Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Schodt - You And Me [SILKRL011]

(Henrik) Schodt has been hailed as one of the great breakthrough stories in progressive house this past year. His work, which lends itself to the sets of house, progressive, and trance DJ's alike, has been heavily praised by a wide variety of international artists, including Matt Darey, Chris Reece, Jerome Isma-Ae, and Mango. "You and Me" represents his "crossover" style well: a house rhythm develops quickly into a more aggressive, trance-influenced sound, including a resonant and uplifting lead chord progression. The spoken vocal sample, which gives the track its romantic name, also soon appears in the build. In the main break, the chords take on a new progression and are given a more poignant effect by a glorious symphony of strings. Prominent Ukrainian producer Sunn Jellie provides an even clubbier (and euphoric) alternative to the original. Re-imagined as a classical progressive trance anthem, Sunn Jellie has captured the jubilant spirit of the original, while making it his own with a completely new lead. In the third and final take in the package, Polish sensation Sundriver provides an equally trance-y, yet moodier interpretation than the prior two. Capitalizing on the Original Mix's darker tones, including the foreboding vocal sample, Sundriver offers a bittersweet vision of love's perpetual tug of war.

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