Friday, 16 April 2010

PureJasik - Pure People Sessions 005 with Pure Freddie Guest Mix on Pure.FM

PureJasik - First Hour

01.Aeonism feat. Empire of the Sun - Rule The World (Unreleased Vocal Mix)[Myth Records]
02.Shipstad and Warren - Long Time Away (Original Mix)[Proton Music]
03.Teana & Tiida - Mountak (Original Mix)[Spring Tube]
04.Schodt - You and Me (Sunn Jellie Remix)[Silk Royal]
05.axisONE - Shanghai Lights (Original Mix)[CD-R]
06.Jacob Henry & Approaching Black - Yesterday's Tears (Shingo Nakamura Remix)[Silk Digital]
07.Technical Loversfeat Trox - Hard To Believe (Dezza Remix)[Dezire Records]
08.Something Good - Solence (Original Mix)[Nellie Recordings]
09.Aron Scott & Lokovski - Coconuts (Original Mix)[CD-R]
10.Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me (EDX Make People Smile Mix)[CD-R]


PureFreddie- Second Hour

01. Schodt – Cinematico (Original Mix)[Enormous Tunes]
02. Tim Berg – Bromance (Avici’s Arena Mix)[PinkStar]
03. Adam K – Complicated (Instrumental Mix)[Hotbox Digital]
04. Incognet – ID (Original Mix)[CD-R]
05. Joshy K - Love Story (Dezza Remix)[Dezire Records]
06. Jola Eidos – Little Things (Original Mix)[Key Recordings]
07. B.O.N.G. & Felipe Bittel – My Gift (Original Mix)[CD-R]
08. ID – ID (AxisONE Remix)[CD-R]
09. Robert D Handelskai – Nothin’ True (Original Mix)[Historus]
10. Blumenkraft – Fresh Time (Loverush UK! Dub Mix)[Galvanized Records]



  1. Thanks for playing my tracks guys!

  2. Hey any of these toons released...excellent toonage here guyz!

    Jimi J

  3. Thanks Jimi J! Well, from Jasik's hour it's only Aeonism that is released, but the version played is unreleased and will probably never be out either. From Freddie's hour it's Tim Berg ( , Jozhy K ( & Adam K ( that is released so far, the rest are promos but will be out (the most of them) in the nearest future.

  4. Fock I love that Aeonism mix too!!!!
    Damn why tease us with unreleased stuff????

  5. So people will know what is coming (or not)!! :D

  6. Thank u Freddie! I do hate waiting when I hear a killer cut!

    Jimi J

  7. Aeonism are giving away the vocal bootleg if you buy the EP from Beatport, or wherever and send the receipt to . You will be sent the link to the full vocal version!!

  8. Absolutely amazing mix! Good work PureJasik.I hope that once you get to play to the Czech Republic. Greetings from Prague.

  9. Hey PureFreddie,

    Thanks for playing our new single 'Fresh Times'. It's out now on iTunes, Beatport, Juno etc.

    Fantastic miz by the way.

    Kind regards,

    Marc & Kiki (Blumenkraft)