Monday, 12 April 2010

Lazercat - Nuit Blanche EP [SWR003]

Another great progressive release is out today from the new and very fresh SpaceWalker Recordings.

Hailing from Canada, Lazercat is an upcoming female producer on the electronic dance music scene. Having previous experience with music being a violinist, Lazercat felt the need to pursue more than just her classical music taste and decided to give dance music a try, which she became very fond of. With this being said we are proud to present you Lazercat's debut EP, Nuit Blanche.
The original track takes us on a melodic and uplifting joy ride, providing us with a soothing yet energetic atmosphere. On the reprise, Lazercat took a different direction, adding some extra flare and new wave flavor for the dancefloors. On remix duty, we have the nu-italo duo Flashworx, supporting that uplifting sound of the original with a massive solo to take your dancing shoes into full gear.

DOWNLOAD Lazercat - Nuit Blanche EP [SWR003]

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