Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Message from Milo - Groove Bastards !!

Freddie speaking first, this is a message i recieved from our big friend Milo and of course we help him out. This is a request from him so here is a statement from him about what has happened with Groove Bastards.


Groovebastards RIP

Sup peeps?? Its Milo from ex-GB. Hope u’r all doing fine out there ... I asked my friends from here if they can do me a favor and post little message i have for all of ex-GB visitors, cos i think i owe u all an explanation ...

Yesterday around 18:00 i decided to shut down the Groovebastards blogspot. Since this is not the time & place to drop pathetic sentences i will try to explain shortly wtf happened. Yesterday i had an incident with one label (i dont wanna name them). They had problem with one track i hosted on zippyshare & posted it for free downloading as sample. Big props to the producer of the track cos he is really nice dude! We joined forces to conact zippy to remove the track but those fuckers seems arent online so they still havent removed the track. But just like the producer wanted to cooperate with me, the label owner didnt so he contacted their lawyers company and further Performing Rights Society. After that i started to receive mails with threats from them …. He also sent my blog adress to other companies & labels so that they can check the material hosted there. Maybe the producers are busy in the studio, but those companies aren’t.

Yet, i would say yesterday incident was just the straw that broke the camel's back. It was just the end of a process which had i would say 4 parts. 1) I’m pretty tired with blogging stuff. Afer Jovica retired, running a blogspot all alone which had around 2.500 visits per day is not easy job at all. I was giving my best, spending A LOT of time & nervs there. You got to have a lot of good will, free time, nervs & motivation to do that. Yesterday, those factors came to an end. 2) I have more & more ethic doubts about giving someones work for everyone to take it for free. Its just my attitude, not so much things to say. I don’t wanna spread shit about it; at some other place maybe we can start topic about it and discuss what kind of influence blog had on the scene (or even blogspots influence on EDM). But two the most important things: 3) Next few weeks are gonna be crucial in my life. A lot of big things is about to happen so i must stay strongly focused on them. Last thing i need atm is to be distracted & to excange emails with lawyers & companies. Lets be serious ^-^ ! Finally, 4) seems like with my blogspot i caused some troubles to some people. SORRY for that! I can be a lot of that in life but last thing i want to be is a trouble(maker).

So, GB project is done for good. I had a really awesome time there, met a lot of awesome people. I think it’s the best that came up from this job. Blogspot was a BIG part of me, and i think yesterday my girlfriend was the happiest on the planet when i told her i’ve it shutted it down. There are moments in life when its time to move on. Maybe one day (in 2 or 3 or 4 months or maybe never) when I recharge batteries i will come back. We’ll see yet. I can say i sleep much better now knowing that when i wake up i will not see complainings, urgents, copyright infringements & other shits in my email inbox. Dunno about you, but it means so much to me; i’m sick & tired of it. Feel kinda relaxed now.

OK, enough of my bullshit. One day somewhere else i will have more space to write more about all of this. I want to say BIG thanks to all who supported & joined GB project! I love U! Also big props to PP & WHL – the sick places where I found inspiration to start my own blog. My two older brothers! I learned lessons about progressive on those pages! Big props to PS cos we started the blog job at the same time. It was sick journey! So just continue visiting those places (i will!) i u will find all the latest & sickest about the progressive there. Now i’m going back to my roots – the c-box dude from time to time!!
I wish u all the best in lifes folks, a lot of health & happines! Take care yourself, and don’t forget that peace starts with just one smile! ;)))


Groovebastards RIP, 07.12.2008 – 15.10.2009


  1. I'm shocked!

    GB, and this blog, are the absolute top of the houseblogs on the net, and I don't know where to turn to now, loved Milo's work on GB!!

  2. Pre svega podrska i razumevanje za tvoju odluku Milo, moram da priznam da je tvoj blog svakako imao uticaja na sazrevanje mog muzickog ukusa.. Uzivaj u narednom, za tebe mirnijem periodu ;)

    Groovebastards RIP

  3. Proud to say that i was part of GB and thanx for the sick tunes !!!!!!

  4. Milo.
    No matter what happens in the future, no one can take away the fact that you ran one of the most respected, sought after and prolific progressive house blogs on the net. Your genuine love for progressive house music/culture is truly inspirational and moreover, unique.

    As far as your grievances, well, they are well taken and I'll be the first to say that I understand where you are coming from. It takes a lot of time and dedication to run blogs like we do, especially yours - you were always posting! (I got jealous sometimes, lol) ... As far as the labels attacking you and what not - well, I have always feared this would happen to me and I am actually just anticipating the day it does now that I see it has happened to you. I feel like the days of underground house music blogs are slowly dwindling, at least for the veterans who've been in the game... those blogs that put more into their work and gain bigger followings are always the first to get shot down by labels and such; it is sad, truly.

    Anyway, the final statement I'd like to make after this long tirade that I've gone through is simply the following: Groovebastards was one of the best blogs out there. (probably in the top 3 w/ PP as well)... To see GB gone is going to be a big loss for me and all of us in the larger progressive blogging community. Milo - I hope you stay around and remain a presence, with or without your blog, as you are one of the funniest/brightest personalties I've come into contact in this huge progressive blogosphere. Take it easy and the best of luck in life and with your pursuits in the up and coming months.

    R.I.P Groovebastards - You won't be forgotten.

  5. Thanx man for you biggest work ! Your blog was really fantastic, i visit it each day.

    I understand your decision, you have the right and you must to take time for you, your girlfriend and others things.. Thanx for all !

    I wish you will come back a day.


  6. I love you Milo! Take care you some-biatch!

    Jimi J

    Hope to cu in the c-boxes soon!
    You are the focking best!

  7. The best blog there ever was for me. I'll miss the regular Helvetic Nerds updates and BONG exclusives ;)

    Big thanks for all the hard work that you put in. And good luck with all in the future Milo.


  8. All of us will miss you Milo my friend ;( Hope to see you soon on msn, You've done great job for us. Grrovebastards ftw ! ;)

  9. thx for all the effort you put on it.

  10. Deejay Surfer18/09/2009, 08:51

    Special THX for all the hard work !!! Hang Loose and welcome To Tomorrow, you are a part of it ;-)

  11. Milo, this is sad to hear, you had an excellent blog but the situation is very easy to understand. so all i have to say is nice job and good luck for the future :)


  12. Gutted, great work Milo, i loved that Blog. Helped me find some amazing new sounds and producers e.g B.O.N.G

    All the best in the future


  13. Man, great job! I´m a brazilina DJ and love the GB!!
    Thanx for all...
    God be with u!

  14. Thats it
    happiness before everything
    greets form brasil