Monday, 26 April 2010

Chris Reece - Salvation [PILOT044]

Blending a modern house sound with the trancy influence of the nineties and noughties, sees Chris Reece release one open-minded production after the next. Shortly after their vocal Pilot 6 release 'Still Breathin', Christian and Roberto hand in the next favour. 'Salvation' sooths the diversity-seeking soul, with a warm and rich melody, being slightly uplifting without losing its prog-house character.

Next to its catchy original, you'll find three different remixes in this pack. French producer-duo Dabruck & Klein, known for their impressive remixology, deliver a more minimalistic, deep tech-house remix, with a true break-in-the-clouds type of break. Jerome Isma-Ae and Daniel Portman hand in the other two mixes. Their Ibiza Late Dub is the fingerlicking type of prog-house, down to the very last beat. A bit lighter, but just as tasty, is their 'Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman remix'. The new Chris Reeces provides salvation indeed.

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