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Exclusive Interview with Cloudivers

(On the pick: Alex Polo - on the left, Shemuratov - on the right: CLOUDIVERS)

Another big day for PP community! We have established a great cooperation with Cloudivers! U know these dudes; few weeks ago they released Breathing Sun EP on EDX's label Sirup Music. Its is a big deal coz as far as i know, Sirup don't release too much nowdays (last one i remember was DJ Tatana - Autumn Sun EP, somewhere in summer). Anyways, its a big honour for us from PP to cooperate with these guys. Beside they are great guys, they also sick producers! Anatoly Shemuratov & Alexander Polo are Cloudivers. They also run own label called City Zen Digital which was founded in 2009. Today we have them aboard so we decided to make one exclusive interview with them, so that we can introduce Cloudivers project to wider progressive community worldwide. They already signed three-track EP for Nellie Recordings, which is coming in march 2010. Let me say once again its a big honor for us to have them aboard and now we lets see what they have to say! ;) (At the end of an interview u have Soundcloud link with their Breathing Sun track available to download in Radio edit, so just scroll down, play it and enjoy while reading the interview)

PP: Hi guys! First please let me say we from PP are honored to have u here and that we are able to make interview with u guys. So how's goin?

Cloudivers: Hi, Milo! Thanks, we are fine! We workin hard on a new stuff right at the moment in our City Zen Digital studio!

Great, thank u guys! OK so for start can u tell us few words about how the project Cloudivers was born? For how long u two guyz are into music? When and how did you start to produce music? And when and how u deiced to start cooperation project Cloudivers ?

Cloudivers: Cloudivers project was found at summer 2009. We create That Summer Track and it was really hot stormer. So we decided to start a new project. Music we create is like diving into clouds of our subconciousness, and the name of our project - is main idea.
We started our music careers in mid nighntees. Anatoly Shemuratov was one of the founders of City Zen project together with Pavel Lesnevsky. As a member of City Zen, Anatoly had a contract with Sirup music and released a lot of vinyl and digital tracks all over the world. Alexander Polo - is one of most sucsessful dj's and promoters in south of Russia. We met in 2005 at the biggest Russian & Ukrain electronic festival - Kazantip, where we both played at the main stage. In 2009 we was found our own musical label - City Zen Digital and booking agency. Since that moment our collaboration was started.

PP: How would u describe the sound of Cloudivers? In which genre u place your sound?

Cloudivers: It's melodic progressive house stuff with strong grooves and beautiful deep atmosphere, and sometimes nice vocal hooks.

PP: Cool, i ask this coz a lot of ppl would describe it as trance. Butg they just suck :D Now can u describe us your process of making a track. Is it first an idea in your heads and u then go to the studio, or its all at once and about experimenting with sounds? How much time do u need to make one track ?

Cloudivers: We start all of our tracks with a kick drum) Then we making a main groove - its all about experimenting with sounds. This is a time for sound engineering and creation of exclusive sounds. And only when we both start dancing in the studio, rasing our hands up, we proceed making a track, adding a beautiful athmospheric time stop, which contains main idea of the track. Usualy, it takes 2 or 3 days to make one track, no longer)

PP: Where do u find all the inspiration for melodies? Do u think that talent is most important thing (coz i think so :)) ?

Cloudivers: The main source of our inspiration is our universe with space, stars, clouds, seas, creatures and people. And of course we found a lot of inspiration in tracks of our favorite artists like: EDX and Chris Reece. And of course - Metallica, Motorhead and Megadeth))

PP: What equipment do u guys use at the studio? Is your production all software based or there are some hardwers used? And if both, in what percentage u use them?

Cloudivers: We use only IMac 24'', Dynaudio BM 15 studio monitors, Logic Pro 8 and all of software of Logic. Nothing more)

(On the left: Maurizio Colella aka EDX, on the right: Shemuratov)

PP: Ok Alexander, here is one tough & interesting question. Since Cloudivers (as project) are newcomers on the progressive scene, tell me what do u think about illegal music sharing (via blogs, forums etc.). Is it killing the producers? Can it somehow help them? What is important people who do that (share music illegaly) to realize?

Cloudivers: As for the artists and owners of musical label it's very bad, but releasing a tracks - it's also a very good promo. And the biggest part of money artists make on a gigs.
Unfortunately, we can't control this situation.

PP: U guyz are DJ's as well as producers. Can u tell us more about the situation in the clubs there concerned progressive sound? Is Russia like good part of the world (and my Serbia as well) all into electro/fidget/commercial sounds? Is there any radio stations & clubs only progressive based?

Cloudivers: Of course, mainstream rules! People mostly likes tracks, wich they've heard on the radio. The most clubs in Russia have one musical format, not fidget, but commercial house and electrohouse. As for progressive house stuff, it depends on dj. We try to play progressive at all of our gigs. And people like it! We can say that progressive is also commercial music, but just a little bit more intellectual. And not all people ready for that. There is no any special radio stations and clubs only progressive based.

PP: Ok, now lets move to next part of the interview. U guyz started a label City Zen Digital. How did that happened? Whats your idea with it, whats the story about City Zen Digital?

Cloudivers: We started our label in the beginning of 2009. The main reason was to release tracks of young and talented russian and ukrainian musicians. It's easier to work, when you have a system, witch contains of label, booking agency, promo group.

PP: What kind of genre are u planning to release on the label?

We planned to produce progressive house, tech house and techno stuff. But main genre is of course - progressive!

PP: Are there any releases already scheduled? Shemuratov - Searchin release is really great!

Cloudivers: The second release of our label coming up in january 2010. It will be A Dios with two beautiful massive progressive tracks. Then we planned a second part of A Dios release with remixes from Incognet, Cloudivers and other producers. The next one will be release of our virtual artist - Chris Cryss. It's just a toy - little funny rat)

PP: Ok Alex, now tell me your 3 - 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

Cloudivers: Dinka - Celtic of Scotland, A Dios - Avalance (Cloudivers remix), EDX - Shy Shy, Daniel Portman - Baaly..

PP: Is there any producer u personally consider as the best in nowdays business?

Of course its Christian Hirt aka Chris Reece) With all of his alliaces!

PP: Thank u guys. We from PP wish u all the best in 2010! Cya! Cheers!

Cloudivers: Thank you too for this interview and wish you good luck. We are really glad to meet you! C-ya on the rave!)

We have green light to spread one radio edit, so here is the Soundcloud link:

Cloudivers - Breathing Sun (radio mix) by Cloudivers

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