Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ping Trace - We Are Human [311786]

New cool release out today!

Denver’s Terraform Records welcomes electronic music trio Ping Trace to the roster with their exceptional single “We Are Human“. Ping Trace consists of Sven, Lynnae Rome, and Jeremy Golden; two DJs and a vocalist focused on high-quality electronic music-scapes filled with catchy melodies and a lush, chill production style. Their previous, self-released Traces EP received attention and airplay around the globe inspiring Terraform to sign the trio to the label roster. Ping Trace’s first Terraform single, “We Are Human,” is a sleek slice of rolling deep house accentuated by Lynnae Rome’s gorgeous vocals and layered, evocative instrumentation. The original is backed by a techier remix from none other than Stockholm’s Håkan Lidbo, a producer who has been described as “one of the most prolific tech-house producers on the planet.” Lidbo’s melodic take expands “We Are Human” outward, pulsating with arpeggios and synth-lines anchored by a steady house music rhythm.

The “We are Human” release was chosen as the key project to re-launch Terraform Records in 2010. Terraform, recognized for its global tech-house dance records chose this release to signify its return. To ensure the highest level of production “We are Human” was mixed at Denver’s world-class Side3 Studios. Furthermore, Ping Trace worked with some of the best artists and engineers in music industry. The effort became a truly global pursuit. Ping Trace was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Håkan Lidbo, who has been referred to as “one of the most prolific tech-house producers on the planet.” Håkan has produced records and remixed numerous tracks since the 1990s. His portfolio includes collaborations with a myriad of respected artists, notably Depeche Mode, with a remix of “Peace” in 2009. “We are Human” was mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Group, UK. Young skillfully imbued the tracks with a magical sparkle, capitalizing on the adeptness resulting from 20+ years of practice in the art of mastering audio. Young has mastered tracks for The Clash, The Smiths, and Massive Attack, to name only a few amazing accomplishments from his career.

DOWNLOAD Ping Trace - We Are Human [311786] @ Beatport

Ping Trace - We Are Human (Hakan Lidbo Radio Edit)

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