Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Exclusive Interview with T-Pe3

Hello Boys & Girls. Today we have another interview for you. This time with young talent from Italy - T-Pe3(the left in the picture). Few days ago, recommended his latest release "Message From The Stars"- The Clubbers.

Well we all want to know how it all started with you and the music. What’s your story?

First of all i have to say that 4 years ago when i was still 14 i hated house music and all night life in general;

I was very into rap, hip hop you know, i had all this large clothes hats and so on but then everything changed when i went to a boat cruise and there there was also a little club and that's how i became a fanatic of house music. Then I first bought a Hercules mk2 midi controller and i tried to mix some music but i wasn't that good at the beginnig.
Later on i started producing myself some music first with fruity loops and then with Ableton wich i still use and i consider the best softwere for windows.

We also know you’re based in Italy. What is the scene like over there? Is the progressive scene small? What can you tell us about it?

In Italy there are a lot of great producer known all over the world for their progressive sounds like Thomas Schwartz , Edx, Luigi Lusini also is on fire right now he is making great tracks and yes also Matteo Marini is a font of inspiration for me.
But here in Italy Progressive house is not very popular at the moment, here people prefer Tech House, Techno or in the underground clubs Dirty Electro almost near Fidget House.
Where I live, near Venice you can find big clubs like Muretto or Area Venezia, offering to the crowd the best in the tech house or techno scene with guest from all over the world, or you can go to some underground clubs and you can listen to Steve Aoki, The Bloody Beetroots, crookers and so on.
But unfortunately you can't find a club specialized in Progressive House

Were came the name T-Pe3 from?

I'm not so sure about it, but i think it's because my name is Tommaso so T is explained, then My surname is Pascon and that also is explained!
And in the end 3 because i was born on the 03 of August.
I have to say that i don't like T-Pe3 at all but it's the historical nickname so i have to be faithful to it.

What equipment do you use in studio?

I don't have a real studio, i just use my Toshiba with ableton live and the speakers of my dj system.
And yes when i have to master the tracks i use my headphones.

Your 3 - 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

1- T-Pe3 - Made To be together 2- Deadmau5 - Strobe 3- Daniel Steinberg - Rush Me (Format B. Remix) 4- Dankann - Genesis 5- Christian Smith ft. Reset Robot - Air Miles (2000 And One DJ Madskillz Remix)

Your Favorite Producer ?

My favourite producer is edx for progressive house. All his song are just amazing and perfect!
But also i like Format: B and Popof, off course they don't make progressive but we have to be open to every style of music.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I have just finished a new remix for E.N.R another guy from The Clubbers but he still have to send the demos to Fausto Fanizza (Owner of the label) so we are not sure of this release.
Then i have a new release for the early 2010 on whist records but they are still waiting for a remix by Francesco P.
And maybe it will be released on The Clubbers also a vocal version of my track Hourora with a remix also from Thomas Schwartz and Fausto Fannizza, but that is still not sure beacuse they are trying to convince the singer to sign with them.
And then i have just started a new project, i still don't know the name, but i'm going to produce some fidget house tracks; if everything will go like I wish you will listen to it soon.
Thank you too for the interview guys. You are making great works.
And if someone is interested i have my youtube channel where i post all my new mixes, songs and so on, you can find me here http://www.youtube.com/user/LBJBELI


  1. Apparently he is more into ''trancy'' progressive house.

    gl to him tho :)

    Thx for interview!

  2. Cool interview. Interesting story. Thanks Jasik and T-Pe3 :)

    And @ anonymous: you say "trancy" progressive house. Well thats the style we like here at PP. Atmospheric, stunning, driving melodies & basslines. Mossy, Luigi Lusini, T-Pe3, Mango etc. rather tha "progressive" coming from Dirthy South, Thomas Gold etc. A lot of ppl say to me that what we like that isn't house - thats trance. And i say, no matter what the name is - its the awesomest sound ever. It just brings some awesome feelings. And thats it! ;)))

  3. @anonymous : "Trancy" ??? the track Hourora for me it's pretty close off a Nu-Disco stuff... btw, I loved anyway ! Take a look off the impact of this track in the crowd (near the minute 1:53 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu9st3iaMq0)

    @PP : nice interview, your blog rocks !

  4. thank you .. Such words motivate us ;)