Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Moguai - We Ar Lyve [MAU5CD003]

German electronic underground superstar Moguai once again exclusively hitting Mau5trap! After some epic EP's on the label (ZYVOX, Lyve, Nyce) Moguai now debuts on it with an artist album "We Ar Lyve": it’s the first artist album released on Mau5trap to come from someone who’s not Deadmau5. Containing some of the previously released biggest tracks, album features some new monsters covering styles from electro house through electronica to our fav progressive house. Really epic hit here 4 sure, but if we can recommend you something as PP from the heart than it would be Oyster track for sure! Melodic prog house in its finest but yet clubby enough to storm some serious dancefloors! Don't miss this one folks ! ;)

Tracklist [MAU5CD003]

1. "LSD" 02:54
2. "ZYVOX" 08:38
3. "Impereal" 07: 11
4. "Flex, Rex, Mansion" 4:34
5. "Oyster" 08:24
6. "Blau" 07:33
7. "Nyce" 07:07
8. "Electra" 07:39
9. "Ataque" 07:48
10. "Lyve" 08:31
11. "DSFH" (digital bounus track) 05:44
12. "Dubwater" (digital bouns track) 03:06
13. "Nu Disco" (digital bouns track) 03:55

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