Friday, 18 December 2009

Dinka - Scarlet [ETR0659]

Dinka is finishing the 2009 with a three-track storming package!

1. Scarlet (Original mix)
2. The Celtic Of Sotland (Original Mix)
3. Gateways (Original Mix)

If u let me choose ... then i'm not sure i can decide at all! All three tracks are so cool! I just think Gateways will smash so many dance floors coz its a really massive uplifting balearic inspired drive. Its a track played by Chris Reece in HN show in april. A lot of u have asking can we ID that one; well now its oficially out so all u need to do is follow the next link and check it all there!

DOWNLOAD Dinka - Scarlet [ETR0659]


  1. p14..

    I've read in the newspaper yesterday that
    er is a dinka tribe in the south of Sudan..

    Maybe you should plan your next holiday to senegal ;)

  2. Nice idea Mr Tacchnardi! :DDDDD

    Come sometimes on msn bro, so that we can chat, havent seen u for years.

    I'm so freaking busy these days, dont have time & will to write emails. Come there so tha we can chat like normal ppl. ;)))