Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kobana & Hatchet - Play [SILK024]

Polish team Kobana and Hatchet (Im proud of them bcoz im from Poland too ;) ) cut the ribbon of the new year with the soothing, sophisticated, and melodically rich "Play." The Original Mix begins with an unassuming, stripped down rhythm, a deep, oscillating synth, and the central piano riff of the track, a recurrent motif that ushers the listener onward. A lovely treat also awaits in the breakdown: an uplifting new lead synth sequence, which infuses a more radiant energy to the track. The duo also has provided a Dub Mix, which, as expected, is a deeper, more rhythmically complex interpretation. Daniel Mahuad, whose "Cerro de la Silla" was a highlight from last year, provides the first of three mixes; his take offers a shuffling, glitchy groove and a spacial atmosphere. A vocal sample also is added here, as well as heavily filtered tech stabs. Luiz B, who also made a prominent contribution to the label last year with "Song of Life," builds off of the melodies and textures of the original, with fluttering delay lines and wind-based effects. Finally, the driving Nick Stoynoff remix offers a dark, chunky bassline and aggressive rhythm. As the lead elements from the original slowly creep in, the track triumphantly evolves into melodic progressive stormer.

DOWNLOAD Kobana & Hatchet - Play [SILK024]

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  1. Nice one!I love when the bass joins the oscillating synths. I love it. Thanks for the review!