Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sean Marx - Do Mo Chailin [SILKRL006]

Ever since his summer 2008 smash "Fifth Exit," Irish artist Sean Marx has received the support and praise of the world's biggest DJ's, including Armin, Above & Beyond, and Markus Schulz. Sean's debut with Silk Royal, a three-track EP, once again showcases his characteristically heavy-hitting beats, sparkling arpeggios, and emotional, anthemic breakdowns. The package beings with the title cut, "Do Mo ChailĂ­n," in which brilliantly blended arpeggios are supported by a chunky bassline. The breakdown offers even more magic, as the beats are stripped away and a beautiful lead melody emerges. The second track, "Evolve," is a vintage Sean Marx peak-hour stormer, with a furious bassline and stunning lead arpeggio. Last but not least, "Through the Static" once again employs a glorious lead arp and a trance-influenced bassline. In addition, the track offers a cinematic breakdown, in which an echoing dialogue sample creates great anticipation for the huge drop to follow.

My pick is Evolve track; u choose yours! ;)

DOWNLOAD Sean Marx - Do Mo Chailin [SILKRL006]

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