Friday, 8 January 2010

Illinoize - Suave Dance (Helvetic Nerds Tribute mix)

A friend of mine Illinoize, one of the biggest progressive DJ's here in Serbia and well known for promoting Helvetic Nerds club sound whenever & wherever he can, did a really great mix as a tribute to some of the best of Helvetic productions of 2009. As u can see the main stuff is our favourite of all times - Leventina as well as EDX, Stanley Ross, Chris Reece. Also two sick stompers, one on Toolroom called Hollywood and second one from mr. Ben Preston. I dont wanna shit no more, download this masterpiece, crank it up, open your beer and let's get the fuckin party started!

1. chris reece - sultan of zurich (original mix)
2. helvetic nerds - salto (leventina remiX)
3. swanky tunes - the prophecy (leventina club shout)
4. gina star - this is hollywood feat dj roland clark (original club mix)
5. leventina - attitude (original mix)
6. atb pres. flanders - behind (edx ibiza sunrise remix)
7. jerome isma ae, chris reece, edx - ready to go (leventina remix)
8. daniel portman - baaly (non violin dub)
9. ben preston - shot in the dark (original mix)
10. stanley ross - schmutzige musik (rino cabrera get dirty remix)

Download and listen
Illinoize - Suave Dance by M.O.D

1 comment:

  1. Wow ..... i realy like the mix .... :)

    my favourite song is Atb pres. flanders - behind (edx ibiza sunrise remix)

    Tnx Passenger 14 ...keep up the good work.. :)

    Dj Vudzhy ..