Remix - got a bit of some sweet trancy touch. Lovely jovely EP all around, just must have this april! 10 / 10

1. Chad Stegall - Restless Nights (Original Mix)
2. Chad Stegall - Restless Nights (1/8 Remix)
3. Chad Stegall - Restless Nights (Floor Burner Remix)


  1. Buy it up people, sales have been really bad so I need this one to do well to ensure I stay on beatport in the future.

    Thanx Chad Stegall

  2. I got myself a copy of 1/8 remix!

    Passenger 14

  3. Thanks, email me at and I'll send you a free track.