Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mango, Orion, and J. Shore - When All The Ships Are Gone [ALLEY011]

Mango, Orion, and J. Shore, the trio who were responsible for the celebrated "Raining in Osaka" EP earlier in the year, are proud to present the follow-up single, "When All The Ships Are Gone." The Mango mix kicks off with a clicky and sample-dense rhythmic progression, quickly becoming a signature of the Mango Alley imprint. By the quarter turn, a trademark Mango bassline has also emerged, infusing the tune with a powerful low-end force. Yet, the track does not really take off until the main break, as a gentle piano weaves through a dizzying array of resonant arpeggios. The result is deeply emotional, especially as the weight of the melodic content almost literally seems to "crash down" at the drop. Mango's alter-ego, "Shoreliners," provides a more traditional rhythmic base, allowing the more subtle melodies of the original to really shine. Chilled pads and piano solos have also been added here, with the effect of a more "romantic" re-imagining of the original.

DOWNLOAD Mango, Orion, and J. Shore - When All The Ships Are Gone [ALLEY011]

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