Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shingo Nakamura / Metro Tour / OUT NOW!!

We showed you this bangin' progressive release in our latest Exclusive Mixtape. Today is offical release of Shingo Nakamura / Metro Tour on Beatport! Release is made by the magic Digital Motion label.

If u liked it, we suggest that you spend a few coins HERE (Beatport) and support this coming man on the progressive scene!

He deserves it!

Popmuschi & David Jach !!

Awesome choon for Miami Vice lovers!

Popmuschi & David Jach - Rockett Crockett - Armin Prayd Tribute To Ep Remix
/320 full release HERE (

Popmuschi on MySpace!

David Jach on MySpace!

Armin Prayd on MySpace!

Solarity !!

Great progressive music once again from Alfie & Nick, Solarity!!

Support'em HERE @ Beatport!

Solarity - Double Vision (Original Mix) / 320


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

John Askew !!

Some fresh proggy trance made by John Askew and gettin' a final touch by the great Thomas Datt, really great stuff!

Give your support HERE at Beatport!

John Askew - Beirut (Thomas Datt Remix) / 320


Marc Lener !!

Marc Lener out of Poland is hitting us again with some fine music!

Support Marc HERE @ Beatport!

Marc Lener & Kilu vs. Big DJ - Summer Wind (C Cole Remix) / 320


Kenneth Thomas & Hibernate !!

Two big ones on the electronic scene in a collab, Kenneth Thomas & Hibernate in Alaskan Waves!

Give your support HERE @ Beatport!

Kenneth Thomas & Hibernate - Alaskan Waves (Original Mix) / 320


Luke Porter - Metropolis !!

New bangin' release (5 different mixes) from progressive guru Luke Porter, feel the vibe!

Support Luke @ Beatport HERE !

Luke Porter - Metropolis (Khainz Remix) / 320


End Of Silence / Dash Berlin / Rowald Steyn / Nina Deli

New great track from upcoming Dash Berlin Album !

Dash Berlin feat. Rowald Steyn & Nina Deli - End Of Silence (Original Mix)/320

Support Dash Berlin HERE! (


Vadim Miner !!

Outstanding piece of progressive house music out of Russia, way to go Vadim Miner!

Check out the other mixes HERE & support if you like!

Vadim Miner - Statica (Original Mix) / 320


Monday, 28 September 2009

Smart Apes / Aurosonic !!

Amazing new release on the truly great Tiesto's record label, Black Hole Recordings! Smart Apes from Kiev, Ukraine and their latest tune getting a top notch remix by Aurosonic !

Smart Apes - Between Us (Aurosonic Remix) / 320

Support HERE if you like it!


Sami Saari // Mike Shiver !!

Mike Shiver - On The Surface - Sami Saari Remix /320 full release with two other mixes including Original and Alex M.O.R.P.H u can findHERE (

Captured Music Label

Sami Saari MySpace

Mike Shiver MySpace

In the Music!

Choon is not super freash but its not super old as well.Just check it out never enough of Adam K and Soha

I got House Music fever.!!
I got the lovein the music
I got peace in the music
I got love the music
Getting deep the mix
I got the lovein the music
I got the soundin the music
I got the lovein the music
Getting deep the mix
Coast to coast!!

Deep Swing - In the Music 2009 (Adam K & Soha Vocal Club) /171

Adam K on MySpace!
Soha on MySpace!

Jay Lumen !

Outstandich piece of music from Hungarian producer, originaly released on Anjunabeat...

Jay Lumen - Morning Cocktail - Original Mix /320 You can support this release HERE (Beatport)

Big Reccomendation

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Adam K and Soha !

Well, still i cannot find a lot of info about this banger. Maybe its not exactly progressive but its a killer - trust me !

Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over - Adam K & Soha Remix /320

Beatport links on !

Im not over !

Leach !!

Nice progressive release from Leach out of Antwerp, Belgium. Here we show you the tune called "In Love With The DJ".

Check more and support HERE @ Beatport!

Leach - In Love With The DJ (Original Mix) / 320


Nipp !!

Fresh tech/progressive release from the man living in Prague, Nipp, of course we show you the progressive tune called "Refresher" @ Pure People!

Support HERE @ Beatport!

Nipp - Refresher (Original Mix) / 320


Downtown Party Network !!

Awesome progressive tune from Lithuanians Downtown Party Network. To me it almost sounds like they got some inspiration from Dana Bergquist & Peder G. Just an amazing tune!

Give your support HERE !

Downtown Party Network - Heart Break Dancing (Original Mix) / 320


Eight Gates / CJ Peeton !!

Massive one from Russians Eight Gates gettin' the final touch from the Irish master CJ Peeton.

Loads of different mixes so just go to Beatport HERE and give your support!

Eight Gates With Trox Feat. Jane Maximova - With Somebody Somewhere (CJ Peeton Sunset Remix) / 320


Pure Progressive Global Mix!

Well time again for yet another Progressive Mixtape here @ Pure People, some banging tunes to check out, really massive ones in it! We show you new stuff from the likes of AxisONE, Incognet & Happy Paul, Deadmau5, Khomha, Python, Mango, Chad Stegall, D.E.R. and a few more… Be sure to check this out, otherwise you will miss some. I don’t think I disappoint you with this set!

Enjoy it everybody!

If there is something you want, go to Beatport or Juno & give your support!

Pure Progressive Global Mixtape / 192 / 71.59

01. Deadmau5 – Strobe (Original Mix)
02. Babyman – Crazy Summer (Incognet & Happy Paul Remix)
03. Sebastian Moore – Close Call (Original Mix)
04. Khomha – I Dream With You (Original Mix)
05. Python – Cherub (Original Mix)
06. Aleete – Trilogy (Mango Remix)
07. D.E.R. – Mari Love (Original Mix)
08. Chad Stegall – Pianoman (Original Mix)
09. DJ Storm – Discopolis (AxisONE Remix)
10. T-Pe3 – Hourora (Original Mix)
11. Mario Chris – The Island (Original Mix)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Qbical !!

Cool progressive tune on Pure People, great bassline!!

Loads of mixes so check them out HERE @ Beatport and support!

Qbical - Generate Modulate (Instrumental Mix) / 320


Christophe Viala !

After exclusive choon from french producer Chris Laroche, time for another rising star from french prog scene... Today Exclusive promo from Christophe Viala !

Christophe Viala - Calypso - Original Mix /320

Dont forget to check out his MySpace !

East & Young !!

Absolute quality progressive music, to me it sounds a bit like the awesome Michael Cassette sound!

Check it out and get you own opinion, if U like it, support HERE @ Beatport!

East & Young - Reveal (Spherical Mix) / 320


Friday, 25 September 2009

Filoo - Progressive Emotions

Today I want show u Mixtape from my good friend Filoo ;)

The Best Progressive House Put together ;) in 75 minutes you will find new tracks and great classics ;)

Please listen and give him some feedback ;)

Filoo - Progressive Emotions @ live ! 25.09.09 DOWNLOAD

1. Ee-sma - Rush (Original Mix)
2. BT - Rose of Jericho (BT Album Mix)
3. Beatlevel - Feat. Faren - Palest Dark (Troy Hall & That Kid Chris Mix)
4. Andreo Vandalize - Moonlight (Original Mix)
5. Manuel De La Mare - Beautiful Life (Original Mix)
6. Manuel De La Mare - With or Without U (Club Mix)
7. Michael Cassette - Moonlight Runner
8. Royal Kinks - Borrowed Time (Michael Cassette Remix)
9. Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
10. Benny Benassi feat. Channing - Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha Remix)
11. Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Vocal Mix)
12. Makotrax - Homeward (2nd Mix)
13. Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Remix)
14. Chainside - I Would Die for You (Club Mix)
15. Japanese Popstars - B.C.T.T. (Original Mix)


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mark Knight - Mannheim !!

Killer-producer Mark Knight has let out a new release on Toolroom called Mannheim, bouncing beats that will shake the floors and buildings around the globe!

Massive one so if you like it then support Mark & Toolroom HERE @ Beatport! It won't cost you many coins!

Mark Knight - Mannheim (P.T.M Remix) / 320


New Michael Cassette !!!

Outstanding , amazing first (and very deep) release after summer of Michael Cassette with Egibe Abenda.

Egibe Abenda - Umbaio - Michael Cassette Remix / 320

Link to full release including Original Mix - HERE (

Second Left (aka Ben Preston) !!

Progressive bomber Ben Preston is hitting us once again with another skillful progressive production, this time with his project Second Left. Really great stuff!

If you like it, support Ben HERE! (Beatport)

Second Left - London To Paris (Original Mix) /320


Atrium Sun - Eva !!

Another fresh progressive one from Deepsessions Recordings that is based in Greece. This time it's Russian Atrium Sun that shows his progressive skills!

Support HERE @ Beatport!

Atrium Sun - Eva (Original Mix) / 320


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Spirit Tag !!

Massive tune, uplifting progressive style from Spirit Tag on New York based System Recordings, i can't stop listening to it!

Support this massive one HERE @ Beatport!

Spirit Tag - Time Stands Still (Extended Mix) / 320


Daniel Portman !!

A few days ago Mr. Daniel Portman was back with another progressive release, Back To The Underground. Release is on Unreleased Digital, massive stuff!

Check other mixes and give your support HERE! (Beatport)

Daniel Portman - Back To The Underground (San Remix) / 320


M.I.K.E. / Gareth Emery !!

Another remix on Sunrise At Palamos by M.I.K.E., this time by the awesome Gareth Emery! No more needed to be said, this is f***ing great!

Support it HERE @ Beatport!

M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos (Gareth Emery Remix) / 320



Great chillin' progressive work from Soulfinder, out on Athan's Deepsessions Recordings!

Check it out, if u like it, go and support it HERE ! (Beatport)

Soulfinder - Lost In Motion (Original Mix) / 320


Bob Sinclair - New New New - Avicii Remix

Simply amezing choon - hopefully soon will be released. Our big recommendation !

More on Avicii MySpace !

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

You Can Be The One / Sultan & Ned Shepard

....You Can Be The One !!!!

Kaskade, Late Night Alumni - You Can Be The One (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)/320

Support this massive release HERE! (


Chris Laroche!

New uprising star from france bang directly to us with new choon ! Great proggy stuff.

Chris Laroche - Hello Cherie - Original Mix /320 - Chris on MySpace!

Soon more from this producer ! :-)

Monday, 21 September 2009


New cool progressive tune out on Mediadrive Records, first release from a group called Esprit on Beatport.

If you like it, then support this on Beatport HERE !

Esprit - Connection (Tem GeuFX Mix) / 320



Ninesh Babu - Bombay Dreams You can support this release HERE (

ps. Big Kisses to Milo ! ;)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

PP Progressive Mix !!

Oki, here we go on another progressive ride folks! Times for yet another Pure Freddie Progressive Mixtape were I will show you some new progressive tunes on the scene. Hope there will be something that fits you and your bag!

If you like something, support on Juno or Beatport!

PP Progressive Mix! / 192 / 70.40

01. Jay Smith – Deeper Love (Original Mix)
02. Greedo – Who Is The Stranger (Original Mix)
03. Takaki Matsuda – Silence (Original Mix)
04. Estiva – I Feel Fine (Piano Mix)
05. Budai & Vic – B With U (Quarrel Remix)
06. Perpetual Feat. Tiff Lacey – Restless (Original Mix)
07. Fanzi – Resinato (Original Mix)
08. 21st Street – Tronic (Original Mix)
09. Ladies On Mars feat. Kooltune – Living Out There (Lea-D Remix)
10. Grigory Melikhov – Silver Key (Michael Levan & Steven Rivic Remix)


I Gotta Feelin / Dezza

We hope you all enjoyed the Exclusive Mixtape posted yesterday, a whole bunch of great coming tracks. We at Pure People have a request for you. As track number 4 we played a remix on Black Eyed Peas made by our friend from Canada, Dezza! This remix is in a remix contest hosted on the internet.

What we want you to do is to follow this link

and vote for this remix!

Big thanks from Dezza & Pure People!

Nadia Ali / Fantasy

For me the best track from Nadia Ali's album called "Embers".

Nadia Ali - Fantasy (Original Mix)/320

Please support this HERE! (

Chris Cargo - Inkfish Recordings !!

New progressive release on one of Sweden's best labels, Inkfish Recordings. This time it's Great Britain's Chris Cargo that drops a really nice piece of progressive!

Support if you like it!

Beatport HERE!

Chris Cargo - Warning 2009 (Dr. K, Nii & Shiha Remix) / 320


Pegasus - Pegasus !!

Great pumpin' & drivin' progressive house release from Pegasus. We hope to see more of this stuff!!

If you also like this, support the artist!

Beatport HERE !

Pegasus - Pegasus (Full Length Extended Mix) / 320


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - September 2009 !!

Pure People are proud to present you the next episode of our Exclusive Mixtapes, this episode is naturally for September 2009. We are in the coming 1 and a half hour showing you some coming, unreleased material from the progressive house scene. We hope you will take your time and of course enjoy it while listening to this mixtape!

What’s in it then?

Well some massive material got to us, we start our September Episode of with a new project from Risk of Pain aka Commonnoize Centre. These young polish guys are really good! 3ARTES are next up with a new remix, a vocal progressive house tune that is a smooth one. 3rd out is a track from some guys called Yakoozai, really proggy tune. After that something that don’t need any introduction, Black Eyed Peas is getting a final touch by the Canadian master of progressive, Dezza! Just give it a listen, this man is a genious. We move on to track 5 in this journey for progressive perfection, no introduction needed here what so ever, Leventina is showing the coming release named Biohazard, bomb warning as usual! Next tune isn’t up for ID yet but what a piece of progressive music, goosebumps!!

Next up is another one remixed by the huge Incognet, this time DJ Tatana gets under “the knife” by Dennis, killer remix as usual, this man is spoiling us with the best. No. 8 during this Exclusive Mixtape is a track from Shingo Nakamura, this one will be released on Digital Motion in recent time and here we show you the Happy Paul Remix. Open your mind, soul and ears, otherwise this digital Motion release will. The great Elfsong is next up, this time in a collab with the king of progressive breaks, Aeron Aether, great tune once again! This is followed by a massive one, still not out for ID but same again, a fantastic progressive tune that we will hear more about, that’s for sure. The 11th stop on this progressive journey is another smasher from Incognet, this time he put his magic fingers on a coming tune from Annie Taylor. You will recognize his style of music. Next up is a tune from Shiloh called Chords, smooth progressive music that I think you all will feel good while listening to. After that smooth trip we move on to some darker stuff from Hypnotic Hour that gets the final touch from Chris Drifter, I love this one! As number 14 we have an exclusive tune from Darin Epsilon. I think you all have heard him before and that you also believe me when I say this is a quality tune without any doubts. The remix is done on Overcast’s coming release, Clear Sky. Finally as track number 15, we hand you a look at coming release from Steve Navaro, called Omen, that’s the way to end this massive progressive journey, with an absolute progressive banger!

We all hope you have enjoyed it and will drop some comments to us about what you think!

Progressive Love from Pure People !

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - September 2009 / 192 / 89.00

01. Risk Of Pain – Perspectives (Intro Mix)
02. Anything But Monday - Still Standing (3ARTES Club Remix)
03. Yakoozai - Rondaview (Eyescape Pleiades Remix)
04. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta’ Feelin’ (Dezza Remix)
05. Leventina – Biohazard (Original Mix)
06. ID – ID
07. DJ Tatana – Autumn Sun (Incognet Remix)
08. Shingo Nakamura - Metro Tour (Happy Paul Remix)
09. Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Empyria (Original Mix)
10. ID – ID
11. Annie Taylor – ID (Incognet Remix)
12. Shiloh – Chords (Original Mix)
13. Hypnotic Hour – Dark Eyes (Chris Drifter Remix)
14. Overcast – Clear Sky (Darin Epsilon Remix)
15. Steve Navaro – Omen (Original Mix)

Greedo !!

Brand new progressive bombs from Greedo, this is so good i think!

Be sure to check it out and if you like it, of course support the artists!

Beatport HERE !

Greedo - Back To The Wild (Original Mix) / 320


Aurosonic - EDU !!

Been a few days since posting here at Pure people but now we are back on track again. Heavy descisions has been made but we keep going on, showing you the best progressive music around!

Here is a brand new remix from EDU on Aurosonic's latest release, really great stuff!

Be sure to support artists if u like it!

Beatport HERE !

Aurosonic & Morphing Shadows Feat. Marcie - Ocean Wave (EDU Instrumental Mix) / 320


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nellie Sessions 008

Really cool mixtape with bunches of new productions


01. Passenger 10 - Avantgarde (Dinka D.E.E.P. Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
02. Vinayak A - Fighting With Insecurity (Original Mix) [Baroque]
03. Cid Inc - Point Out (Original Mix) [Inkfish]
04. Interplay - Room Service (Alternative Mix) [Anjunadeep]
05. Incognet - Freedom (Re-Dub Mix) [Nellie]
06. Claes Rosén - Genuine (Original Mix) [Nellie]
07. Bale & Voltaire - Green Wave (Interplay Remix) [Why Not]
08. Luke Porter - Metropolis (Khainz Remix) [microCastle]
09. Helvetic Nerds - Salto (Leventina Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
10. Kaspar Kochker - Indonesia (Original Mix) [Nellie]
11. Passenger 10 - Trust In You [Unreleased Digital]
12. Decane - Cherry Blossom (David Ryan's Summer Rework) [Electronique Digital]



Message from Milo - Groove Bastards !!

Freddie speaking first, this is a message i recieved from our big friend Milo and of course we help him out. This is a request from him so here is a statement from him about what has happened with Groove Bastards.


Groovebastards RIP

Sup peeps?? Its Milo from ex-GB. Hope u’r all doing fine out there ... I asked my friends from here if they can do me a favor and post little message i have for all of ex-GB visitors, cos i think i owe u all an explanation ...

Yesterday around 18:00 i decided to shut down the Groovebastards blogspot. Since this is not the time & place to drop pathetic sentences i will try to explain shortly wtf happened. Yesterday i had an incident with one label (i dont wanna name them). They had problem with one track i hosted on zippyshare & posted it for free downloading as sample. Big props to the producer of the track cos he is really nice dude! We joined forces to conact zippy to remove the track but those fuckers seems arent online so they still havent removed the track. But just like the producer wanted to cooperate with me, the label owner didnt so he contacted their lawyers company and further Performing Rights Society. After that i started to receive mails with threats from them …. He also sent my blog adress to other companies & labels so that they can check the material hosted there. Maybe the producers are busy in the studio, but those companies aren’t.

Yet, i would say yesterday incident was just the straw that broke the camel's back. It was just the end of a process which had i would say 4 parts. 1) I’m pretty tired with blogging stuff. Afer Jovica retired, running a blogspot all alone which had around 2.500 visits per day is not easy job at all. I was giving my best, spending A LOT of time & nervs there. You got to have a lot of good will, free time, nervs & motivation to do that. Yesterday, those factors came to an end. 2) I have more & more ethic doubts about giving someones work for everyone to take it for free. Its just my attitude, not so much things to say. I don’t wanna spread shit about it; at some other place maybe we can start topic about it and discuss what kind of influence blog had on the scene (or even blogspots influence on EDM). But two the most important things: 3) Next few weeks are gonna be crucial in my life. A lot of big things is about to happen so i must stay strongly focused on them. Last thing i need atm is to be distracted & to excange emails with lawyers & companies. Lets be serious ^-^ ! Finally, 4) seems like with my blogspot i caused some troubles to some people. SORRY for that! I can be a lot of that in life but last thing i want to be is a trouble(maker).

So, GB project is done for good. I had a really awesome time there, met a lot of awesome people. I think it’s the best that came up from this job. Blogspot was a BIG part of me, and i think yesterday my girlfriend was the happiest on the planet when i told her i’ve it shutted it down. There are moments in life when its time to move on. Maybe one day (in 2 or 3 or 4 months or maybe never) when I recharge batteries i will come back. We’ll see yet. I can say i sleep much better now knowing that when i wake up i will not see complainings, urgents, copyright infringements & other shits in my email inbox. Dunno about you, but it means so much to me; i’m sick & tired of it. Feel kinda relaxed now.

OK, enough of my bullshit. One day somewhere else i will have more space to write more about all of this. I want to say BIG thanks to all who supported & joined GB project! I love U! Also big props to PP & WHL – the sick places where I found inspiration to start my own blog. My two older brothers! I learned lessons about progressive on those pages! Big props to PS cos we started the blog job at the same time. It was sick journey! So just continue visiting those places (i will!) i u will find all the latest & sickest about the progressive there. Now i’m going back to my roots – the c-box dude from time to time!!
I wish u all the best in lifes folks, a lot of health & happines! Take care yourself, and don’t forget that peace starts with just one smile! ;)))


Groovebastards RIP, 07.12.2008 – 15.10.2009

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I Never Find / Matteo Marini

Matteo Marini - I Never Find (Original Mix)/320

Support this release HERE! (


You Make Me Feel / Dankann

New Great track from Italian genius Dankann

Dankann - You Make Me Feel (Original Mix)/320

Support this release HERE! (


Myon & Shane !!

They are back with another massive vocal progressive banger, the huge producers of Myon & Shane 54!

Released @ Beatport today, support HERE !

Myon & Shane 54 Feat. Aruna - Helpless (Monster Mix) / 320