Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rick Snel feat. Judith Jobse - Remember (AGR045)

Who doesn’t remember with joy the fantastic anthem Travel released on Captivate/Fektive? You may be recall that behind this very original trance production was a name that whenever he appears his name is a seal of approval. The Dutch trance producer Rick Snel comes back this time on Plastic Angel’s main label Afterglow records in Berlin with the Dutch singer Judith Jobse on the mysterious entitled track Remember. Together they have released back in 2008 the superb Do you Need Me on Deep End/Fektive that was a big success that seems that will continue in 2010 with “Remember” coming out very soon on Afterglow in a package that shines with quality including 3 very original and unique remixes from Wellenrausch, Gai Barone and Museartic. The original is a driving moody dark prog trancer that has the word anthem written all over it. The fantastic bubbling beats are melted into one with dark melodies and the distorted with effects voice of Judith that will be impossible not to imagine her in the stage singing this track live. This is what I find so special with those tracks that resemble the warmth of a live performance. Perfect for the big sound systems this production will leave you speechless for hours after listening to it from your favorite dj. Of course, if you feel that you need for your performance an instrumental like tornado track, the package includes a luscious dub mix too. On the remix front the German Wellenrausch who lately does a noticeable comeback in a couple of well-known labels take the track in his own melodic prog trance territory. He respects the moodiness of the original so he adds melancholic and sweet melodies that support the deepness of the vocals in the break. It’s very traveling and driving remix and you cannot stop thinking that will sound so special listening to it while you drive your car. The Italian wonderboy and Afteglow discovery Gai Barone goes for an even darker more minimal version that flows really nicely by initializing industrial and psy-trance influences in an explosive combination. The break will unleash a big dramatic moment with symphonic strings and a terrifying like siren sound that will lead the track in a superb direction. The versatility of this remix is simply unbelievable as prog trancers but also prog housers will absolutely love it. The way he uses the vocal hook is also one to be highlighted. Last but least, my favorite project from their top Intuition deep release Museartic does wonders in their own version. The beats now are tribal and much more hopeful and upbeat; the vocal comes without any distortion and really you feel that this version can be easily used as a bridge from darker tracks to the more uplifting ones. Musertic keeps things easy and uncomplicated with a version that wins your attention from the very first listening. Be first to go behind “Remember” that will explode within the next months as every version is absolutely essential purchase.


  1. Just go this EP & uploaded it to youtube.
    Awesome work, Gai Barone's remix is just plain sick!

  2. Wow, thank YOU for this great review!
    Grtz Rick Snel