Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chad Hardcastle - Changing The Stars [DL087]

I've just picked up one really massive stormer from Beatport and wanted to show it up here coz it really deserves. Nice progressive with a bit of techy underground club groove, hell of a nice production! Chad Hardcastle is the dude, and the track is Reinventing The Wheel. This is just Must include in every quality progressive set!

DOWNLOAD Chad Hardcastle - Changing The Stars [DL087]


  1. Is this dude's daddy Paul Hardcastle by any chance.....Paul is a fucking legend!

  2. Nah, they're not related.

    Chad is a brilliant producer though. Changing the Stars is a wicked track, there are some really nice choirs in the drop of that track. Gives it that nice ambient vibe.

  3. lol hahahaha

  4. I am grateful for the support!

    -Chad Hardcastle