Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Jaytech, Boom Jinx - Milano [ANJDEE059D]

Clearly not content with one top-notch collaboration this winter, 'Milano' sees Boom Jinx once again joining forces with Anjuna's finest as he teams up with James Cayzer. With its 80s-influenced synths and glittering array of melodies it's a stylish and sophisticated groover perfect for dropping into any house-flavoured set.
On the flipside, Ad Brown has worked up a driving alternative with a gorgeously melodic midpoint where the synth takes centre stage, meaning there's no excuse not to pick this one up when it hits town!

DOWNLOAD Jaytech, Boom Jinx - Milano [ANJDEE059D]

1 comment:

  1. Have the whole EP..

    But very hard to pick the best..

    org of ad brown mix..

    Think I like org mix better..

    org mix is awesome melodious progressive house, ad brown mix is slightly heading prog trance.. again.. slightly.. it isn't completely prog trance.