Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - September 2009 !!

Pure People are proud to present you the next episode of our Exclusive Mixtapes, this episode is naturally for September 2009. We are in the coming 1 and a half hour showing you some coming, unreleased material from the progressive house scene. We hope you will take your time and of course enjoy it while listening to this mixtape!

What’s in it then?

Well some massive material got to us, we start our September Episode of with a new project from Risk of Pain aka Commonnoize Centre. These young polish guys are really good! 3ARTES are next up with a new remix, a vocal progressive house tune that is a smooth one. 3rd out is a track from some guys called Yakoozai, really proggy tune. After that something that don’t need any introduction, Black Eyed Peas is getting a final touch by the Canadian master of progressive, Dezza! Just give it a listen, this man is a genious. We move on to track 5 in this journey for progressive perfection, no introduction needed here what so ever, Leventina is showing the coming release named Biohazard, bomb warning as usual! Next tune isn’t up for ID yet but what a piece of progressive music, goosebumps!!

Next up is another one remixed by the huge Incognet, this time DJ Tatana gets under “the knife” by Dennis, killer remix as usual, this man is spoiling us with the best. No. 8 during this Exclusive Mixtape is a track from Shingo Nakamura, this one will be released on Digital Motion in recent time and here we show you the Happy Paul Remix. Open your mind, soul and ears, otherwise this digital Motion release will. The great Elfsong is next up, this time in a collab with the king of progressive breaks, Aeron Aether, great tune once again! This is followed by a massive one, still not out for ID but same again, a fantastic progressive tune that we will hear more about, that’s for sure. The 11th stop on this progressive journey is another smasher from Incognet, this time he put his magic fingers on a coming tune from Annie Taylor. You will recognize his style of music. Next up is a tune from Shiloh called Chords, smooth progressive music that I think you all will feel good while listening to. After that smooth trip we move on to some darker stuff from Hypnotic Hour that gets the final touch from Chris Drifter, I love this one! As number 14 we have an exclusive tune from Darin Epsilon. I think you all have heard him before and that you also believe me when I say this is a quality tune without any doubts. The remix is done on Overcast’s coming release, Clear Sky. Finally as track number 15, we hand you a look at coming release from Steve Navaro, called Omen, that’s the way to end this massive progressive journey, with an absolute progressive banger!

We all hope you have enjoyed it and will drop some comments to us about what you think!

Progressive Love from Pure People !

Pure People Exclusive Mixtape - September 2009 / 192 / 89.00

01. Risk Of Pain – Perspectives (Intro Mix)
02. Anything But Monday - Still Standing (3ARTES Club Remix)
03. Yakoozai - Rondaview (Eyescape Pleiades Remix)
04. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta’ Feelin’ (Dezza Remix)
05. Leventina – Biohazard (Original Mix)
06. ID – ID
07. DJ Tatana – Autumn Sun (Incognet Remix)
08. Shingo Nakamura - Metro Tour (Happy Paul Remix)
09. Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Empyria (Original Mix)
10. ID – ID
11. Annie Taylor – ID (Incognet Remix)
12. Shiloh – Chords (Original Mix)
13. Hypnotic Hour – Dark Eyes (Chris Drifter Remix)
14. Overcast – Clear Sky (Darin Epsilon Remix)
15. Steve Navaro – Omen (Original Mix)


  1. Leventina - Biohazard :)
    Eagerly awaiting this release. What a tune.

  2. Great mixtape Freddie ;) I really enjoyed this one ! :D

    Cheers !

  3. Thanks Filoo! There are a few bangers coming in the future. ;)

  4. Hehe nice mixtape.
    Biohazard massive smasher.
    and this 6th track sounds very familliar :P

    Best regards from Alex and my very good friend Milo :)

    Cheers. :)

  5. What is number 10?