Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Atlantis Ocean - Life Frequency [SILKRL008]

Atlantis Ocean emphatically launch 2010 for Silk Royal with the anthemic "Life Frequency." This rising Russian duo have crafted a powerful and emotionally resonant peak-hour killer, with a spellbinding lead melodic hook. Equally potent is the low-end energy of the track, underpinned by a furious rhythm section and swell-like, cavernous texture. As to be expected, the climax arrives during the main break, which pays tribute to the Deadmau5 classic "Jaded." Fresh off the recent Do Mo Chailin EP, Sean Marx has provided an elegant interpretation; albeit structurally similar to the original, subtle rhythmic and melodic touches have been added here, including a dancing arp line and a gorgeous, harmonically rich edit to the main lead. Rounding out the package, Silk veteran Playton offers another dancefloor friendly option, with a creatively "modernized" main groove, as well as brilliantly re-worked lead and side melodies.

DOWNLOAD Atlantis Ocean - Life Frequency [SILKRL008]

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