Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pure Progressive Global Mix!

Well time again for yet another Progressive Mixtape here @ Pure People, some banging tunes to check out, really massive ones in it! We show you new stuff from the likes of AxisONE, Incognet & Happy Paul, Deadmau5, Khomha, Python, Mango, Chad Stegall, D.E.R. and a few more… Be sure to check this out, otherwise you will miss some. I don’t think I disappoint you with this set!

Enjoy it everybody!

If there is something you want, go to Beatport or Juno & give your support!

Pure Progressive Global Mixtape / 192 / 71.59

01. Deadmau5 – Strobe (Original Mix)
02. Babyman – Crazy Summer (Incognet & Happy Paul Remix)
03. Sebastian Moore – Close Call (Original Mix)
04. Khomha – I Dream With You (Original Mix)
05. Python – Cherub (Original Mix)
06. Aleete – Trilogy (Mango Remix)
07. D.E.R. – Mari Love (Original Mix)
08. Chad Stegall – Pianoman (Original Mix)
09. DJ Storm – Discopolis (AxisONE Remix)
10. T-Pe3 – Hourora (Original Mix)
11. Mario Chris – The Island (Original Mix)


  1. Passenger 1427/09/2009, 19:55

    Huge work my dear Fredo! Thanks for all the effort!

  2. Thanks for playing my new track :)

  3. I honestly enjoy having my music here because if it's played it means I'm doing a good job. haha

  4. T-Pe3: Well the tune is really awesome progressive so it means that it will figure here then. :D Just keep'em coming! ;)

    AxisONE: That's exactly what you do, love you're style so just keep doin' what you do cause it's great music you deliver!

    If u want to cooperate with us in other ways, feel free to contact us and we work something out! ;)

    Kind Regards Freddie

  5. Thanks for another play. Buy it people don't steal it. If you don't small indie labels will die on Beatport.
    Chad Stegall

  6. Also big thx for playing my track! :D

    Sebastian Moore (Fektive/Deepend)