Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year !!!!!!

Hey pure progressive people from all around the progressive world! How's goin ? U already started with drinking? Ok so just a quick one here.

We from PP want to wish you all a really great new 2010. This was really great year for us, including PP decision to start blog all over again, with a different concept, by doing it strictly legal, supportive and cooperating with artists and labels. And we think we made a right decision. We receive a really huge support from all around a globe, from many more or less known artists and labels. We would love to say BIG THANKS to all who support our project. Thats the source of our strength! Another important thing is that we have already booked site domain, and its just matter of time when we're gonna start it!

We wish all of you a lot of health, happiness, love and ofc a lot of sick progressive music in 2010! Thanks for all the support u are giving us coz thats our motivation to keep up with this job!

So cya next year, or tomorrow! Now lets all go to our parties and drunk our asses of!

PP Crew: Jasik, Freddie, Pat, Milo

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shiftone, Arthur Deep - Freedom [SILK023]

Silk Digital's final release of 2009 comes from Shiftone, a new alias from one of the label's original inspirations, Arthur Deep. A contributor to Silk's very first release, the breathtaking "Summer Day" Remix, Arthur has gone on to achieve both underground and commercial success as one of the industry's leading progressive and deep house artists. The title cut, "Freedom", is rife with artist signatures: tech stabs and glitches fill out the rhythm, as emotionally incisive melodies subtly begin to develop. In the main break, a new oscillating synth emerges, the rate of which increases in speed and intensity as the track prepares for the climactic drop. "Home Again," packs a bit more percussive punch, as well as a more potent bassline. Foreboding pads, which are especially prominent in the main break, add a darker texture; yet, they are brilliantly balanced by delicate, high-octave arpeggios, which buoy the track from sinking into the forlorn abyss. The final cut, "A Little Alien," is perhaps the most stunning: unlike the first two tracks, this is a purely uplifting cut, with a stunning lead melody. In the first of two breaks, a moment that can only be described as breathtaking ensues, as all of the beats are stripped away and the lead is left to sparkle.

1. Shiftone, Arthur Deep - Freedom (Original Mix)
2. Shiftone, Arthur Deep - Home Again (Original mix)
3. Shiftone, Arthur Deep - A Little Allien (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Shiftone, Arthur Deep - Freedom [SILK023]

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Exclusive Interview with Cloudivers

(On the pick: Alex Polo - on the left, Shemuratov - on the right: CLOUDIVERS)

Another big day for PP community! We have established a great cooperation with Cloudivers! U know these dudes; few weeks ago they released Breathing Sun EP on EDX's label Sirup Music. Its is a big deal coz as far as i know, Sirup don't release too much nowdays (last one i remember was DJ Tatana - Autumn Sun EP, somewhere in summer). Anyways, its a big honour for us from PP to cooperate with these guys. Beside they are great guys, they also sick producers! Anatoly Shemuratov & Alexander Polo are Cloudivers. They also run own label called City Zen Digital which was founded in 2009. Today we have them aboard so we decided to make one exclusive interview with them, so that we can introduce Cloudivers project to wider progressive community worldwide. They already signed three-track EP for Nellie Recordings, which is coming in march 2010. Let me say once again its a big honor for us to have them aboard and now we lets see what they have to say! ;) (At the end of an interview u have Soundcloud link with their Breathing Sun track available to download in Radio edit, so just scroll down, play it and enjoy while reading the interview)

PP: Hi guys! First please let me say we from PP are honored to have u here and that we are able to make interview with u guys. So how's goin?

Cloudivers: Hi, Milo! Thanks, we are fine! We workin hard on a new stuff right at the moment in our City Zen Digital studio!

Great, thank u guys! OK so for start can u tell us few words about how the project Cloudivers was born? For how long u two guyz are into music? When and how did you start to produce music? And when and how u deiced to start cooperation project Cloudivers ?

Cloudivers: Cloudivers project was found at summer 2009. We create That Summer Track and it was really hot stormer. So we decided to start a new project. Music we create is like diving into clouds of our subconciousness, and the name of our project - is main idea.
We started our music careers in mid nighntees. Anatoly Shemuratov was one of the founders of City Zen project together with Pavel Lesnevsky. As a member of City Zen, Anatoly had a contract with Sirup music and released a lot of vinyl and digital tracks all over the world. Alexander Polo - is one of most sucsessful dj's and promoters in south of Russia. We met in 2005 at the biggest Russian & Ukrain electronic festival - Kazantip, where we both played at the main stage. In 2009 we was found our own musical label - City Zen Digital and booking agency. Since that moment our collaboration was started.

PP: How would u describe the sound of Cloudivers? In which genre u place your sound?

Cloudivers: It's melodic progressive house stuff with strong grooves and beautiful deep atmosphere, and sometimes nice vocal hooks.

PP: Cool, i ask this coz a lot of ppl would describe it as trance. Butg they just suck :D Now can u describe us your process of making a track. Is it first an idea in your heads and u then go to the studio, or its all at once and about experimenting with sounds? How much time do u need to make one track ?

Cloudivers: We start all of our tracks with a kick drum) Then we making a main groove - its all about experimenting with sounds. This is a time for sound engineering and creation of exclusive sounds. And only when we both start dancing in the studio, rasing our hands up, we proceed making a track, adding a beautiful athmospheric time stop, which contains main idea of the track. Usualy, it takes 2 or 3 days to make one track, no longer)

PP: Where do u find all the inspiration for melodies? Do u think that talent is most important thing (coz i think so :)) ?

Cloudivers: The main source of our inspiration is our universe with space, stars, clouds, seas, creatures and people. And of course we found a lot of inspiration in tracks of our favorite artists like: EDX and Chris Reece. And of course - Metallica, Motorhead and Megadeth))

PP: What equipment do u guys use at the studio? Is your production all software based or there are some hardwers used? And if both, in what percentage u use them?

Cloudivers: We use only IMac 24'', Dynaudio BM 15 studio monitors, Logic Pro 8 and all of software of Logic. Nothing more)

(On the left: Maurizio Colella aka EDX, on the right: Shemuratov)

PP: Ok Alexander, here is one tough & interesting question. Since Cloudivers (as project) are newcomers on the progressive scene, tell me what do u think about illegal music sharing (via blogs, forums etc.). Is it killing the producers? Can it somehow help them? What is important people who do that (share music illegaly) to realize?

Cloudivers: As for the artists and owners of musical label it's very bad, but releasing a tracks - it's also a very good promo. And the biggest part of money artists make on a gigs.
Unfortunately, we can't control this situation.

PP: U guyz are DJ's as well as producers. Can u tell us more about the situation in the clubs there concerned progressive sound? Is Russia like good part of the world (and my Serbia as well) all into electro/fidget/commercial sounds? Is there any radio stations & clubs only progressive based?

Cloudivers: Of course, mainstream rules! People mostly likes tracks, wich they've heard on the radio. The most clubs in Russia have one musical format, not fidget, but commercial house and electrohouse. As for progressive house stuff, it depends on dj. We try to play progressive at all of our gigs. And people like it! We can say that progressive is also commercial music, but just a little bit more intellectual. And not all people ready for that. There is no any special radio stations and clubs only progressive based.

PP: Ok, now lets move to next part of the interview. U guyz started a label City Zen Digital. How did that happened? Whats your idea with it, whats the story about City Zen Digital?

Cloudivers: We started our label in the beginning of 2009. The main reason was to release tracks of young and talented russian and ukrainian musicians. It's easier to work, when you have a system, witch contains of label, booking agency, promo group.

PP: What kind of genre are u planning to release on the label?

We planned to produce progressive house, tech house and techno stuff. But main genre is of course - progressive!

PP: Are there any releases already scheduled? Shemuratov - Searchin release is really great!

Cloudivers: The second release of our label coming up in january 2010. It will be A Dios with two beautiful massive progressive tracks. Then we planned a second part of A Dios release with remixes from Incognet, Cloudivers and other producers. The next one will be release of our virtual artist - Chris Cryss. It's just a toy - little funny rat)

PP: Ok Alex, now tell me your 3 - 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

Cloudivers: Dinka - Celtic of Scotland, A Dios - Avalance (Cloudivers remix), EDX - Shy Shy, Daniel Portman - Baaly..

PP: Is there any producer u personally consider as the best in nowdays business?

Of course its Christian Hirt aka Chris Reece) With all of his alliaces!

PP: Thank u guys. We from PP wish u all the best in 2010! Cya! Cheers!

Cloudivers: Thank you too for this interview and wish you good luck. We are really glad to meet you! C-ya on the rave!)

We have green light to spread one radio edit, so here is the Soundcloud link:

Cloudivers - Breathing Sun (radio mix) by Cloudivers

T-Pe3 - Message From The Stars EP [CP128]

New galactic EP from the Italian progressive star T-Pe3. Released on big Label - The Clubbers runned by Thomas Schwartz , Luigi Lusini , Starchaser ! So this is excatly "Message from The Stars" !

Made to Be Together (Original Mix)
Three Steps Higher (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD T-Pe3 - Message From The Stars EP [CP128]

Something Good - Loop / Hanko [SILKRL007]

To usher in the new year, Silk Royal proudly welcomes Karolus Viitala and Otto Yliperttula, a.k.a Something Good, for a meaty, five-track package of originals and remixes. This multi-talented duo has just witnessed a spectacular year, including radio support by the industry's leading names (James Grant) and DJ events alongside the world's top artists in their native Finland. The Original Mix of the anthemic "Loop" begins with a weighty percussion section and the signature lead hook, upon which the rest of the track derives it's euphoric energy. The break offers a joyful new lead, another high-octave, anthemic 'loop' that only reinforces the countdown-to-2010 vibes of the tune. Veteran American producer Dave Cortex, whose top-charting work this year has received support from names as prominent (and eclectic) as Jaytech and Marcus Schossow, returns to Silk Royal with a textural masterpiece: dense rhythmic effects and an ethereal pad sequence establish a

stunning soundscape from the onset. As the tune develops, the listener is treated to an array of bright synth stabs and "glimpses" of the original lead hooks. Fellow Silk veteran Derek Silvester (a.k.a. Dezza), who has witnessed major radio and live support this year from both Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk, provides the second remix in the package. The track begins as a darker prog interpretation, underpinned by a bed of minimal-tech rhythmic elements. Yet, the lead hooks in the Original Mix return in the two main breaks, to exhilarating effect. Last but not least, another rising Finnish duo, Labtracks, has offered an equally club-banging, high-energy alternative to the Original. The aggressive rhythm is matched by the fury of the lead synths, as well as a newly added side-chained pad sequence.

DOWNLOAD Something Good - Loop / Hanko [SILKRL007]

Ben Coda - Reflections [BARSP029]

Next up on baroque is a release from just down the road from Baroque HQ , in birmingham. Ben Coda productions take you on a rolling journey of tech beats and lush soundscapes.

Reflections is a pure slab of pumpin prog, with driving groove and sparkling melody. The remix from Russel G and Steve Haines takes a slightly techy but equally huuuuge drivin route. while the Digital Impression mix reflects the sound of now, to a T.. deep swirling grooves and hypnotic hooks.. rather tasty!

DOWNLOAD Ben Coda - Reflections [BARSP029]

Andy Duguid - DejaVoodoo [BH3020]

Andy Duguid's new single "DejaVoodoo" is an absolute stunner. Andy brings us his crisp, trademark sound and he put the full focus of his production on the absolutely mesmerizing break that will send chills down your spine. The lovely thumping beats pave the way for the climax that awaits the listener after the break; a break that begins very silently -pianissimo in classical music- and slowly but surely becomes louder. And the chords of the theme, the more or less rain drop sound of that fragile little synth, it all creates an incredibly warm, space kind of atmosphere. When finally the beats return, your audience will fully enjoy the massive sound of "DejaVoodoo" with goose bumps from head to toe and stay on that dance floor for the rest of the night.

The second version in the package, the Prog Mix, is indeed perfect for a modern progressive live set and is a bit darker and heavier than the original. "DejaVoodoo" is Andy Duguid at his best!

DOWNLOAD Andy Duguid - DejaVoodoo [BH3020]

Praveen Achary - Crossover [MAC011]

Praveen Achary, a relative newcomer to the scene, churns out a massive big-room tune, to compliment the release, on board is an all-star cast of remixers.

The first comes from Fiord, who really need no introduction - as Antix, they hit every progressive chart. Their techy new moniker is already making waves, Remixing Dave Seaman for Audiotherapy and with releases on Dieb Audio, Underwater, Whoop!, Sprout & eVapour8. The second remix comes from Argentina'sManuel Sofia aka MOS (Audiotherapy, Sprout, Electribe). This mix truly defines the new melodic but deep progressive sound of the 21st century. The third comes from another Indian artist, Tanseer, who gives it a progressive workout!


01. Crossover - Original Mix
02. Crossover - Fiord Remix
03. Crossover - Manuel Sofia aka MOS Remix
04. Crossover - Tanseer Remix

DJ Feedback:

Sasha: Manuel Sofia mix for me!
Hernan Cattaneo: manu mix for me thanks! (Charted at #11 in December)
Dave Seaman: Loving Fiord mix
Chloe Harris: i love fiords remix! awesome stuff
Henry Saiz: Manuel Sofia rmx is a monster! will play it and chart it, many thanks.
Steve Mill: Fiord Remix is rocking
Lank: Very good EP, full support
Kosmas Epsilon: Fiord remix is fookin sweet! gonna play quite a lot in the coming months..
Alexdolby: love the mood of fiord remix!!
Luke Porter: Love the wailing synths on the original and the way in which the remixers have incorporated it in their versions as well - really haunting. Very fond of the original and Manuel Sofia mixes here.
CID Inc: Smashing, Fiord delivers a serious rework here! Full support

DOWNLOAD Praveen Achary - Crossover [MAK011]

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Claes Rosen, Add2Basket, Syntheticsax - Volaris

Hey peeps! I hope u all remember anthemic "Volaris" track released back in august 2007 as colaboration between Claes Rosen & Add2Basket. Remixes package was released in may 2008 and contains some massive interpretations from players such as 2-Xclusive & Roman Rai. Few months ago russian producer, saxophonist & dj Syntheticsax made a reinterpretation of it and he included some massive saxo chords. Now this track sounds really fresh and awesome. Some funky progressive house in its finest! U can check that versions on Youtube clip above and u can download* it in 320Kbps format on zippyshare bellow. I hope u all enjoy in this beatuful track as much as i do! Just love it!

DOWNLOAD Claes Rosen, Add2Basket, Syntheticsax - Volaris @ Zippyshare (320Kbps)

* Track source is Syntheticsax blog where he published it for free download. View source. We reuploaded it so that viewers can download it faster.

Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction [INK048]

Darin Epsilon's latest effort on Inkfish Recordings have gained praise and plays from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and many more.

Darin delivers another emotional progressive work out, backed up with a big room remix from Baroque-artist Sezer Uysal and a haschier take by Inkfish.

KEY DJ SUPPORT comes from: Above & Beyond, Chloe Harris, DJ Taj, Flash Brothers, Gareth Emery, Hernan Cattaneo, Jacob Henry, Jalebee Cartel, Jerome Isma-ae, Kristina Sky, Luke Porter, Markus Schulz, Matt Darey, Miss Nine, Moonbeam, Nick Warren, Retroid, Samer, Shawn Mitiska, Solarstone, Steve Parry, and many many more!

01. Original Mix
02. Sezer Uysal's Never Satisfied Remix (check at YouTube)
03. Inkfish In Indica Satisfaction Land Mix

DOWNLOAD [INK048] Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction - [Inkfish Recordings]

Friday, 25 December 2009

Claes Rosen - Milky Way EP [UDR-0989]

Claes Rosen - Milky Way EP on Unreleased Digital is OUT NOW! Two really nice tracks in the package. Milky Way is in Claes recognizible style: funky & silky progressive house track with a bit of 80's influence. A Bit Odd - maybe a bit odd for Claes, but still keeps main funky line but this tome with bit deeper & darker groove. All in all, Unreleased Digital ends the 2009 with another soild package. Don't miss it, support is greatly appreciated.

1. Milky Way (Original Mix)
2. A Bit Odd (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD Claes Rosen - Milky Way EP [UDR-0989]

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Incognet - Jingle Bell Rocks !

Great progressive version of Jingle Bells by Incognet ! Something to provide us with holiday mood & atmospehere!

As a Christmas gift here is free radio version!

DOWNLOAD Incognet - Jingle Bell Rocks (Radio Version)

Merry Christmas to all!

Jebski , DJ Yogurt - Spiral Note [PSI0927]

Particles would like to introduce you to Jebski & Yogurt, a duo out of Japan. Kensuke Kobayashi (Jebski) and Shuji Abe (Yogurt) both had their first release in 1999 but our guess is this is the first time you'll be hearing from them: Thanks then goes to our royal fruit, Mango, for some behind the scenes A&R work!

We recomended you R-Tem Remix !
R-Tem goes crisp, analog, and progressive while Satoshi Fumi goes deep & jazzy.

DOWNLOAD Jebski , DJ Yogurt - Spiral Note [PSI0927]

Mango, Orion, and J. Shore - When All The Ships Are Gone [ALLEY011]

Mango, Orion, and J. Shore, the trio who were responsible for the celebrated "Raining in Osaka" EP earlier in the year, are proud to present the follow-up single, "When All The Ships Are Gone." The Mango mix kicks off with a clicky and sample-dense rhythmic progression, quickly becoming a signature of the Mango Alley imprint. By the quarter turn, a trademark Mango bassline has also emerged, infusing the tune with a powerful low-end force. Yet, the track does not really take off until the main break, as a gentle piano weaves through a dizzying array of resonant arpeggios. The result is deeply emotional, especially as the weight of the melodic content almost literally seems to "crash down" at the drop. Mango's alter-ego, "Shoreliners," provides a more traditional rhythmic base, allowing the more subtle melodies of the original to really shine. Chilled pads and piano solos have also been added here, with the effect of a more "romantic" re-imagining of the original.

DOWNLOAD Mango, Orion, and J. Shore - When All The Ships Are Gone [ALLEY011]

Dudu Nahas - My Wall [PD182]

Really great track from Dudu Nahas is out today! Listen full version bellow!

Dudu Nahas - My wall (original mix) by dudunahas

Here is the link to get your copy!

DOWNLOAD Dudu Nahas - My Wall [PD182]

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Gina Star - This Is Hollywood [LONS02801Z]

Gina Star is a DJ & producer originally from Dallas, Texas. After moving to LA in 2006 to further her career, she was hailed by the LA Times and E! Entertainment as one of the most talented and sought after DJ’s in the city. Playing her own special style of big room uplifting techy house in some of LA’s most exclusive V.I.P. celebrity endorsed nightclubs.
With a distinctive and uncompromising ear for good music, she accepted the position of Director of A&R at Thrive Records, home to some of the biggest DJs in the world including Oakenfold, Digweed and Deep Dish. This then gave her the inspiration to produce herself, releasing ‘Rock With Me’ on Dave Aude’s label ‘Audacious’ which received rave reviews.
Moving across the pond in 2009 to the UK to further her DJ & production career Gina Star has propelled herself into the limelight working with Toolroom Records and gaining support on her productions most notably with Pete Tong spinning her recent Cirez D & Sunscreem mashup, playing it to the masses on his Radio 1 show.
‘This Is Hollywood’ is Gina Star’s debut release on Toolroom’s ‘Leaders Of The New School’ imprint featuring the instantly recognizable vocal talent of DJ Roland Clark. The track has a driving groove, building layers of sound with Roland preaching ‘Welcome To Hollywood, what’s your dream’. The track incorporates a massive uplifting synth line which comes through for those ‘Hands in the air’ moments taking you to a brilliantly executed breakdown, before dropping back in to a full on dance floor assault.
The instrumental does exactly as it says on the tin and as an extra bonus the package features Roland’s full Acapella, which seems to be a rarity these days when releasing music in the digital age.
As Pete Tong would say ‘This is Essential’!!

DOWNLOAD Gina Star - This Is Hollywood [LONS02801Z]

Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction [INK048]

Darin Epsilon's latest effort on Inkfish Recordings have gained praise and plays from Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and many more.

Darin delivers another emotional progressive work out, backed up with a big room remix from Baroque-artist Sezer Uysal and a haschier take by Inkfish.

DOWNLOAD Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction [INK048]


Alandanat's debut release on Nellie Recordings. Will be out exclusively on Beatport at the 18th of January, 2010. Check out this preview - EDU Remix, its really awesome, some warm sounds just what we need for this shitty winter! The package will contain Original Mix, Edu Remix and Invisible Sounds Remix.

Jaytech, Boom Jinx - Milano [ANJDEE059D]

Clearly not content with one top-notch collaboration this winter, 'Milano' sees Boom Jinx once again joining forces with Anjuna's finest as he teams up with James Cayzer. With its 80s-influenced synths and glittering array of melodies it's a stylish and sophisticated groover perfect for dropping into any house-flavoured set.
On the flipside, Ad Brown has worked up a driving alternative with a gorgeously melodic midpoint where the synth takes centre stage, meaning there's no excuse not to pick this one up when it hits town!

DOWNLOAD Jaytech, Boom Jinx - Milano [ANJDEE059D]

Monday, 21 December 2009

Maxi Valvona - Mellow Magik [LOW018]

As usual, huge monday at Beatport. A lot massive releases, and we're trying to pick & present u whats the best.
One of the biggest breakthrough's in 2009 - Maxi Valvona aka Ad Brown is out with another cool single called Mellow Magik on Low Battery Recordings. Including Original version and Mango & Ben Coda remixes. All 3 provided versions are really massive, once again no pick at all, all three are just must check it out! Or boy Jasik played Mango remix few days ago in our PP Session 001 so u have preview there as well!

DOWNLOAD Maxi Valvona - Mellow Magik [LOW018]

B.O.N.G. - Back To Floripa [SILK022]

Argentinian producer B.O.N.G. is having a phenomenal year, as he continues to receive support from the industry's leading names, including Hernan Cattaneo and James Grant. B.O.N.G's sophomore effort with Silk Digital is a three-track EP, featuring the uplifting vibes characteristic of his more recent work. The title cut, "Back to Floripa" (so-named for the well-known Brazilian resort city), is a much needed escape from the wintry conditions upon us; floaty arpeggios and a "breath" stab weave themselves through a festive rhythm. Holidays" is a more chilled composition, as the percussion has been stripped down and the overall texture imbued with a sunny, beachside energy, most evident in the beat-less, pad-euphoric breakdown. B.O.N.G. injects a shot of adrenaline in the closing track, "Walk and Talk," which is arguably the standout tune in the package. A furious, club-banging rhythm blends seamlessly with a radiant soundscape of lush pads. In thebreakdown, a resonant lead synth line cuts through the mix, adding additional energy and emotion to an already stunning composition.

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. - Back To Floripa [SILK022]

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dezemi - Shiny Shadow (Original Mix) PROMO

Young rising star suprises again ! This time with a track called "Shiny Shadow" Really HUGE progressive track !

DOWNLOAD - Dezemi - Shiny Shadow (Original Mix) PROMO

Feel free to leave a comment !

PureJasik - Pure People Sessions 001

01. B.O.N.G - A Better Place (Passenger 10 Because Of The Vibes Remix) [Cool Vibes]
02. Dinka - The Celtic Of Scotland (Original Mix) [Enormous tunes]
03. Reeves - Call Of Lonelines (Original Mix) [AnjunaBeats]
04. Dezza - Take You Home (Original Mix) [CD-R]
05. Kaspar Kochker - Newry (Original Mix) [Nellie Recordings]
06. G-Tek - New School FM (Original Mix) [Silk Digital]
07. T-Pe3 - Chanting In The Sunset (Matteo Marini Rmx) [Whist Records]
08. Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction (Original Mix) [Inkfish Records]
09. Maxi Valvona - Mellow Magik (Mango Remix) [Low Battery Recordings]
10. Dinka - Gateways (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
11. Johan Wedel & Mikael Weermets - Tears Of The Sun (Original Mix) [CD-R]
12. Johan Wedel - East Air (Original Mix) [CD-R]

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chad Hardcastle - Changing The Stars [DL087]

I've just picked up one really massive stormer from Beatport and wanted to show it up here coz it really deserves. Nice progressive with a bit of techy underground club groove, hell of a nice production! Chad Hardcastle is the dude, and the track is Reinventing The Wheel. This is just Must include in every quality progressive set!

DOWNLOAD Chad Hardcastle - Changing The Stars [DL087]

Ad Brown - Vaporized [45R9101]

Check new release from British Progressive star - Ad Brown !
"Vaporized" with remix from Ster Bros

DOWNLOAD Ad Brown - Vaporized [45R9101]

Van Dresden - Back to Start [AM0004]

Finally the remixes for Van Dresen's "Back To Start" is Out !
New remixes from two of Norway's biggest trance talents Orjan Nilsen and Kimito Lopez! Also included an amazing remix from Raul Medina from the United States.

DOWNLOAD Van Dresden - Back to Start [AM0004]

Friday, 18 December 2009

Dinka - Scarlet [ETR0659]

Dinka is finishing the 2009 with a three-track storming package!

1. Scarlet (Original mix)
2. The Celtic Of Sotland (Original Mix)
3. Gateways (Original Mix)

If u let me choose ... then i'm not sure i can decide at all! All three tracks are so cool! I just think Gateways will smash so many dance floors coz its a really massive uplifting balearic inspired drive. Its a track played by Chris Reece in HN show in april. A lot of u have asking can we ID that one; well now its oficially out so all u need to do is follow the next link and check it all there!

DOWNLOAD Dinka - Scarlet [ETR0659]

Cloudivers - Breathing Sun EP [SIR0461]

Huge two-track EP on EDX 's label Sirup Music! Russia based newcomers Cloudivers are here with two big progressive stormers, its just must check out!

DOWNLOAD Cloudivers - Breathing Sun EP [SIR0461]

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Frederic Van Hooft - Palolem [L8090]

Ok now we are few days late with announcing this one; coz i've just discovered it. And i must say: THIS IS TOP NOTCH ITSELF! Such a beautiful melodic track! MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW! Reminds on Mossy & Mango styles combined ... But now its Frederic Van Hooft ....

DOWNLOAD Frederic Van Hooft - Palolem [L8090]

Denis Melody - La Joie de La vie [BL011]

Denis Melody again on Base Legere with a deep and techy Track called La Joie De La Vie. Remixes by Paronator and the new upcoming guys RivernSea! Really great three-track package, so even i consider myself progressive fan, Original as tech one is just great! My pick is Paronator remix though. ;)

DOWNLOAD Denis Melody - La Joie de La vie [BL011]

Viktor Fox - Workprint EP [L8087]

Viktor Fox's Workprint EP includes Workprint (Original Mix) and Rastafary (Original Mix) This is Viktor's 2nd EP Release with L8-Night Records.

Two really great tracks in this one: u don't wanna miss it, so follow the link to check it!

DOWNLOAD Viktor Fox - Workprint EP [L8087]

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tocadisco, Nadia Ali - Better Run (Incl. Wippenberg, Inpetto Mixes) [SUPERSTAR REC.]

Signing off 2009 in typical Toca-style, the German house crafter completes a year of disco domination with the release of his latest euphoric rocker ‘Better Run.’ Lifted straight from Tocadisco’s radio-inspired album, ‘TOCA 128.0FM’, the next anthem in waiting is a melodic monster oozing warmth, perfect for those enduring the winter weather at this time of year. Rising climaxes make the journey from start to finish unpredictable, whilst the sumptuous vocals from Nadia Ali add verve and vigor to a track that is equally as radio friendly, as it is club class. Having recently held down the coveted Essential Mix slot on BBC Radio 1, the Toca-train looks set to stream its way into 2010 with another belter to end another year to remember.

Big recommendation is Wippenberg remix. A real stormer!

DOWNLOAD Tocadisco, Nadia Ali - Better Run (Incl. Wippenberg, Inpetto Mixes)

Artisan - Yama / Atma EP [LBR010]

Artisan might be a new name on the scene, but Artisan aka Roland Green is in no sense a beginner. Together with his studio partner Oliver Harper they form the duo Harper & Green with highly successful releases on labels like Pure Substance, Avangardia and Flow Records and have been supported by DJs like Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, The Flash Brothers, Jaytech, Ricky Ryan, John Graham and the list goes on. We have the pleasure of signing Roland's first solo EP as Artisan to Lowbit Records. "Yama" is a deep atmospheric track with rolling arpegios, layered pads, deep baseline and groovy rhythms. "Atma" is more energetic, melodic track with big room stabs, plucky melodies and elegant pads.

Doing remixes on this release is big mix of people starting with Russia's wonder duo Python (Kansak, Etoka, Green Snake Records), who delivers a subtle and mesmerizing deep progressive remix of Yama. UK DJ and producer Steve Haines (Mango Alley, What Happens, Armada) really kicks it up with a blend of progressive and techno for his remix of Atma. Last but not least Claus Von Klunk, Roland's partner in Harper & Green, rounds off the release with a melodic, more housey remix of Yama.

DOWNLOAD Artisan - Yama / Atma EP [LBR010]

Stafford Brothers, Tom Neville feat Frank Stafford - Come My Way (Incl. Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [TOOL08301Z]

Toolroom Records presents a fantastic new release from UK’s Tom Neville & Australia’s Stafford Brothers ‘Come My Way’ featuring the amazing vocal talent of Frank Stafford.

Tom Neville is one of the UK’s finest producers cleverly walking the line between the underground and popular sound, his solo projects captivate the cooler dancefloors from Sunday night soiree’s in London to sell out Festivals in Australia with his remixes for established acts including Keane & Britney Spears oozing credential points for the original artists. Hailing from New Zealand The Stafford Brothers are certainly no strangers to success, their current rise to the top has seen them conquer Australia and beyond to become one of the world’s finest DJ & producer Duo’s unleashing their ‘Hands in the air’ sound to millions across the globe.

Tom & the Stafford Brothers met years ago back at the Platinum Club, Gold Coast when Tom was touring Australia at the time. Through a mutual love of music and beer the guys became good friends and started to plan a studio collaboration! During their return tour of the UK the Stafford’s teamed up with Tom in his Studio bringing with them the vocal talents of their Cousin Frank Stafford. With all these talents combined it was a sure fire recipe for an instant hit, ‘Come My Way’ was born and is now due to be released to the masses with its anthemic festival sound, rock inspired vocals and analogue electro bass.

The remix package boasts a list of A grade artist names including Jerome Isma-Ae, Hatiras & Mark Simmons

Jerome Isma-Ae delivers an outstanding remix cementing his reputation as one of the fastest rising producers the progressive collective have witnessed in recent years, his perfectionist approach shines with his sound of tight crisp drums, driving bass and lush chords to create a whole new genre anthem for ‘Come My Way’!

Next up award winning Hatiras deploys his twisted, wacky & energetic production style to create a bleeped out jacking remix that will rock every dancefloor from the UK to Oz! Make no mistake, this is HUGE!

Mark Simmons delivers an up tempo tech house workout that delivers the goods in every way; big FX, techy stabs & rolling bass combine to create a dancefloor gem that will be accessible to DJs across the board.

‘Come My Way’ is a spectacular release for all involved and is set to be worldwide anthem this party season!

My pick is Jerome Isma-Ae Dub Remix - u choose yours! ;)

DOWNLOAD Stafford Brothers, Tom Neville feat Frank Stafford - Come My Way (Incl. Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [TOOL08301Z]

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dezemi - Water (Original Mix) (Free promo mp3)

One really massive progressive production has just landed on our promo mail! Emiliano Mendez aka Dezemi is the artist name. He is only 17 years old and hails from Urugvay. He's been into production for maybe 2 years from now. Artists which mostly had influence on his work are usual PP favs: Dinka, Jaytech, EDX, Luigi Lusini, Cassette dudes , Anjunadeep label etc. Thats why we can describe this track as "powerful melodic, atmospheric drive". We all from PP agreed about that! Lets keep eyes on this guy; full support from PP side! ;)

U can listen and download the track via Soudcloud bellow! Also, all comments/critics/suggestions are welcome.

Water (Original mix) by Dezemi

microCastle Volume One [MCSL001LP]

microCastle launched June 4th 2009 and has already amassed an impressive catalog of tracks. With microCastle Volume 1 we wanted to compile some of the most well received tracks on the label from the last 6 months. Artists featured on the compilation include Ad Brown, Cid Inc., Dennis White, Derek Howell, Dibby Dougherty, Jacob Henry, Komytea, Lank, Luke Porter, Maxi Valvona, Peter Martin and Soliquid. There is a broad range of progressive dance music covered here from the deep progressive grooves of Derek Howell’s microClub Dub Mix of his Weightless track all the way up to Komytea’s big room club prog mix of Maxi Valvona’s ‘Mellow Dramatic’. The quirkier housey side of progressive is well represented here as well with Rowdent’s Dennis White on the remix of The Signal’s Solen and Peter Martin’s sun-drenched Ibiza anthem ‘Buenos Tardes’. microCastle continues to grow and goes from strength to strength, 2010 looks quite promising with Artist EPs from 16 Bit Lolita’s, Paul Keeley, Maxi Valvona, Medway & Luke Porter and Lank.

The tracks presented here on microCastle Volume One have been supported by most of the world’s top DJs such as: Armin Van Buuren (ASOT, Armada), Tiesto (Blackhole), Sasha (emFire), Nick Warren (Hope, Way Out West), Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance, SudBeat), Dave Seaman (AudioTherapy), Glenn Morrison (Armada, Bedrock, Morrison), Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto), Marcus Schossow (Tone Diary), Markus Schultz (Cold Harbour), Dubfire (Sci-Tec), Laurent Garnier F-Comm), Gareth Emery (Enhanced), Matt Darey (Nocturnal), Andy Moor (AVA), Noel Sanger (Dissedent), Mark Picchiotti (BluePlate), Eddie Halliwell (Radio One), Judge Jules (Radio One), Sandra Collins (Perfecto), Ricky Ryan (Sick Watona), Jaytech (AnjunaDeep), FunkAgenda (ToolRoom), Axwell (Axtone), Ruben de Ronde (Armada), Timo Garcia, Logistik Sounds (Maktub, Vapour), Liquid Todd (Sirius Radio, Perfecto Tour), DJ Vibe, M.O.D.E. (AudioTherapy), Mark Knight (ToolRoom), Lucian Foort, Kassey Voorn (Vapour) , Flash Brothers (Size), Dibby Dougherty (AudioTherapy, Yello), Luke Porter (Flow, Tribal Vision), Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto), Eelke Kleijn (AudioTherapy), Cid Inc. (Mashtronic), Miss Nine (Nine Sessions), Kazell (Boz Boz), Jim Ryan, Dean Milson, DJ Remy (68 Recordings), Dom Kane, Sonny Wharton, James Harcourt (AudioTherapy), George Delkos (Dyami), Traffik (GU), Randall Jones (Audio Therapy, Forensic), Jalebee Cartel (Maktub, Mashtronic), Oliver Dahl (Noir), Adam Shaw, Ben Brown (Audio Logic), Oleg Uris, Chloe Harris (Further), Robert Owens, Andy Newland (Bedrock), Darin Epsilon (Perfecto), Mango (Mango Alley), G Pal and countless others.

DOWNLOAD microCastle Volume One [MCSL001LP]

Joshy Rotten - Nigthrise [NMUSIC002]

'Nightrise' - The much anticipated album from the talented US producer Joshy Rotten is out today! Powerful package consist 11 massive tracks, from Melodic progressive house ones to trancy & deep melodies. really smashing relese. One of my picks is track called 2012.

U can listen all the full lenght tracks via Soundcloud here > Joshy Rotten - Nigthrise [NMUSIC002] @ Soundcloud

If u like some of it (and i have no doubts u will) then here is the place to grab your copy if it:

DOWNLOAD Joshy Rotten - Nigthrise [NMUSIC002]

Pure People Sessions broadcasting soon!

Another big day for PP community has come! So this is a routine already huh? :)

We are truly happy to announce big news to the whole progressive world: after we have established great relations with crew, we finally made an agreement about yours and ours own Pure People Sessions show! Well HELL YEAH boys and girls!!

The show will be broadcasted on every 3rd friday in month, starting at 16:00 - 18:00 CET at channel! Ow yeah, two strong hours of powerful progressive house!

Our boy Jasik will be behind the turntables. The schedule is that first hour always belong to Jasik, while second is reserved for some guestmixes. This friday, our friend Incognet made special PP Guestmix. So u don't wanna miss the 001 (18.12.2009) show for sure.

So every show will be filled with a lot of sick, exclusive and unreleased tracks. We promise that. We will keep it in balance. Also, this is another opportunity for all labels & producers to keep sending us materials so that we could show them to the world in all those exclusive sessions.

Take care peeps, and speak very soon! ;)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Lea D - Rising Moon [SS002]

A real deep/progressive house masterpiece is out today! Argentina-based label Spirit Soul Music, run by B.O.N.G & Phunktastike, seems like became specialized in that area: it always offers us of beautiful progressive synths combined with unique deeper melodic pads.

SS002 is not an exception: hailing from Argentina, deep/prog master Lea D delivers solid melodic groover called Raising Moon. Except Original version the package contains 3 remixes. Unlike of Original which has some nicely packed progy vibes, Phunktastike turn it into deeper ride, successfully carrying the main theme. Galactic Brothers version go further into making a drive of it: keeping the warm melody in the background, it pushes heavier basslines & drums into first plan. Finaly, B.O.N.G offers stunning houzer which will storm through many deep/progressive sets for sure.

U dont wanna miss this one; so just follow next link to check it and grab some of it if u like it. Support is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

DOWNLOAD Lea D - Rising Moon [SS002]

Kaspar Kochker - Atlantic / Newry [NELLIE034]

Justify FullOur boy Freddie some time ago played Atlantic track in one of his promo sets. Well today is the official release date.
Kaspar Kochker's new release "Atlantic / Newry" follows the same style and feeling like the previous release "Indonesia / Thailand". For those of you who enjoys the smooth, happy and playful side of what we today call progressive house, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one.This release have gained radio support from Bobina, Mike Shiver, Neil Moore and Aeron Aether to name a few.

DOWNLOAD Kaspar Kochker - Atlantic / Newry [NELLIE034]

EDX Best Remixer of 2009 ? HELL YEAH !

Hey pure progressive people all around the globe! How's goin? Pretty cold here in Serbia, but luckily aint snowing yet though. Ok, so anyways, this is one of those moments when all progressive house nerdz of the world should unite.

The voting for International Dance Music Awards 2009 started! Just vote for whats the best of 2009 in a whole bunch of categories. NOW WHAT WE NEED FROM U IS TO SUPPORT EDX AND VOTE FOR HIM AS "Best Remixer" AND/OR "Best Break-Through Artist (Solo)". My personal pick for "Best Producer" of 2009 would be CHRISTIAN BEAT HIRT so it would be also nice if u can drop votes for him.

This is the address where all of this happens:

Nominee voting ends Wednesday, December 23, 2009. If you have no particular preference in any category, simply leave it blank. One ballot per person. Multiple ballot submissions will be disqualified. When you submit your selections, an email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. You must click on the link provided to validate your ballot, so dont forget it! ;)

Nominees and the final ballot for the 25th Annual IDMA awards will be posted in January 2010. Then u should all return to this page to vote for the winners.

Thanks for voting and supporting EDX & Christian Beat Hirt! ;)

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Not many blogs are based on the promotion of young and talented artists. I would like to inform you about the newly formed where you can find out what's new will be released in the near future. I invite all fans of house on this site! If you are a producer and you need promotion dont hecitate and write to Nathan or Matt

We hope that this will help you with promote!
& of course don't forget about

Cheers !

Chad Stegall - Late Night [UDOPIA013]

Well .... HELL YEAH! This is already a classic story; Chad Stegall is back with some top-notch quality monster stuff on his Udopia Recordings!!! Massive two-track EP Late Night is out few days ago and it includes 1) Late Night (Original Mix), 2) Late Night (Floor Burner Remix). Sometimes i think that only Chad can do something like this; beautiful warm & hard progressive synths with touch of electro and the outcome is here - the package of pure melodic madness! My absolute pick here Floor Burner Remix, he already improved that guise with remixing Dementia & Pianoman tracks. So as the remixer 's alias says ... Prepare your headphones to be burned, and grab copy of this monster right now!

DOWNLOAD Chad Stegall - Late Night [UDOPIA013]

* The reason why we didn't informed u about this on the day it has been released (10.12) is bcoz Beaport scientists tagged this release as Electro House ... And u know how big electro house fans we are :)))))) So sorry for that, its Beatport 's fault ;)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Exclusive Interview with Mango

Today we have for you an interview with one of the biggest stars in the progressive world - Alex Golovanov (aka Mango) !!! Owner of Mango Alley Records & co-owner of Silk Digital , Silk Royal & Silk Sofa Recordings! Also known as Shoreliners or Tokyo Bay Cruise.

Hi Alex!

We are very happy that you want to do this, our thoughts is to show up something that normal bloggers don’t do and we want to do it with the best producers around. Here we go.

Well we all want to know how it all started with you and the music. What’s your story?

Hey! Thank you for the invitation ;}

Well, it all started from me discovering FruityLoops. I had practically no experience in producing, so my first experiments were bootlegs of some of my favorite artists. I remixes tracks by BT, Chicane, John Creamer. then, when I became more experienced, I made bootlegs of Quivver’s “These are the days”, Lawrence’s “Somebody hold me” and a famous “Chasing cars” by Snow Patrol. These bootlegs became very popular, they were played by lots of DJs, and they can now be found all over the net and on youtube. After that I wrote a tune called “lollypop girl”, which was my first ever signed original track. It was released on Morphosis records, and so that’s how it all started!

Were came the name Mango from?

We used to have a Counter-Strike team (I used to be a real cybersport geek lol). The team was called “fruits”, and I was “Mango”. Then I took up this nickname for all my messengers, so my friends got used to it. And when I started to produce, I just decided to take “Mango” as my artist name. Tho now I’m working under 2 aliases as well, they are “Shoreliners” and “Tokyo Bay Cruise”.

Your sound is unique, what’s behind it? What equipment do you use in your studio?

My studio is lame lol. These days I mostly use my laptop for production, some custom VSTs and some nice headphones and speakers. Nothing really special and no hardware.

What’s your inspiration when you create music? What are your influences?

Really hard to answer that question. Everything that I listen, everything that I see, inspires me this way or the other. Sometimes it can be a photo I see on the net, sometimes some old tune of one of my favorite artists. Lately my great source of inspiration were japan emo rock songs, I have a big collection of that stuff!

What is your best tip to people that want to start producing?

Be ready to work! if you work hard, patiently, and with joy – everything’s possible for you!

We all know you are one of the busiest men on the progressive scene. How do you decide what to remix and not remix to people? We can imagine that you have a lot to choose from.

True. I get tons of remix requests! now I even stoped taking up remixes for a couple of months, because I just can’t do it physically, I need to work on my original production as well, and run my label. Usually the main point for me if I get a request from friend or a stranger. If a friendly label or friend asks me to remix a track – I agree most of the time. And if it’s a label or artist with whom I’ve never worked before – it depends on the name, to be honest. The sound of the original tune is not very important for me, as I usually create like a new “mango-track” and then fit in the samples from the original track’s remixpack. Recently I’ve changed my attitude to all this, so you will see very little or almost no Mango stuff coming out on big labels. Now I’m focused on working with my friends’ labels only, such imprints as Silk Royal, Silk Digital, Proton, and some more. And of course a lot of new original production will come out on my Mango Alley label soon.

What producers do you think are the best at the moment from your point of view?

It’s very hard to say. I still love Deadmau5! Nikitin & Semikashev are very solid techy guys, Jim Rivers, Guy J, Cid Inc. As for newcomers, I think Shingo Nakamura is one of the most promising melodic proghouse artists to appear this year, and Stimpack is a very talented techy producer.

What do you think of file sharing? Is it killing the business (because you don’t make a lot of money on it) or is it a good thing (helping unknown producers being seen)?

Both points are right I think. Of course it’s a bit frustrating when you realize you could have earend more for your work, on the other hand it gives you major exposure. But my attitude to this is very simple – it just exists and no one can do nothing about it. I even surf the net from time to time, to look for my music shared and read the comments about it, to see what people think of it. Usually people like what I’m doing. so it brings me lots of positive emotions!

Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik [ETR0689]

One really cool tech / house EP is out on Enormous Tunes. Two exclusive UDR / ETR artists, Stanley Ross & Rino Cabrera, have joined forces and produced really strong two-track club package. EP Includes: 1) Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik (Original Mix), 2) Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik (Rino Cabrera Get Dirty Remix). Be sure to check it, just follow next link:

DOWNLOAD Stanley Ross - Schmutzige Musik [ETR0689]

Friday, 11 December 2009

B.O.N.G. - A Better Place [CVR007]

This is one of those huge fridays! After new Daniel Portman EP, B.O.N.G. hits us with a massive package on Cool Vibes Records! A Better Place is the EP name and it consists of 1) "Morphine" in Original Mix, 2) "A Better Place" in Original Mix and 3) exclusive remix version of "A Better Place" made by non other than the master himself: Chris Reece aka Passenger 10!! Be sure to check this one now, cos as the title says - some COOL VIBES in this one!

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. - A Better Place [CVR007]

Daniel Portman - Baaly [UDR -100-9]

Daniel is back with a bang! After his stormers like Dark is The Night For All, Exhale, Back To The Underground, Virtual Suicide (to name a few released on UDR) Daniel ends up this year with a single EP called Baaly (incl. Original Mix, Malaga Aeropuerto Mix & Non-Violin Dub Mix).

Inspired by all the wonders of beautiful Indonesia, from his latest trip there, Daniel deicided to break this europan winter silence. And he does it! Another dance floor destroyer from Unreleased Digital kitchen has been delivered, in 3 versions this time. As usual for Portman 's unique style, Original version brings progressive house theme with solid smooth tech & club vibes. Perfectly mixed with violin chords - peak time madness guaranteed with this one! Malaga Aeropuerto Mix - more chillin version, prepared to get u in the mood while waiting for your flight on some of local airports. And last but no least, Non-Violin Dub Mix without violin part includes some groovier basses & cool minimalistic sounds.

All in all another strong package from UDR family exclusive artist Daniel Portman. Be sure not to miss this one. Just follow next link to check / buy the release. Support is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

DOWNLOAD Daniel Portman - Baaly [UDR -100-9]

Darin Epsilon - Release Dates Scheduled For 'Aural Satisfaction' and 'Revolve' Remix

Hey peeps! We just want to inform u that u should all keep your eyes peeled for two very big releases hitting stores soon! First up is Darin 's new single titled Aural Satisfaction on Inkfish Recordings (December 22). The track has early support from industry heavyweights Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, and Chloe Harris.

Accompanying the original mix are two fantastic remixes from Inkfish and Sezer Uysal. Sezer's remix is already looking to become a future classic, while Inkfish delivers their own beautifully chilled version to complete the package.

Click Here to view a video of the Sezer Uysal Remix being played live at Shuttle 8 Nightclub in Omsk, Russia.

The following month, Darin 's remix of Maxi Valvona - Revolve will be released on top label of the moment, microCastle (January 12). Also included are remixes from industry heavyweights Mojawi (new collaboration between Dousk + Kassey Voorn + Speerit) and Komytea (AnjunaDeep).

The release is expected to smash dancefloors worldwide with early support from John Digweed, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Eelke Kleijn, Kazell, Chloe Harris, Miss Nine, and more.

And here is a Release Schedule on some of Darin 's upcoming production & remixes.

[Dec 2009] Darin Epsilon - Aural Satisfaction (Original / Inkfish / Sezer Uysal Mixes) on Inkfish
[Jan 2010] Maxi Valvona - Revolve (Darin Epsilon Remix) on microCastle
[Jan 2010] Sezer Uysal - Weird Walking In Bursa (Darin Epsilon Remix) on Baroque
[TBA 2010] Alucard - Dancing Under The Stars (Darin Epsilon Remix) on Nueva Digital
[TBA 2010] Darin Epsilon - Samaritan Life (Original / Thomas Penton / Interplay Mixes) on Nueva Digital
[TBA 2010] Dresden & Johnston - Keep Faith (Darin Epsilon & Jourdan Bordes Mixes)
[TBA 2010] Darin Epsilon & Ad Brown - Cold Water

For more info visit:

Thursday, 10 December 2009

G-Tek - Majestic [SILK021]

Panamanian artist Orlando Garcia, a.k.a G-Tek, has stunned progressive fans this past year with his tremendous talent for multi-dimensional sound design and melodically intricate soundscapes. "New School FM" is G-Tek's take on the nu-80's phenomenon sweeping prog house at the moment. A vintage bass and retro rhythm propel the song forward in the first half. A new lead element later emerges, revealing itself in the break as an Andy Moor-esque stutter vox line. When all of these elements unite following the drop, the result is euphoric. "Fantastic" initially takes a deeper turn, with a more subdued rhythm and funky, side-chained bassline. Yet, slowly but surely, the tune develops into another progressive classic, complete with another breath-taking breakdown. Rounding out the package, the title cut, "Majestic," is an exhilarating ride; beginning with a simple chord progression, the lead melody is soon met by a series of sparkling synth "highlights" and, later on in the breakdown, a full-bodied trance bass. With the release of this brilliant 3-track EP, Silk is exceedlingly proud to welcome G-Tek to its roster.

DOWNLOAD G-Tek - Majestic [SILK021]

Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part 1 [JED092]

Jetlag Digital is back with their usual underground progressive groove. This time Lacandon hits us with a strong dark single called Moma Robinja. Original Mix brings some really cool east atmosphere wih guitar parts. So just follow next link to check the release and buy something if u like! ;)

DOWNLOAD Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part 1 [JED092]

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sean Marx - Do Mo Chailin [SILKRL006]

Ever since his summer 2008 smash "Fifth Exit," Irish artist Sean Marx has received the support and praise of the world's biggest DJ's, including Armin, Above & Beyond, and Markus Schulz. Sean's debut with Silk Royal, a three-track EP, once again showcases his characteristically heavy-hitting beats, sparkling arpeggios, and emotional, anthemic breakdowns. The package beings with the title cut, "Do Mo Chailín," in which brilliantly blended arpeggios are supported by a chunky bassline. The breakdown offers even more magic, as the beats are stripped away and a beautiful lead melody emerges. The second track, "Evolve," is a vintage Sean Marx peak-hour stormer, with a furious bassline and stunning lead arpeggio. Last but not least, "Through the Static" once again employs a glorious lead arp and a trance-influenced bassline. In addition, the track offers a cinematic breakdown, in which an echoing dialogue sample creates great anticipation for the huge drop to follow.

My pick is Evolve track; u choose yours! ;)

DOWNLOAD Sean Marx - Do Mo Chailin [SILKRL006]