Sunday, 21 March 2010

Golden Progressive Vol. 4 !

Yo folks!

How are you doing out there?

Ready for some quality progressive?

Today we at PP will give you some of the freshest promos around. It’s once again time for one of our progressive promo mixes with the HOT coming stuff that you probably haven’t heard about before. Included today is some brilliant stuff from Eitan Carmi (2 from him), Luiz B, Alex & Philip & Latvian superstar Kaspar Kochker. Marcus Bits is also getting played with a stunning track called Solace, killer progressive. There will also be stuff from Nemanja Kostic with a Muttonheads remix, cool stuff with loads of elements. Trim The Fat gave us the opportunity to show you one of their tracks for the WMC called Zoom Zoom and of course we want to do that to you! Also some other stuff are included, just check the tracklist below.

Loads of chunky riffs, beats and synths are packed for you to be discovered. Grab your copy and let the producers, labels and artists know what you think of the tracks included, it’s them that let you see what will be out there in the coming days/weeks/months.

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 4 !

Tracklist/ 192 Kbps / 64.47

01. Luiz B. – Get Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)
[Standby Records]
02. Alex & Philip – Twilight (Steve Haines Remix)
[Inkfish Recordings]
03. Marcus Bits – Solace (Original Mix)
[Auryn Music]
04. Eitan Carmi & Schnyder – The 9th Station (Original Mix)
[Fatali Music]
05. Kaspar Kochker – Streets Of Riga (Original Mix)
[L8-Night Records]
06. Beat Factory – Roswell (Fine Taste Remix)
[AlterImage Recordings]
07. Trim The Fat – Zoom Zoom (Original Mix)
[Type Six Recordings]
08. Eitan Carmi – New West (Original Mix)
[Fatali Music]
09. David West – Gura (Inkfish Remix)
[Inkfish Recordings]
10. Nemanja Kostic - Cataclysm (Muttonheads Remix)
[Frisky Records]


  1. last track is amazing :) muttonheads very good !!!!!

  2. Muttonheads +1